Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's Good 2009.1

If you're like me half your current playlist at any time contains of new music, preferably jams from this year. Which means every January I might have to look harder then December, obviously. This means beginning of each year I listen to a whole bunch of new records, traditionally more then any other time of the year. 2009 is no exception.

A lot of it is dope as fuck. And not so spoken on, or even noticed. So here’s the first few records you missed out on 2009, and probably the first post you read telling you what you missed out on 2009.

Chingo Bling.
Texas own Tamale King Chingo Bling has a new record/mixtape out, it might be for free download, I don’t quite remember. I downloaded it for free, I couldn’t find it on Spotify so I had to… It’s dope. And the best songs are:

Chingo Bling - Rodeo-Ruff

Chingo Bling is the most hilarious dude in the game.

The Jacka & 12 Gauge Shotie.

The Jacka is always dope, and he’s got a new record out with some dude called 12 Gauge Shotie (worst rap name so far in 2009?). I only listened thru this once, while drunk and cooking as I came home from the food feast of the year, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t hungry till I had a whole taco in my hands, what a waste. But I liked the records, especially these songs:

It's not everyday you here Jacka get on a southern beat like this, he pulls it off no doubt.

Lil Dank.

And there’s another little Lil dude who uses a auto tuner, I think he’s from the bay. I downloaded his records on behalf of the features; Messy Marv, Lil Flip, and someone called 200% (he is obviously 100% better then himself), and on behalf on the song titles; Lookin At That Ass, Balhead Bitch and We Don’t Luv Em. Best songs are:


JB said...

Såg det två sista skivorna på rapbay tidigare idag, spåren från The Jacka plattan lät riktigt bra!

Hugo the Dude said...

Yess, Jacka plattan är oväntat bra, 12 gauge är helt klart kompetent och det är kul att höra jacka på lite snabbare låtar, inte bara 'all over me'/'terrorist in da city' sånger..