Thursday, December 10, 2009

Young Money connections.


This entire post comes from me looking around the Young Money site for the first time and getting suprised by what I found. So I decided to write a bullshit post and share some random songs I thought of while strolling around the home site of this young southern rap crew.

I've been slow on getting up on the rise of Young Money and what that might mean, only a few years ago (maybe even last year) they where nothing but sparring partners for Lil Wayne. Only YM rapper I remember from those days is Currensy. That doesn't really matter though, because now, as I just realized, they're kinda big. Even commercially, they might be on television and radio in Sweden soon, and I'd be damned if my friends lil sisters could name more rappers in a southern rap crew than I can. It almost happend before.

As I looked thru the list of the 25 latest Young Money songs free for download I to my suprise noticed there was a remix with Lil Chuckee of a song by party-bounce duo Da Block Burnaz.

Da Block Burnaz - Late Night (Remix Ft Lil Chuckee)

These guys dropped this album in 2004:

...and on that album they had a really dope song which also made this classic compilation hosted by bounce producer hero Peacachoo:


Da Block Burnaz - Work That Thing Ft Magnolia Chop

Gotty Boy Chris - She Make Me (Laard)(Prod Peacachoo)

That's the New Orleans connection I didn't know about. But that sorta made sense, Lil Wayne and all those Squad Up members (Gudda Gudda had a great mixtape this year) aswell as Lil Chuckee are New Orleans natives. What I had no clue about was that Young Money has ties to my 2007 summer hero Lil Za. I didn't even know he was old enough for Young Money yet. He has been around for a while, he and his crew B.O.C. They're from Dallas or some smaller town somewhere in east Texas. Apparently Lil Za is in a group called Young Hot Boyz with Lil Chuckee and texan Lil Twist, whom I only heard of before thru Lil Za's tweets. Young Hoy Boyz. What you think about that? I think it could be great, I wouldn't say it's Young Moneys biggest hope, but still, the idea of a teen version of the Hot Boyz irrationally makes me hope they will make music as good as the original Hot Boyz did when they where teenagers.

Young Hot Boyz - Have You Seen Her

If I have to decide I'd say I liked Lil Za better when he did swanging music, or maybe that's just how I labled him as an artists and I'm unable to appreciate the progress he has made. This is how awesome he used to sound when he was like seven or eight years old

i'm lil za, you won't believe i'm only eight
playin ps2, and man 2000 tre
no pants no play*
yes it's in stores
watch so many screens like that's my chores
screens on my floor, shoes air force ones
if it aint that, it's air jordans
lil za and dsr represent yo click
youngest balla of them all so my pockets thick

*i might have missheard that one, the line doesn't really make sense to me.

Lil Za - Raindrops Ft Tum Tum & Fat Bastard

It's swanging, Fat Beezy is on it, fuckin get with it.
And that's it.

Bonus audio:

Lil Za - Only Can Be Me

B.O.C. - Fuck All of Yall Ft Z-Ro

Oh, almost forgot. As I'm writing this Lil Za is tweeting more or less every minute to let us know his mixtape drops really really soon, like within hours. So get on his twitter!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


My Girl Look Better from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

B.I.G. (Bitch I Go) has been one of the biggest prospects as future quality rap music makers for me since I first heard their, actually since I realized B.I.G. stands for Bitch I Go, and since I first heard On Arrythang 15-40 months ago. After that, I heard Mango which led me to start eating mango like once every two months instead of once every two years. That's how much I liked the song. Also I started talking about 'going mango', no one really picked up, too many people dislike language, same crowd who I never thought could be interested in teenager rap about fruit. That's probaly why I never got around to posting anything about them, that and tha fact that I gave a fuck about posting at all for some time around then, 15-35 months ago.

Bitch I Go - On Arrythang

Bitch I Go - Mango

Anyhoo, Mr Wheeler, a supposedly real person with a twitter account hit me up on twitter with these two videos. They're from B.I.G. group member Roach Gigz solo mixtape Buckets & Booty Calls. So that's the purpose of this post. He also had a mixtape out right before last years christmas, which was even doper than the Bucket tape.. The other B.I.G. member is eithter Rappin 4 Tay's son or daughter, I mostly read everywhere it's his daughter but I does really looks like a dude, I really don't know.

Second video:

I'm Up ( The Drug Song ) from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

G-Side - Huntsville International (H.I.P.)

Does anyone not like this video?

Hello internets! For those of you who already checked this out, I'm mean it's been out for damn near a week, what do you think? What does this part of the internet think of G-Side from Huntsville, Alabama?

I realize rap music from the southern part of the South, a rap group hipster-dude-person Diplo has somehow been involved with, this might not be what you think you could enjoy listening to. Some of you might not even wan't to read or even hear about it. Well, I'm writing about it, and I'm sharing the music because it is very very good and totally free. The people at the Huntsville based record label Slow Motion Soundz posted this album for the world to download themselfs and I don't even think physical copies are available yet.

I did write about G-Side about a year ago somewhere else, that' right about the when I first heard of them and was lucky enough to hear their music. Beats are something way different, all the little tiny sounds and weird samples they use, weird techno samples that doesn't sound too like garbage like all techno ever made.. I have never been able to explain music in a way anyone could understand, so I'm not even going to try this time...
I have to say I'm still not as sold on H.I.P. as I was on their last album Starshipz & Rocketz, but nonetheless I consider it one of the best releases of the year. Throughout quality, only thing annoying is the skits, but when are skits not annoying right? Compared to Starshipz & Rocketz the two rappers ST 2 Lettaz and Clova are even better than they where then, and The Block Beatz production is amazing this time too.

Also, they sample DJ Magic Mike and use it as a chorus, you know I'm feeling the bass.

So here it is:

G-Side - Huntsville International (H.I.P.)

1. Intro - Rob Breezy
2. Huntsville International ft Sound of Silence (Prod: Block Beataz)
3. So Gone (Prod: L-Don)
4. What's It All About (Prod: Johnny Juliano)
5. Bandz Ft DJ Cunta (Prod: Bossman)
6. Paradise (Prod: Mick Vegas)
7. Matthew Africa Speaks
8. Auro Ft P.T. (Prod: Mick Vegas)
9. College Chicks (Prod: Block Beataz)
10. This Groove Ft P.H. (Prod: Block Beataz)
11. Feel The Ft 6 Tre Gangsta & AC (Prod: Block Beataz)
12. Who's Hood Ft Yelawolf (Prod: Block Beataz)
13. This Is Life (Prod: P.T.)
14. In The Rain Ft Bentley (Prod: Block Beataz)
15. Rising Sun Ft Kristmas (Prod: Block Beataz)
16. So Wonderful Ft Chrystal Carr, G-Mane And SupaKing (Prod: Block Beataz)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

FREE ALBUM - Smigg Dirtee

Free shit!! There is probaly a whole bunch of people who don't know about Smigg Dirtee, but you should. And the free album is obviously a perfect opportunity. I mostly know of him from his numerous features on A-Wax's albums, those two must have made more music together than most duos. Great music.

Anyhow, Smigg is from Sacramento and has also stayed in San Diego and Vallejo, or so says his myspace. Besides working with A-Wax he has worked with well known artists such as Yukmouth, C-Bo, Messy Marv, J-Stalin, Max B and many more. But I never did check his solo work before. Mostyl when I like an artist I just wait till they drope something new and check that out rather than going thru all the records they dropped since they started rapping at 11, fuck that. Only solo song of him I've noticed before really is this,

Smigg Dirtee - Stay Fresh

...which was featured on a Doey Rock hosted mixtape from last year. Banging.

And here is a video to one of the tracks.

So, he is industry certified, but whatever, what matters is this album is hard as fuck. Not that he yells hella much, but it's some hard gangsta shit. I don't mind that. One unexpected thing doh, to me he don't really come off as hard looking gangster. His glasses and all. He looks smart, not like a gang banger. Not that I would know doh..
Check the video below and download the album if you like it, cause it's free. Courtesy of the mans twitter.

Random quote from album:

'come at me wrong yo that is not kosher,
you're not hard, i'm thinking pillows, on sofas'

That kinda cracked me up. Probaly because I don't like cushions, they are too soft.


Smigg Dirtee - Cross Em' Out & Put A K

1. Bloc Move
2. Did It On The Streets ft. Mack Twon
3. Ridin Out ft. Black Mikey & Boog
4. Fuc Them Other Niggas ft. I-Rocc, Mack Twon & Nuttz
5. Rap Sheet ft. Ricky Ruckus & El Cajon Tez
6. Posse Up (Remix) ft. Poodeezy & Young Rebz (prod. Vince V)
7. Rep Yo Hood ft. Techniec
8. Tell Yo Bitch 2 Come Here
9. Stand Tall ft. I-Rocc (prod. Haze Banga)
10. I'm A Gangsta
11. Come Home (prod. Sea Notes)
12. In This Life (prod. Vince V)

Oh yeah my favorite track is "Fuc Them Other Niggas". Hard shit.

Mr Dirtee's Webpage, Myspace & Twitter.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

DJ Spanish Fly mega post

I'm certain there is nothing that flows better in the background than a DJ Spanish Fly tape. Simple as fuck, the beat, the snare and the drum pattern creates the melody. There's plenty Triggerman samples, some N.W.A. samples here and there, slow tales about money, hoes, slanging thangs and spitting raps over dope beats.

It somewhat troubles me I can't really describe more precisely what an impact DJ Spanish Fly had to the scene of 80's and 90's Memphis and Tennessee DJ'ing and rap music. I simply wasn't around to experince the scene myself. But I do know he has been described as a pioneer and major influence to well known Memphis artists as DJ Paul, Al Kapone, 8Ball & MJG and Jazze Pha. As he desribes in a short interview at Fader from some time back, some of the biggest acts in the Memhpis scene today would learn about music from him while visiting the night club Club No Name, where he performed and DJ'd frequently during the latter part of the 80's and early 90's. For more information on the man and his place in rap music I suggest you visit his myspace, where there's a rather thorough biography.

The albums following are the what I've been able to gather from ze internet during the last couple of years since first discovering DJ Spanish Fly and finding I'm Da Nigga somewhere, probaly on Cocaineblunts old-old forums. Finding information about these releases haven't been easy, actually I haven't found any information besides somewhat accurate tracklists and years of release. I'm pretty sure this records never where sold properly thru a record company, but rather are cassete tapes sold directly from the man himself during the 80's and 90's. There is no information on his myspace about how to purchase any of his music. That's why I feel that it is okay for me to share so much of his music like this.

I suppose alot of you are new to DJ Spanish Fly's music and probaly will not download all these records. But if you do enjoy these youtube videos above and wan't to give one or two of his records a chance, I would suggest you check out either I'm Da Nigga (previously posted) or Going To Mr Z's, does two are definatley my favorite records from him. If you're in a little bit more substance, there's plenty of political/Chuck D-ish songs on Black Radio. Hope any of you will enjoy his music as much as I have, and for those of you who are already fans, I hope you will find something here you hadn't heard before.

As for artwork, at best it's a picture of the original cassette tape, and some of the other pictures are just random photos of Mr. Fly.

DJ Spanish Fly - I'm Da Nigga (1990)

1. Move Muthafucka
2. Shottriggaman
3. I'm Da Nigga (Original)
4. Yaoe Man (Remix)
5. Smokin Onion (Remix)
6. Trigga Man (Original)
7. Hoodcall II
8. Git Buck
9. 14 Hollow Points
10. Let's Get It On (Mix)

DJ Spanish Fly - Going To Mr Z's (1994)

1. Goint To Mr Z's
2. Goodbye To Da Bad Guy
3. Bitches And Money
4. Smokin' Onion
5. Get Buck
6. Drag Rap
7. 10 Min Mix
8. Outro
9. Cruzin'

DJ Spanish Fly - A.B.C.D.E. (1994)

1. Dope Game
2. Uzi Tool
3. Im Da Aggin (remix)
4. Allright
5. Cement Shoes
6. Once Upon A Time
7. Real Niggas Shit

DJ Spanish Fly - My Last Underground Tape (1995)

1. Slangin Dem Thangs
2. Down Nigga
3. Never Broke
4. I Aint A Killa
5. Bitchy
6. Watch Yo Back
7. Suck My Dick
8. Slangin Mix
9. Triggamane Right Hand Mane
10. DJ Spanish Fly Side B Intro
11. Never Give Up
12. Skit
13. Slaning Cane
14. Got This Shit Going On
15. In The House
16. Down South Shit
17. Outro
18. Ballheaded Hoes Suck Dick

DJ Spanish Fly - Oh Word (1996)

1. Yeah Nigga
2. Whats Up
3. Got To Make My Money
4. Move Mutha Fucka
5. Hoe Niggaz
6. Hatin On Me
7. Break A Hoe Pay A Hoe
8. Shut Yo Mouth
9. Remember Them Niggaz
10. Sho No Luv
11. Knock Knock Knoc

DJ Spanish Fly - Black Radio (2001)

1. Intro
2. Im Da
3. Slangin
4. Playin On Deez
5. Buck Dance G Walk Jukin
6. Da Medicine
7. Smokin Onion
8. Rollin In My Cadillac
9. Bad Guy
10. Black People
11. Shot Gun
12. Trigga Manz Revenge
13. Black Radio
14. Dope Hoes

DJ Spanish Fly - Buck And Wild Underground (2003)

1. Bitch Betta Have My Money Intr
2. Oh Word
3. Dont Give A Fuck
4. Buck And Wild
5. Uzi Tool
6. Gotta Make My Money
7. Jealous
8. Shake Dat Ooweee
9. Pay A Hoe
10. Pump It Up
11. Get Buck Mane ft Cat
12. Comeback
13. What Goes Around
14. Head Shoulders Knees
15. Playin On Deez
16. U Cant Hide Feat Capt C
17. Problems Of Da World
18. Y U Wanna Hate
19. Dont Let It Be The Best

This last record is bonus, it's a mixtape where DJ Spanish Fly acts as a mixtape DJ mixing together other artists songs at his best ability. There's plenty of classic early southern jams on here by artists like Poison Clan, 2 Live Crew and MC Shy-D.

DJ Spanish Fly - Dj Spanish Fly Vol 3 Ol Skool (2004)

1. Strife - Set It Off
2. Nighttime - Unkown
3. Word Up
4. Got To Be Tough - Mc Shy D
5. Radiomix - Unknown
6. Radioactive - Unknown
7. Just Give The Dj A Break - Dynamixx II
8. Jam On It - Newcleus
9. Looking For The Perfect Beat - Soulsonic Force
10. Bust A Move - Young MC
11. I Need A Freak - Sexual Harassment
12. Hard Times - Run DMC
13. Roll It Up My Nigger
14. Like This - Unknown
15. Get Loose - 2 Live Crew
16. Get It Girl - 2 Live Crew
17. Move Somethin 2 Live Crew
18. All Right - Unknown
19. The Perculator - Unknown
20. Dance All Night - Poison Clan
21. Planet Rock - Soulsonic Force
22. Jam The Box - Pretty Tony
23. Megajam - Unknown
24. Uptempo - Unknown
25. Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover
26. Fix It In The Mix - Pretty Tony
27. Push The Button - Unknown
28. Give It All You Got - Afro Rican
29. Cocaine - Kilo
30. Use Your Love - Unknown
31. Lonely Heart - Unknown
32. Supersonic - JJ Fad
33. Sally That Girl - Gucci Crew II

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Max Minelli EP!


One of my favorite rappers and previously posted on Max Minelli just dropped this pre-album EP last week as a treat for what is to come on Pain Medicine, which will be his first post-Koch-adventure album. Last I heard Pain Medicine is set to drop November 24th on a independent label called Self Employed (SLF EMP). I'm not gonna speak to much on this, since my views on Max's music is thoroughly expressed in my older posts on him. So all I have to say really is that this is really good. I feel like Max Minelli's style and how he expresses himself with a somewhat new found authority is something the non-traditional southern rap listener could dig.

Also, if you're a fan. Check out this Word of South interview with Max from October 19th. Where he among other things speaks on his previous label situations with Koch:

"Basically brah, major labels, need to kill they selves. Straight up, because they don’t have a clue. And that’s how I feel. They need to kill they selves. It seems like; record companies are ran by some of the stupidest fucking people in the world. It seems like it. If you doing something right, let’s say me and you we had a shoe store, and if it’s failing. And it just continues to fail every year, more and more. Evidently we’re not doing something right. Evidently. So, when we keep doing the same thing, like, “Aaah, we not selling these Adidas and lets bring in more Adidas, that makes more sense!” That’s stupid. But if you call it stupid, that’d be crazy. That’s what record labels do."

Most beats and productions credits on the Pre-Med EP goes to South Park Mexican Happy Perez. Enjoy and cop his album when it drops.

Max Minelli - Pre-Med EP

1. The Autobiography of Max Pain (prod. Happy Perez)
2. Whateva-eva (prod. Happy Perez)
3. Amped Up (prod. Happy Perez)
4. Aim 4 Success (prod. Jondo)
5. Above The Clouds ft. Kevin Gates (prod. Gus)
6. Look At My (prod. Jondo)
7. Big Booty Judy (prod. Jondo)
8. Can We Get Down (prod. Happy Perez)
9. Worry Dont Pay No Bills ft. Keith Jacobs (prod. Happy Perez)
10. When It Reigns (prod. Happy Perez)
11. Dont Worry Bout Me (prod. Happy Perez)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sirealz of Teamknoc First (?) mixtape..

From what I know this is the first solo project from Sirealz or Tib from Teamknoc. It's been hecka long since I've seen any mixtape from them, like one entire year or something, wow. I bumped it a couple of times, back and forth from uni, since he dropped it on his twitter and datpiff yesteday.. Couple of songs does sound a bit different from what I remember the Teamknoc mixtapes sounding like, but that's cool, because it isn't a Teamknoc mixtape.. Anyhow, here's the full mixtape, his own link. And my first listen stand outs:

Tracklisting above on the back cover.. Standouts:

Sirealz says it's okay to be different. This sounds like the sort of song Swedish self esteem focusing party-televison psyhologist Mia Törnblom would make if she had the will or talent to be a based rapper. Still very dope..

Mia Törnblom

Still very dope.. A couple of months ago I somehow managed to get a hold of some mp3's of a few Sirealz and Teamknoc songs that may or may not be recent. I'm pretty sure most of these songs aren't on any other release. Might be one or two from their 2008 mixtape with previously unreleased songs.. But some songs are definitely new, and not on this mixtape.. So I decided to share those songs... Since I didn't know what release they were on back when I downloaded them first I decided to call the group of songs Sirealz Juice 2009 and Teamknoc Juice 2009


1. Dumbass Clean Ft Blapstar (This is dope, should have def been on Shooting Stars if you ask me)
2. Tight Ass Jeans (dope!!)
3. Cupcake Music
4. Cool White People (right this is on Shooting Stars)
5. Please Don't Let Me Go (autotune)
6. Four 15's (not same version as the one on Shooting Stars)

1. Drums And Based
2. Im A Gigger
3. Im A Party
4. Day N Nite (Remix) Left N Right
5. Everyday Ft Gotti
6. Fat Guy In Little Coat
7. Cakey Booty Blapstar (Frosty Pooky Volume 1) (this is probaly old)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fly Mar Is Awesome

Right, this is up on WYDU aswell, fuck it I'll post the same exact post here (sans this explanatory message).

I'm so fucking fresh I even get my nails done,
that's a manicure and I stay fresh for sure,
and when I get my feet done that is a pedicure
There's not many rappers that could make a hard ass song and choose to brag about getting their feet done. Just saying. This is really some hard shit for real. Eazy E/N.W.A. samples, a hard beat and powerful delivery. He is hot like a State Sandwhich with melted cheese - really check it:
I mostly listen to new music now days, more even than I have a realistic chance to listen to and give a fair view - which is a shame obviously. So whenever I feel like wanna hear something I know every word from, which still don't take to much space on the ipod, this is what listen to. That's why this EP will never not be on my ipod. It's just un-explainable I haven't posted this anywhere before.. It's not real rare or anything, just not as heard as it should be.
Fly Mar (awesome name right!!) was a potent Frisco rapper during first half of the nineties, doing music with hardcore Bay Area rap legends such as RBL Posse, Cougnut and Cellski... I have no clue what he does now. Most recent cd I have from him is his 15 years old, so if anyone is updated let me know, it's always good to know what your past favorite rappers to now days..
Anyhow, this is some great vintage Bay Area/West Coast hard rap, so just get with it!
1. I'm The Nigga
2. All Bitches Aint Shit
3. You're Gonna Wish You Never Dissed Me
4. Push Came To Shove

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to fuckin pronounce his name..


He's seventeen so he probaly never even considerd anyone would have a problem figuring out what tha fuckidy fuck the 3 at the end of his name should be pronounced. Obviously it's either JUNE or JUN-[Three] -> JUNFHREE sort of. Any haxxxxor knew it's the first. I had to figure it out, but I'm telling you right away so you won't ever say it wrong, could be embarrasing.

Anyhow, he sounds way way better then most 17 year old rappers, like he's a finished product. I been trying to wrap my head around if it's because he somehow managed to reach this level real young, or if this is only the begining and fragments of his potential. Either way, it's good rap music right now. Until pretty much right now I was certain he was a straight Bay Area rapper, and he is born around Hunters Point, but his myspace tell me he moved to Atlanta when he was four, which I can't really hear. He obviously does a lot of music in the Bay..

He's featured on Gucey Guce Doe Boy's (awesome new name) Cake record, he's on the Giants and Elephants CD from Guce and J-Stalin. And first time I heard him was a few months back on the Doey Rock hosted mixtape Slaphouse Presents Sac Francisco. He got a song with The Jacka aswell...

And as of a month back or so, he got his own Demolition Men hosted mixtape, which is obviously huge. Get full mixtape from Hans. I'll settle with giving you some of my favorites.

This is on Guce's Cake album aswell.

Don't this beat or just song all over minus accents sound like it could have been made in Baton Rouge, I could see C-Loc over these drums, post No Limit sort of...

You know this is Jackas year, so it would be like I stole from your life if I didn't share the Jacka featured song.. Anyhow it's a superb Bay vintage beat, it this Ghetto Blues by Messy Marv?? I can't really pin point it..


Monday, July 27, 2009


Somewhy started talking about these guys again, oh yeah I just came back from a friend who earlier this week found a sort of scraper bike just lying around somewhere.. Can't believe it's been two years since this was my summer soundtrack. Anyhow had to hear the song again, and yall should listen too and remember that summer..

And here's the mp3, in case some of you been sleeping..

Trunk Boiz - Scraper Bike

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No fuckin Steve Martin.

I thought I might see a movie tonight. All my friends I talked to tonight wanna go out and drink and shit, and first time in my life I feel like I need to rest off the brews for a while. Mostly because I had some fierce hangovers this summer, like fuck it didn't use to be this way. I can't even work out, I'm hangover all the time. Fuck. So anyhow, since everybody is out drinking and I'm and old ass pussy who can't cope, I'm stuck home, was gonna se a movie, but figured might aswell do a lil bloggin. Let yall know what I'm listening to.

I found a jerkin song that actually sound good in my car, lousy speakers and too fuckin low quality mp3's just don't sound good while driving. Probaly since this jerks and nerds are too young to drive anyhow, so they don't understand the importance of good sound quality. But Permanent Inc do. Right.

So the group is called Permanent Inc, concists of Jesco Price and Roc P. They're from Cali somewhere obviously, check their myspace for mor info. The song I'm all caught up with is called Steve Martin and it fuckin bangs. So get with it.

They got another song up on their myspace for download so I might aswell share that aswell, to save you horrible experience of ever visisting any myspace page.

No time to see second half of Flames & Citron.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Jerkin Shit.

Dude's over at Digital Dripped put up enough jerkin music, I could probaly spend all summer listening to nothing but Jerkin shit. I spent a little bit less time listening to Jerkin the last few weeks doh, after an embarrassing drunken try to perform the actual dance on an empty street in front of a numerous friends (one) as I played New Boyz soon-to-be mega-hit Your A Jerk on my celluar phone. Had I been a tiny bit less drunk, perhaps I would have succedeed in explaining the music and the dancing without actually having to perform it. Next week I'll put up a mirror in my bedroom in my new apartment, maybe I'll jerk a little bit, like three times, in front of, till I'm good enough to do it at clubs.

Anyhow. Here's some new Jerkin shit I've been listening too. You already know about the Pink Dollaz magic posted previously, so I left that out. Still, there's is plenty of female vocalists on here, which is pleasant. Plenty shit seams to be produced by JHawk. But I don't really know, feels like most time I check another song there's a new artist. I've got some favorites toh, becides from New Boyz and Pink Dollaz, Julian and YG (who's not same guy as YB??) really goes hard.

Notice there's a song on there which claims to have been produced by Mike Watts, the Mike Watts? Sounds unlikeley..

And I added some New Boyz snippets at the end, relevant since they're probaly the group within the jerkin genre who are most likely to put out an album within soon. Did they sign to Warner or something? I read something about that...


1. Josip - iGo Bananas
2. The iN Krowd - My Checks
3. Julian - Jerkin Song
4. Go Go Power Rangers - Tippin On My Dick
5. New Boyz - Bunz
6. The Truth - Official (Prod. Mike Watts)(ft Yung Miss)
7. Coogi Dollas - I Can Jerk
8. YB - I Don't Give A Fuck Ft V.A.
9. New Era - Pockets On My Pannies
10. C-Wenz - iLive iLove iJerk
11. FreshBoyBleed - Show U How It Go
12. Fresh Boyz - iRockSkinnies
13. Bugsy & Yummy S Dot - H.E.A.D.
14. New Era - Dogg That Pussy
15. New Boyz - So Dope (Snippet)
16. New Boyz - Dot Com (Snippet)
17. New Boyz - Colorz (Snippet)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

These kids got swag.

Fuckin A.

A while back somewhy Lil Trez from Young Trill Ent. (Y.T.E.) out of Little Rock, Arkansas added me on facebook and we been hollerin a bit. The other day he let me know they got a mixtape comin out soon.. So I looked thru my itunes to re-listen the two tracks I downloaded from somewhere on his facebook back then.. All I can say is I will definatley enjoy their mixtape when it drops. These kids, they sound hella raw and show potential. I don't know what plans Baton Rouge label Trill Ent. got for these kids but hopefully they get them plenty studio time, quality beats and career advise and such to get some more music out there..

I'm not super sure what names the four group members go by, and it's not super easy to figure out. But I remember seeing a video suggesting it's Lil Trez who has the first verse on I Den Came Down, Young Swag has the second, Marcino has the third. And I think the fourth member is calle Kane. Not sure I ever heard Kane rap though, so I guess he's the beat maker.. Right.

Monday, June 8, 2009



Alright. I'm bout hit the countryside for a week stayin internet-less. Not that a weeks notable abcense would ever be a suprise (or noticed) for good ole love.. But I still feel like leaving off with a banger. I'm leaving like right now so no time for googling these chicks, I'll just let yall know this is some more jerkin shit, I think, they never actually say jerk but sounds all the same. And it'll definitely be on any possible future jerkin or whatever comp.


Side-note. I'm pretty sure listening to this rather makes me a low-life then a feminist. But still, it's like the peak of female separation from the male hierarchy ruling the world, like

Friday, June 5, 2009

There's A New Ice Cream Man

Dorrough Ice Cream Paint Job

Dorrough Walk That Walk

Yall didn't miss this right? Nothing spectacular really, just some new swangin shit out of Dallas. Right when the summer begins I always try to find whatever swangs the best to hot fuckin summer weather and I usally end up listening to some DSR tape or as this year, either Tum Tum tape from earlier this year or these few mp3's I've been able to find frmo Dorroguh Music.

It's from Dallas. Got a slowed down hook. An Archie Lee mention. Fat Bastard is on there. Fuckin get with it.

Notice there's a Halle Berry remix on there.

1. Ice Cream Paint Job
2. Walk That Walk
3. I Stay ft A Bay Bay, Fat Pimp, Trai D & Tum Tum
4. Caramel Sundae ft Fat Bastard
5. Halle Berry with Supastaar
6. She Can Get It

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Jerkin?

I don't know. I really have no idea how to describe this jerkin shit. And that's disturbing to me, as an academic and friend or order I wan't shit properly categorized. Well atleast last night I felt I really didn't have any jerkin tape to go to if I wanted to here some, just loose mp3's and with some 15000-20000 songs on my laptop it can be frustrating tryna find a song. And internet hasn't handed me any type of compilation yet? I mean I do spend mucho time listening to Bitch I Go, Team Knoc, Sirealz, The Pack records, but that's more based music right? Anyhow some of these jerkin songs even use the same beat as Roach Gigz do on some Bitch I Go record. And D-Lo has some songs which would sound great on this tape, but you already know that so.

And fuck yes I see the irony in a European rap fan trying to categorize and decide boundries for a musical movement probaly without any own desire to be described at all, just listend and danced to. Well whatever I'm just trying to put order in my ipod and create a tape which will create a clear incitement for me to listen to some jerkin shit.

So anyhow. I left out most Roach Gigz and Team Knoc and such, because I listen to those records anyway and don't need a new way to find them on my ipod. Mostly artist I don't know anything about. Most of this is definatley dl'd from digitaldripped . Actually most is from what's posted there the last week or so. So props fam. And this is in no way a best of or something like that. Just songs. So. That's that. Starts off with Your A Jerk from New Boys, obviously.

1. New Boys - Your A Jerk
2. Baby Dolllz - Boyz In Skinny Jeans
3. Zar (of The Scrapper Boyz) - In My Mind
4. YoungD - Medicine
5. Tha Clikk/M.O.B. Boyz - I Need It
6. TF - Drunkin Slut
7. Shay - Came Here To Ball
8. T. City - Real Good ft Shay
9. Authentic - Get It Jerk
10. The Bangz - We Jerkin
11. Da Magican - Bayk Jerk 5-24
12. Julian - Do It Dont Stop
13. Kannon Ball - Jerkin On Special (Sab Boyz)
14. SB Kali - Jerk 2 The Beat
15. Rapper From Lakewood - Jiggle N Work ft WA Looney Toonz City, Yg
16. RadioAktive - Rock Skinny Jeans
17. High Frequency - Money iNeed
18. Gutta aka Trilla - Dodo Brown ft Tika
19. The Bangz - We Jerkin (Remix) ft YG & Ty
20. The Dudez - RIIPE ft Lil Wayne
21. Big Ant aka Mr. Slapper - No Hoe ft K. Tazz
22. Bit Ant aka Mr. Slapper - Wetta Than A G Spot ft Sirealz, Blapstar And DennyBo

What up with all this skinny jeans talk? That's a big issue in the bay?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wassup Wit Da Cookies!

I predict South Atlanta rapper Juney Boomdata will be a internet favorite by this summer, or atleast in a few months.. He’s been around for a bit I’d guess, but I haven’t seen him get any major blog love so far. So for whoever checks in do yourself a favor and check this dude out, music that goes, that fucking jams. Fuck, this is an artist that makes swanging music. So here you go, a swangin bunch of songs.. This is just the few I could find in my itunes, and I downloaded pretty much anything I’ve seen, while looking for a Juney mixtape…

My posts gets shorter and shorter, as I choose to post about new music rather then brining up whatever dope old shit I’ve considered not having been zshared or written on enough, now I feel like pretty much everything is on blogs. Specially east coast shit, but now even no-name jams from areas where most people don’t even know about internet, like East Texas and Alabama. So know I don’t really know what to blog about, there being so many sites better updated on what’s new then me, so I’ll just post random shit while drunk, whatever I feel like or as in this case some shit from an artist I really feel needs more shine..

Whatever. Check Juney Boomdata out! So, as said, I've put together a few Juney songs in a zip, no mixing or anything like that...

His biggest hit is probably What’s Up With Da Cookies, which I believe originally had Soulja Boy on it, I haven’t heard that version though… And he was featured on Soulja Boys latest album, from Decemeber.. And then there’s Lil Pussy Poppin with Pastor Troy and Project Pat, which PT just fucking kills. My favorite jam is I’m Da Bomb (almost as good as Bay Area no-name Big Sir Loon’s - Da Bomb)…

1. Pussy Poppin ft Pastor Troy & Project Pat
2. She Love Me
3. Wassup With Da Cookies ft Mistah F.A.B. (Remix)
4. Wassup With Da Pussy ft Tum Tum & Lil Will (Remix)
5. I'm Da Bomb
6. Aquafina - Dj Speedy ft Juney Boomdata
7. Look What I Got - Playaz Circle ft Juney Boomdata
8. I Got Hoes ft Sandman
9. Assume Da Positon
10. Juney In Dis Bitch
11. She Bad
12. Go Head - Soulja Boy ft Juney Boomdata
13. Crank Dat Roy - Juve ft Juney Boomdata & Lil Ru (Remix)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Car Real Smelly

I've been listening to Crazy Duce's 2007 mixtape Anger Management like three times in a row now, or actually those parts of the mixtape datpiff shared for download... He's now the best rapper, but damn this shit sounds dirty and unfinished, unpolished in that good way you just can't manufacture. It sounds real and fucking hard.

The whole tape is filled with rawness. And the absoloute peak is what might be the rawest track ever:

Check the tape out, it's on datpiff. It's East Texas and it's raw, get with it.
Peace to dude over at cb's forum who first made me aware of this.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's Good 2009.1

If you're like me half your current playlist at any time contains of new music, preferably jams from this year. Which means every January I might have to look harder then December, obviously. This means beginning of each year I listen to a whole bunch of new records, traditionally more then any other time of the year. 2009 is no exception.

A lot of it is dope as fuck. And not so spoken on, or even noticed. So here’s the first few records you missed out on 2009, and probably the first post you read telling you what you missed out on 2009.

Chingo Bling.
Texas own Tamale King Chingo Bling has a new record/mixtape out, it might be for free download, I don’t quite remember. I downloaded it for free, I couldn’t find it on Spotify so I had to… It’s dope. And the best songs are:

Chingo Bling - Rodeo-Ruff

Chingo Bling is the most hilarious dude in the game.

The Jacka & 12 Gauge Shotie.

The Jacka is always dope, and he’s got a new record out with some dude called 12 Gauge Shotie (worst rap name so far in 2009?). I only listened thru this once, while drunk and cooking as I came home from the food feast of the year, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t hungry till I had a whole taco in my hands, what a waste. But I liked the records, especially these songs:

It's not everyday you here Jacka get on a southern beat like this, he pulls it off no doubt.

Lil Dank.

And there’s another little Lil dude who uses a auto tuner, I think he’s from the bay. I downloaded his records on behalf of the features; Messy Marv, Lil Flip, and someone called 200% (he is obviously 100% better then himself), and on behalf on the song titles; Lookin At That Ass, Balhead Bitch and We Don’t Luv Em. Best songs are:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Parents Hardrive Stay Gansta.

gets dissed

Looking thru my parents computer. Turns out I'd listend to pretty much the same music when I was a kid (or young teen) as I do now, or atleast the old napster-downloaded tracks on my parents harddrive suggests so... There's some jams on here!

So here's some throwbacks, jams I pretty much forgotten all about till right now, maybe some of you has aswell. Check them out.

Classic 3/6. The first track's title pretty much sums the song up well, as any title of a song should. Shit I remember dowloading it just to see if it was for real. And La Chat or Gangsta Boo is on there...

Random Weezy, from 500 Degreez I think. And the techa nino, god damn this is one of those diss tracks who leaves you a little bit shook just listening to it.

I was more or less obsessed with these three tracks back in, eh 2001-2002 I guess, reasons to the obsessions is intense dopeness. By the way does anybody know who other than PT raps on this song?

Shit I could post 10 more tracks... Mistress by Word&Punch just shuffled it's way into my ears. Another day another post...