Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to fuckin pronounce his name..


He's seventeen so he probaly never even considerd anyone would have a problem figuring out what tha fuckidy fuck the 3 at the end of his name should be pronounced. Obviously it's either JUNE or JUN-[Three] -> JUNFHREE sort of. Any haxxxxor knew it's the first. I had to figure it out, but I'm telling you right away so you won't ever say it wrong, could be embarrasing.

Anyhow, he sounds way way better then most 17 year old rappers, like he's a finished product. I been trying to wrap my head around if it's because he somehow managed to reach this level real young, or if this is only the begining and fragments of his potential. Either way, it's good rap music right now. Until pretty much right now I was certain he was a straight Bay Area rapper, and he is born around Hunters Point, but his myspace tell me he moved to Atlanta when he was four, which I can't really hear. He obviously does a lot of music in the Bay..

He's featured on Gucey Guce Doe Boy's (awesome new name) Cake record, he's on the Giants and Elephants CD from Guce and J-Stalin. And first time I heard him was a few months back on the Doey Rock hosted mixtape Slaphouse Presents Sac Francisco. He got a song with The Jacka aswell...

And as of a month back or so, he got his own Demolition Men hosted mixtape, which is obviously huge. Get full mixtape from Hans. I'll settle with giving you some of my favorites.

This is on Guce's Cake album aswell.

Don't this beat or just song all over minus accents sound like it could have been made in Baton Rouge, I could see C-Loc over these drums, post No Limit sort of...

You know this is Jackas year, so it would be like I stole from your life if I didn't share the Jacka featured song.. Anyhow it's a superb Bay vintage beat, it this Ghetto Blues by Messy Marv?? I can't really pin point it..