Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Jerkin Shit.

Dude's over at Digital Dripped put up enough jerkin music, I could probaly spend all summer listening to nothing but Jerkin shit. I spent a little bit less time listening to Jerkin the last few weeks doh, after an embarrassing drunken try to perform the actual dance on an empty street in front of a numerous friends (one) as I played New Boyz soon-to-be mega-hit Your A Jerk on my celluar phone. Had I been a tiny bit less drunk, perhaps I would have succedeed in explaining the music and the dancing without actually having to perform it. Next week I'll put up a mirror in my bedroom in my new apartment, maybe I'll jerk a little bit, like three times, in front of, till I'm good enough to do it at clubs.

Anyhow. Here's some new Jerkin shit I've been listening too. You already know about the Pink Dollaz magic posted previously, so I left that out. Still, there's is plenty of female vocalists on here, which is pleasant. Plenty shit seams to be produced by JHawk. But I don't really know, feels like most time I check another song there's a new artist. I've got some favorites toh, becides from New Boyz and Pink Dollaz, Julian and YG (who's not same guy as YB??) really goes hard.

Notice there's a song on there which claims to have been produced by Mike Watts, the Mike Watts? Sounds unlikeley..

And I added some New Boyz snippets at the end, relevant since they're probaly the group within the jerkin genre who are most likely to put out an album within soon. Did they sign to Warner or something? I read something about that...


1. Josip - iGo Bananas
2. The iN Krowd - My Checks
3. Julian - Jerkin Song
4. Go Go Power Rangers - Tippin On My Dick
5. New Boyz - Bunz
6. The Truth - Official (Prod. Mike Watts)(ft Yung Miss)
7. Coogi Dollas - I Can Jerk
8. YB - I Don't Give A Fuck Ft V.A.
9. New Era - Pockets On My Pannies
10. C-Wenz - iLive iLove iJerk
11. FreshBoyBleed - Show U How It Go
12. Fresh Boyz - iRockSkinnies
13. Bugsy & Yummy S Dot - H.E.A.D.
14. New Era - Dogg That Pussy
15. New Boyz - So Dope (Snippet)
16. New Boyz - Dot Com (Snippet)
17. New Boyz - Colorz (Snippet)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

These kids got swag.

Fuckin A.

A while back somewhy Lil Trez from Young Trill Ent. (Y.T.E.) out of Little Rock, Arkansas added me on facebook and we been hollerin a bit. The other day he let me know they got a mixtape comin out soon.. So I looked thru my itunes to re-listen the two tracks I downloaded from somewhere on his facebook back then.. All I can say is I will definatley enjoy their mixtape when it drops. These kids, they sound hella raw and show potential. I don't know what plans Baton Rouge label Trill Ent. got for these kids but hopefully they get them plenty studio time, quality beats and career advise and such to get some more music out there..

I'm not super sure what names the four group members go by, and it's not super easy to figure out. But I remember seeing a video suggesting it's Lil Trez who has the first verse on I Den Came Down, Young Swag has the second, Marcino has the third. And I think the fourth member is calle Kane. Not sure I ever heard Kane rap though, so I guess he's the beat maker.. Right.

Monday, June 8, 2009



Alright. I'm bout hit the countryside for a week stayin internet-less. Not that a weeks notable abcense would ever be a suprise (or noticed) for good ole love.. But I still feel like leaving off with a banger. I'm leaving like right now so no time for googling these chicks, I'll just let yall know this is some more jerkin shit, I think, they never actually say jerk but sounds all the same. And it'll definitely be on any possible future jerkin or whatever comp.


Side-note. I'm pretty sure listening to this rather makes me a low-life then a feminist. But still, it's like the peak of female separation from the male hierarchy ruling the world, like

Friday, June 5, 2009

There's A New Ice Cream Man

Dorrough Ice Cream Paint Job

Dorrough Walk That Walk

Yall didn't miss this right? Nothing spectacular really, just some new swangin shit out of Dallas. Right when the summer begins I always try to find whatever swangs the best to hot fuckin summer weather and I usally end up listening to some DSR tape or as this year, either Tum Tum tape from earlier this year or these few mp3's I've been able to find frmo Dorroguh Music.

It's from Dallas. Got a slowed down hook. An Archie Lee mention. Fat Bastard is on there. Fuckin get with it.

Notice there's a Halle Berry remix on there.

1. Ice Cream Paint Job
2. Walk That Walk
3. I Stay ft A Bay Bay, Fat Pimp, Trai D & Tum Tum
4. Caramel Sundae ft Fat Bastard
5. Halle Berry with Supastaar
6. She Can Get It

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Jerkin?

I don't know. I really have no idea how to describe this jerkin shit. And that's disturbing to me, as an academic and friend or order I wan't shit properly categorized. Well atleast last night I felt I really didn't have any jerkin tape to go to if I wanted to here some, just loose mp3's and with some 15000-20000 songs on my laptop it can be frustrating tryna find a song. And internet hasn't handed me any type of compilation yet? I mean I do spend mucho time listening to Bitch I Go, Team Knoc, Sirealz, The Pack records, but that's more based music right? Anyhow some of these jerkin songs even use the same beat as Roach Gigz do on some Bitch I Go record. And D-Lo has some songs which would sound great on this tape, but you already know that so.

And fuck yes I see the irony in a European rap fan trying to categorize and decide boundries for a musical movement probaly without any own desire to be described at all, just listend and danced to. Well whatever I'm just trying to put order in my ipod and create a tape which will create a clear incitement for me to listen to some jerkin shit.

So anyhow. I left out most Roach Gigz and Team Knoc and such, because I listen to those records anyway and don't need a new way to find them on my ipod. Mostly artist I don't know anything about. Most of this is definatley dl'd from digitaldripped . Actually most is from what's posted there the last week or so. So props fam. And this is in no way a best of or something like that. Just songs. So. That's that. Starts off with Your A Jerk from New Boys, obviously.

1. New Boys - Your A Jerk
2. Baby Dolllz - Boyz In Skinny Jeans
3. Zar (of The Scrapper Boyz) - In My Mind
4. YoungD - Medicine
5. Tha Clikk/M.O.B. Boyz - I Need It
6. TF - Drunkin Slut
7. Shay - Came Here To Ball
8. T. City - Real Good ft Shay
9. Authentic - Get It Jerk
10. The Bangz - We Jerkin
11. Da Magican - Bayk Jerk 5-24
12. Julian - Do It Dont Stop
13. Kannon Ball - Jerkin On Special (Sab Boyz)
14. SB Kali - Jerk 2 The Beat
15. Rapper From Lakewood - Jiggle N Work ft WA Looney Toonz City, Yg
16. RadioAktive - Rock Skinny Jeans
17. High Frequency - Money iNeed
18. Gutta aka Trilla - Dodo Brown ft Tika
19. The Bangz - We Jerkin (Remix) ft YG & Ty
20. The Dudez - RIIPE ft Lil Wayne
21. Big Ant aka Mr. Slapper - No Hoe ft K. Tazz
22. Bit Ant aka Mr. Slapper - Wetta Than A G Spot ft Sirealz, Blapstar And DennyBo

What up with all this skinny jeans talk? That's a big issue in the bay?