Monday, October 5, 2009

Fly Mar Is Awesome

Right, this is up on WYDU aswell, fuck it I'll post the same exact post here (sans this explanatory message).

I'm so fucking fresh I even get my nails done,
that's a manicure and I stay fresh for sure,
and when I get my feet done that is a pedicure
There's not many rappers that could make a hard ass song and choose to brag about getting their feet done. Just saying. This is really some hard shit for real. Eazy E/N.W.A. samples, a hard beat and powerful delivery. He is hot like a State Sandwhich with melted cheese - really check it:
I mostly listen to new music now days, more even than I have a realistic chance to listen to and give a fair view - which is a shame obviously. So whenever I feel like wanna hear something I know every word from, which still don't take to much space on the ipod, this is what listen to. That's why this EP will never not be on my ipod. It's just un-explainable I haven't posted this anywhere before.. It's not real rare or anything, just not as heard as it should be.
Fly Mar (awesome name right!!) was a potent Frisco rapper during first half of the nineties, doing music with hardcore Bay Area rap legends such as RBL Posse, Cougnut and Cellski... I have no clue what he does now. Most recent cd I have from him is his 15 years old, so if anyone is updated let me know, it's always good to know what your past favorite rappers to now days..
Anyhow, this is some great vintage Bay Area/West Coast hard rap, so just get with it!
1. I'm The Nigga
2. All Bitches Aint Shit
3. You're Gonna Wish You Never Dissed Me
4. Push Came To Shove


JB said...

Nice! Alltid velat veta hur tapet låter, klassiskt omslag.

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Fett jävla omslag!
Gillar du det?
Jag skrattar fortfarande varje gång jag hör honom prata om fot- och nagelvård på "I'm Da Nigga". Det här var väldigt pre-Fab 5 haha..