Monday, December 1, 2008

G-Side - Starshipz & Rocketz

I just found out about this album a few days ago, and the group for that matter, and it totally blew me away. The production is way cleaner and more thought thru than the typical low-budget southern hip hop I’m used to. I don’t know who’s involved with this, but it sounds like they have an experienced recording artist somewhere in the mix, how could it otherwise sound so good? Are they plain and simply this talented? Or did they get some instructions from the Paper Route Gangsta’z affiliate and big time DJ/producers Diplo&Benzi? Who knows..

Who are G-Side even? I’ll have to google it, hold on.. Yes, luckily, they got their whole story and background up on myspace. It’s a duo consisting of ST 2 Lettaz and Young Clovah. They grew up in Lil Athens, Alabama, and they seam to stay in Huntsville. They both grew up in poverty and all kinds of misery, homelessness and family drug abuse and such. Then they became rappers, released one joint previous to Starshipz & Rocketz. Apparently G-Side previously worked with a producer called CP, and for this record, C.P. team up with Mali Boi to become the prodcution team The Block Beataz, which produced this entire record. Great work! I will go search the internets for more of their work right now. Until now I've given Diplo&Benzi most of the credit for the PRG'z songs I've heard. This record shows these producers are fully potent of making great music, without the help of hipster DJ's.

Anyway, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. The fact that I even keep listening to it when Scarface just leaked, San Quinn and E-40 is out, Draped Up & Chipped Out 3 is on the internet, and still I keep listening to G-Side! Do yourself a favor and check this out. This is the kind of experience that makes me still check out music from artists I’m not already familiar with. Every now and then you stumble upon gold, like Playboy Tre earlier and G-Side now. Enjoy!

G-Side – Starshipz & Rocketz (2008)

Huntsville, Alabama

1. Lift Off
2. Starshipz & Rocketz (ft Adrienne)
3. Youth of The Ghetto
4. G S I D E R
5. One Stack
6, Stricktly Buzinezz (ft Mali Boi & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
7. We Own Da Building
8. Gihad Speaks
9. Rubba Bandz (ft Big P.O.P.E. & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
10, Swanin (ft Darrien & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
11. Minute Away (ft Jackie Chain & Lyrix)
12. Back of The Chevy (ft Mali Boi & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
13. Hit Da Block (ft Shyft)
14, Everywhere I Go (ft Lance, Whosane & Adrienne)
15. Speed of Sound
16. Run Thingz

Label: Slowmotion Soundz
The Block Beataz
The Block Beataz interview


JB said...

Tung blogg! Tack för denna.
Äntligen något riktigt bra efter så många mediokra skivsläpp.
Såg att dom släppte en platta förra året också, Sumthin 2 hate, bra?

Hugo the Dude said...

Tackar.. Jag börjar få upp farten här efter lång frånvaro..
Jag laddade S2H tidigare idag, har inte lyssnat än... Men förhoppningsvis är det nåt att ha. Är helt ny på G-Side och allt från Huntsville. The Last Mr Bigg är den enda från Alabama jag lyssnar på regelbundet annars...