Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Parents Hardrive Stay Gansta.

gets dissed

Looking thru my parents computer. Turns out I'd listend to pretty much the same music when I was a kid (or young teen) as I do now, or atleast the old napster-downloaded tracks on my parents harddrive suggests so... There's some jams on here!

So here's some throwbacks, jams I pretty much forgotten all about till right now, maybe some of you has aswell. Check them out.

Classic 3/6. The first track's title pretty much sums the song up well, as any title of a song should. Shit I remember dowloading it just to see if it was for real. And La Chat or Gangsta Boo is on there...

Random Weezy, from 500 Degreez I think. And the techa nino, god damn this is one of those diss tracks who leaves you a little bit shook just listening to it.

I was more or less obsessed with these three tracks back in, eh 2001-2002 I guess, reasons to the obsessions is intense dopeness. By the way does anybody know who other than PT raps on this song?

Shit I could post 10 more tracks... Mistress by Word&Punch just shuffled it's way into my ears. Another day another post...