Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not enough people write this up..

This is the remix edition,
of a post about sittin',
on some info,
of some dope ass musicans
who get far to few listens

Okay so I'm not real talented in rhyming, whatever people you should be glad I didn't try to rap that shit. You should have seen the part I edited out haha... No worries thought, considering how seldom I update this site I'd be surprised if anyone reads this anyhow. For those who wonder where I've been, I've been posting my latest few posts over at Wake Your Daughter Up. The good man Travis gave me the keys to the car so to speak, which is great, continuing using car terms GOL is a pink Fiat 500 (props to whoever remember those) compared to WYDU which without doubt is a vintage big ass white Cadillac. Always clean, no scratches. Now driving a Fiat can be a good thing cause the engine is so small it will not ever make too much noise and drown the whatever good music you feel like bumping. It might also be a bad thing because your just gonna look ridiculous bumping the new Trae in it. The WYDU Cadillac on the other hand is a major vessel, it makes a lot of noise and nobody misses it driving by. And it's still down to earth and low budget with the house speakers in the backseat where all kinds of music (different styles of hip hop) gets played. Contributing to what gets played in the Cadillac has a much bigger effect in the neighborhood, compared to when you’re in the Fiat and nobody notice you driving by. So if you only have gas money for one trip a month or so one might prefer borrowing your pals Caddy and leaving the Fiat in the garage.

Lost me? No problem, just skip the rest and download the tracks below. Then at least you got something out of visiting this site.

Besides being allowed to borrow the white shining Caddy I haven’t had much time driving anyway. When I tried to I almost fell asleep and damn near crashed the car, this post is a good example of driving while tired or distracted. Damn near lost my license. So I’ve been riding a lot, driving much less so to speak. I’m not even going to bother editing this.

The Last Mr. Bigg feat. some dude – From Alabama

Give that a listen! It’s some dumb shit! Third verse is a great example on how great simplicity can be. DJ’s, grab this tune and bump it to the young people in the club. Warning though, if you’re not a few brews deep it might do you nathan. It’s an old link of mine, not hijacked just used before.

To the actual topic:
The Mob Figaz is great. Word to dudes over at Nation of Thizzlam and Yay Mecca where I first found out about these guys. So I'm not the only one hyping this but I'm one of few, which is really ridiculous since it's really some blasting music. This is raw gangsta rap, bay style. It's like the Spice 1 (get better man!!) or C-Bo of this age of time. Like A-Wax without the weak tracks. I almost feel pressured presenting this as good as possible to get someone interested. Best way of doing that is obviously to tell you straight, if you like good music like Spice 1 you are going to like this. Following tracks are from 2007 releases. Who’s in Mob Figaz? Check the picture at the top.

Group tracks. First one is a killer. Not often a group of rappers get away with a song about craving for a certain lady. But these guys got so many hardbody tracks they can rap about anything and get away with it. And they make sure to mention some material money spending to keep it as manly as possible. Kind of interesting, AP9 with the first verse makes sure you know they got money, Husalah make sure you know they out for her body objectifying the lady and The Jacka finish it off letting us know they still have time for a variation of women and he don’t even mentions trying to get one particular woman. Mike Marshall is probably the singer, he does a good job I guess. The beat is some violin mixed stuff, pretty decent.

AP9, Husalah, The Jacka & Mike Marshall - Got To Make Her Mine

This beat is based on a flute and every now and then they sample some lady. I guess they know Spanish, cause they say culo every now and then. A nice track talking on everyday situations in the life of the Mob Figaz.

The Jacka, Rydah J. Klyde & Fed X - The Same Thing Everyday

These two tracks are off Husalah’s recent release Huslin’ Since The ‘80’s. If I haven’t mentioned it before I will know, that’s a hell ova release! That album is crazy from beginning to end. These are two of the best jams from it. First track discusses how Husalah got into the world of crime, and fell in love with it. It’s like watching a movie listening to this. Really a catchy story.

Talk It Out is a sort of personal effort from Husalah’s life. The violins playing gives it a sort of sad feeling which really suits the topic. Then when chorus comes with some lady singing and the DJ puts some cuts on it you know want’ to here this track again.

Husalah - Fell In Love With Crime

Husalah - Talk It Out

Last off, a solo effort of Fed-X. I mostly post this because till I heard it I sort of considered Fed-X the weak link of the Mob Figaz, but here he really let us know he is not to be ruled off as just another hardbody weedcarrier.

Fed X - The Awful Dodger

As a bonus, a treat, early x-mas gift, whatever you might call it. These tracks are too good to miss and you might not catch them anywhere else. As I mentioned before, I’m doing my best catching up on forgotten tunes. The Delinquents are fairly unfamiliar to me, they may or may not be known at all. I really don’t have a clue, all I know is they are from California and they have some great jams. So I’ll finish this post of with one that caught my attention.

The Delinquents - Puttin' It Down ft. DT, Gangsta P & Del (1997)

Mob Figaz:






Friday, October 12, 2007

Livin in the bay is like a motherfuccin Zoo..

...not that I would know. Young Cellski told me. Frisco ain't all faggots and quakes as some may think, it's some gutter shit going on there. All according to Young Cellski and a couple of other fellas I've taken my time to listen to latley.

Bay area rap has own style. No doubt.. See as a youngsta I neva knew nathan bout different sounds and such, till I heard Digital Underground. Nothing like anything I've ever heard. I read up about it, an actual book. This was before my parents copped our first computer so I didn't knew google. Us mid 80's babies gotta be the youngest of those still remembering a life without daily internet use and celluar phones. Alsp Spice 1 told us about celluar phones tough, apparently if you was coolin on the corner with them you obviously was from the East Bay. I trusted him on that.

Back to the book, it was in English and was about hip hop history. Maybe 20 of the 250 pages was about the yay, not that much. So I still didn't know much about the region and it's music. Many of it's bigger artists was pretty much unkown to me for a long time. I've been meaning to change that for a while and this year I've finally begun.

One more thing about the book tough, just a lil side note. I did a report in it in my English class. I remember my teacher saying he understood the concept of producing rap records, there was money to be made. Altough he didn't understand why anyone would listen to it. After that he pretty much told me all rap listeners was retards. Thinking of that prick still upsets me. I mean the man was all grey, clothes, skin color the whole thing grey. I bet he listens to german country music or something

Anyhoo, for a couple of months I almost only been bumping bay area bangers, both cathcing up on supposed classics I never heard and listening to anything new I could get. I just made a quick tracklist of some of the songs I've come across. So here you go, quite a mix, not really cohesive. But fuck it it's bangers enjoy folks! Some hyphy I guess, some gangsta and a lil bit of consciousness... And some quick words on the feelings each track gives me.

Bay Area

1. Young D Boyz - Sellin Cocaine As Usual
From '95. From their album Straight Game, which is a great record! Sad story, telling the story of the every day life for some bay area residents. Great feeling.

2. Young Cellski - Livin N The Bay
Pretty much the same topic as the first track. This is mostly on here cause I LOVE the wistle beat! It's freakin amazing! And I have no idea who did it! Lemme know if you know!

3. The Click - Let's Get Drunk
Hahaa.. Have me laughing every time. Gotta be my favourite ever drinking song, covers every aspect of it. The dizzynes, mumbling n stimbling. Being hangover, horney. Hella drank!

4. Conscious Daughters - Showdown
Beat is of the hook! Paris at his best! Hardcore g-funk baby.

5. Messy Marv - Ghetto Blues
From his debut record Messy Situations. Nowdays he's a top 10 rapper in my book. Back then, not quite there but still full with talent.

6. Mac Dre - Mafioso ft. Yoing Dru
I love me some Mac Dre every now and then. This is one of my favourites, or atleast top 10. Nah, top 20. He's like an whole own genre, I could make the whole list just Mac Dre actually, I might next time. But this time I thougt it be a good idea not to include too many records from the same artist, it feel strange to leave some artist out and uploading several tracks from another..

7. Rappin 4 Tay - Live From The 415 ft. Sann Quinn, Messy Marv, Big Rich & Seff Tha Gaffla
From 2007. Rappin dropped a decent album earlier this year, it had some bangers no doubt. Not as good as in his prime. But whatever really it got a Messy Marv verse so you know it's good. Verses in order of dopeness: Mess, Sann Quinn, 4'tay, SDG, Rich.

8. Husalah - Husalah Shine
I've listen to he's latest releas like 50 time by now. There's gotta be like 3 or 5 tracks that will be on my top 50 list of this year. This one is mos def one of them. It's on there for it's realness, and for his flow. It's just viscious.

9. Team Knoc - From The Hood remix Thizzface
I dl'd a whole bunch of Team Knoc from nation of thizzlam. And I'm really starting to like it. It's a form of hyphy they themself call base, if I'm not mistaken. Usally they rap about video games and cloths and stuff but this track is kinda hard. A bit o a jam really.

10. The Pack - Robocop
Simple rap muisc. I really like the beat and the hook, the powerfull feeling to it. I can't say I listen to this for the lyrics tough. Don't even remember what this track is about... Young L does the beat.

11. Keak Da Sneak - Somebody Gotta Pimp It ft. Too Short
This track is a couple of years old. The title really says it all, no need to explain what this track is about. The verses explains why. Some dudes just don't get a whole lotta women, that's why they do it. Somebody gotta be the pimp. Far from hyphy or anything like that, just a typical mid ninties west coast gangssta beat.

12. Traxmillion - From The Hood ft. Husalah, The Jacka & Sann Quinn
These rappers flow is just vicious. Husalah is the badest. Just kills every beat. Powerfull production.

You'll see more of me soon. On this site or another.. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The View

Devandra Banhart & The View

For all of you who like music like Jose Gonzales, Elliot Smith and Iron and Wine you really have to check out Devandra Banhart. Especially the album ("Cripple Crow) I bought yesterday at my favourite stor "Record Hunter".
He's catigorized as some sort of folk/indie/americana/psych ispired hippie but I don't know, it doesn't quite sound like anything I've heard before.
It's filled with joy, but still lots of depth. It's dark, but you I would not mind listen to it a nice summer day.

He was born in Houston, raised in Venezuela, and he has lived in San Francisco, New York and is currently living in LA. Since his debut album in 2003, "The Black Babies" he has released 11 albums. According to the guy at Record Hunter the one I bought is known to be the best...

So check it out!

Album number two I want you to know about is The Views "Hats of to the buskers". It's their first album, released in January '07, and it's awesome!
They have been the opening act to Babyshambles but the shambles are way behind these scotish rockers! Filled with passionete explosive kick ass music it's clearly one of my favourites this year!

Give it a listen if you like The Libertines, The Strokes and that kind of stuff!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spice 1 - Spice 1 (1992)

Coolin on the corner with the cellular phone
you can tell that the East Bay was his home
More mail than the rest of the pushers
cuz he’s got a technine in the bushes

Spice 1 self titled record is by many considered a classic, with good reason. How often can you listen to an entire disc from 1992 without feeling atleast some of the tracks sound a little bit dated? Till last week I hadn't listend to this record in, eh, a long long too long time. One of those records I used to bumb the shit out of when I was younger, had even less benjamins to spend on music and didn't know sheit about computers.

Point is nowdays I tend to never listen to the same album as much and so intense as I did as a younsta, there's to much music to here and to little time. I wish the week had 12 days and each day 40 hours, then I'd prah'lee even have time to learn listening to all that brit pop and drum n bass or whatever my friends tryn' tell me about haha.. Anyhoo, Spice 1's selftitled album is one of those albums I grew up with, I listend to it 24/7 for weeks, months. Whenever I didn't listen to it I might have listend to a Biggie Smalls or Eazy-E record, but that was it. So this a littlbe bit of my childhood I'm giving you.

Actually thinking of it, do I like this record so much because of how much I've listend to it or because it's jammin? Not so sure. To the music. Spice 1's Spice 1 is the first real full length album from the Texas born rapper and truly I have no idea how big this record was back then. I was six when it dropped and honestly I hadn't found out about bay area gangsta rap. Shit I couldn't even speak English back then. This record might be all over the web or more or less unknown, I really don't know.

Spice 1's deliverly is hard as hell. He's vicious gangsta rapper and this record is seriously some of the most gutter shit I've ever heard. He raps about violence, prostitution, the dope game and he does it without analyzing too much. He's more kinda accepting and bitter over the common every day life of the young black ghetto resident. With an ironic tone too it. Eh. Short spoken, shit that sounded amazingly hard and facinated the my young mind. I still feel the early 90's west coast gangsta rap was some of the realest most authentic music ever. It doesn't feel like a trick to sell records or anything. Which does kinda matter.

Oh, if anything is misspelled, it's 'cause I'm a hip hop head. We don't learn grammar in the south ye heearr... haha

Beatwise it's some funky hardcore shit. Legendary bay area producers Ant Banks and E-A Ski does most of the work. Other production credits goes to Black Jack, CMT and Spice 1 himself. Best tracks: 183 Proof, East Bay Gangster, Welcome To The Ghetto, aahhw shit the whole reocord is dope. Give this a listen. I have to go back to work. Peace

I couldn't find my copy of the disc at home so I can't say who produced which track, but I'll be sure to edit the post once i find it!

Spice 1 (1992)


1. In My Neigborhood
2. 187 Proof
3. East Bay Gangster (Reaggae)
4. Money Gone
5. 1-800-Spice
6. Peace To My Nine
7. Young Nigga
8. Welcome To The Ghetto
9. Fucked In The Game
10. Money Or Murder
11. City Streets
12. 1-900-Spice
13. Break Yourself


Monday, September 24, 2007

New contributor, new post

Yesterday I asked my friend Hugo the Dude if it would be alright with him for me to write a little bit here every now and then. Needles to say, he welcomed me with open arms!

Altough I'm a bit of a HipHop fan (Cunninlynguists, Wordsworth, Gangstarr etc.), I'm more into pop/rock and singer/songwriter kind of music. So for me it's sort of a perfect week to start writing here since two of my favourites are releasing new albums on wednesday 26/9: Jose Gonzalez and Iron and Wine.
Jose the bigger star despite the fact he has only one studio album released, the massive hit "Veneer", and Iron and Wines "The Sheperds Dog" becoming his fitfh since the very mellow and beautiful debut "The Creek Drank the Cradle.

After buying at least Joses "In our Nature" I'll post a review for you to read.
Until then you might want to check out Elliott Smith, Jack Johnson, The Shins and one of my alltime fovourite albums, Rolling Stones "Beggars Banquet"!

Buy it and support the artists!
Listen now!
Jose Gonzalez at Myspace where you can listen to "In our Nature"


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Blak - Once You Go Blak (2003)

First time I heard this was about a year ago. I bought used after some dude at my local record store recomended it to me. Before that, never heard of the dude. I guess you could call that guy a real life music blog or something. Wait isn't that kinda twisted? Shit it's not a good thing when meeting acutal people with an real interest in hip hop is so seldom it seems, well I don't know, just unusual. Well, nuff about me. I don't have time for this anyway, Barcelona is playing Lyon in like 30 minutes and that I can't miss...

So I guess I'll just rush this post, this one too...

Baby Blak is a Philly native and hip hop veteran. Until 2003 and releasing this record he was part of the duo ILL Advised with Mr. Lish. Apparently this group is quite well known among hip hop heads, minus me. I had never heard of them before reading up about Baby Blak right after I bought this disc. Searching the web for info didn't make me much wiser, this kid don't even have a wikipedia page it seems. Which is quite suiting for me since I don't have that much time posting anyways (shit I really should post more, and mos def don't complain about time shortage when I do post - fuck it I do what I wan't it's my blog....). Anyhoo, seems his been working with philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff a bit, appearing on some record of him. I guess some of you will remember him from there.

All you really need to know is something you going to have to take my word for, this is a skilled lyricist! His flow is crazy and from what I guess is a small budget he shows real talent in picking beats! He managed to get dope beats from jazz hip hop pro Kev Brown, Jay Ski, Soul Supreme (first time I post something by a swedish artist!!!) and a whole bunch of banging beats from calis DJ Revolution. And some beats from to me unkown producers, see tracklist. Most of the beats are just crazy, I'm writing i twice so you know I mean it! And they're so suting for his smooth voice.

Alright. So I didn't manage to finish the post before the game last night, so I'll just try and finish it here at work. Kinda fun actually cause I have to sneak with it and make sure my boss don't catch doing some private blog shit at work, I'm not sure how he would react to that. I'm supposed to be printing bills.

Well, back to music. Topicwise he starts out rapping about groving up in Philly, street life and such. Every track is like it's own little tale in which he pretty much tells us about his life. Struggling as a starving artist and going to Cali to record music. Good story telling with nice wordplay. Back to work. I'll just post it like this, hope someone will enjoy! Peace/hugo

Baby Blak - Once You Go Blak (2003)


  1. Intro (prod. DJ Revolution)
  2. Once You Go Blak (prod. Rob Dinero)
  3. Wake Up (prod. DJ Revolution)
  4. Tables Turn (prod. DJ Revolution)
  5. Fallin' Down (prod. Joey Chavez)
  6. Friends (prod. Jay Ski)
  7. Economix (prod. Kev Brown)
  8. Tasters Choice (prod. Nucleus A.Burton)
  9. Crazy (prod. Jay Ski)
  10. The Youth (prod. P-Smovah
  11. Starvin' Artist (prod. Street Orchestra)
  12. Firewater (prod. Soul Supreme)
  13. So Many (prod. Nucleus A.Burton)
  14. Peace feat. Mr. Lish (prod. Jay Ski)
  15. No Coast All Stars feat. Planet Asia & Obie Trice (prod. DJ Revolution)
  16. Daddy Dearest feat. Lady Alma (prod. P-Smoovah)
  17. Diamonds (Diemon) (pord. Sat 1)

On da net:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Last Mr. Bigg - Trial Time

So I couldn't get this thing to work posted in the same post as the Mr Bigg text and album.. Check that post below for mor info..

If you've been around the blogworld for a minute you might have seen this video before, first time I saw it it was posted on www.cocaineblunts.com and I've also seen on some other blog I can't remember..

The Last Mr. Bigg - Only If You Knew (2000)

Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about this guy - so prah'lee it won't be a long post this time. The Last Mr. Bigg (a.k.a. Diamond Eyes, real name Donald Maurice Pears) is from Alabama somewhere and his been releasing records since sometime before 2000 I'd guess. I've been havning problems finding out when he dropped any of his discs. His first disc only if you knew (which I'm posting today) dropped 2000 and his second disc the mask is off dropped 2003, according to his wikipedia page, that's all I know. His wiki page also lets us know he's been featured as the choir singer on 3-6 Mafias big hit Poppin My Collar and Project Pats Tell Tell Tell and a couple of other songs from 3-6's 2005 big release Most Known Unknown. That's pretty major right? And here I thougt he was practicly unheard of... Maybe he'll get his big break within soon, he definatley got talent and a character which should be able to break him threw commercialy nation- and worldwide. So why isn't this guy famous?
If you thougt that was a question I asked just to answear it right after I'll have to disapoint you. I really don'y know... Perhaps it has something to do with him being shot a few years back in the head while riding his car somwhere. That could probaly scare some A&R's and record company folks away. I wouldn't know. Anyways it might just be a matter of time before he breaks threw big time. Apperently he's got an album on the way called The Worlds Greatest Shit Talker which I'll mos def will be on the look out for.
An other thing worth mentioning is that the diamond in his eye he's been wearing ever since he got shot there is worth a 100 grand or so.. That's hood rich I guess, or something.
About this album. First of all go listen to the youtube video I'll post in a minute (finally figuered out who to do that, alltough I couldn't get the video to work posted in the same post as the text...). Then you'll get an idea of what this album is about, no real lyrical monster or anything. Which in my opinion isn't needed to make a great ablum. Just great storytelling and hardcore swagger and great choir singing by Mr Bigg himself.
Downside is some of the beats, and some ot the tracks alltogeather who just isn't very good. Even tough it's already a kind of short album it could have gained as an album if tracks like Sick-n-Tired and Dopeman Bitch was left out. There are a couple of guest rappers on there, I don't know any of them. I know Mr Bigg has done music with rappers all over the south, from Texas to Tennesse and home state Alabama so it could be just anyone.
Best tracks: Trial Time, Traffic King (reminds me of some old Sho & Willie D song), Hoe Check and Only If You Knew. Enjoy!
Last but not least. Thanks to anybody reading and giving props! I'm sorry for not posting more often. And I'm sorry for posting these rushed togethear posts when I post, hopefully they're well written enough to convince you to download and hopefully buy these records I post. Support the artist. I might just do another Mr. Bigg post by the way, atleast just give you a link because all his records are worth a listen.

1. Sick-N-Tired
2. Traffic King
3. Trail Time
4. No Mo'
5. Dopeman Bitch
6. Rev Rolex
7. Hoe Check
8. Laughin' Murderah
9. What About Us
10. Time Served
11. Rainy Dayz & Nights
12. Only If U Knew
13. Trial Time [Radio Edit]
14. Outro
The Last Mr. Bigg on the net:

Monday, August 13, 2007

One Gud Cide - Contradictions [Scarred 4 Life] (1999)

This is one of the many fairly unknown but truly dope albums I downloaded from the old cocaineblunts forums a while ago when it were still up and running.. One Gud Cide is a hip hop duo from Fort Worth, Texas. Members are rappers Twisted Black and Evil Seed. The group was formed sometimes in the early ninties and released their first album in 1995, called Look What The Streets Made. I'm yet to hear either that or any of the members solo releases. But I've have heard their 1999 release Contradictions, and i really listend...
As you might have noticed, my favourite tunes are often the storytelling ones. The ones potraying life in the rough life, poverty and urban violence. Somehow the ghetto tales does it for me, it sort gives the feeling the rapper really shares the story of his life. That's kinda what this album is about. Starting off with the first track contradictions (typing from what i can hear, not offical lyrics):
I aint feelin right / seems as tough I'm living split everything I do today tomorrow contradicts / can you help me out lord, am I just a hypocryt / is this the same feel that every real player gets / seems as tough my bad side got it's mind of it's own / want's to go back to the streets and play this baby capone / I know it's wrong, cause every man reaps what he sows, three times / ***** like the story of job
nigga please, I aint tryin to hear your sad story / how you walking getting crazy giving God all the glory / I'm a playa, and I ain't been in change I was born in it.... (goes on)
....well I'm not going to write down the enitire text to this song. All tough it would be worth it kinda. Mostly this text gives me the illousion of beeing really deep or whatever. Which is pretty much enough to get me thinking. The song tells something about contradictions, that everybody has a good and a bad side sort of. This is pretty much what the album is about, their view of hustlin and struggling trying to get away from the gutter, only they still do wrongs knowing it's not the best way to go. Also the beat on this track is really good. The second best to the asumingly Pimp C beat on the UGK collbao Down Here. That track is is the absolute banger of the record, having great verses from all rappers (inclunding a killer verse from Pimp C, something for his critics to listen too).
The albums goes on with tracks just a little lesser then Contradictions, both lyric-wise and beat-wise. Which means it's a great album. I really suggest you give it a good listen, and of course support the album and buy it. I should probaly mention that more in my posts, always buy the album if you like it. I do! Really! If I can find it...
....Actually, not suprisingly i might ad, it's a group I had never heard of before reading the news last year saying Twisted Black was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sellin cocaine or something like that. I wouldn't know if he deserves the punishment or not since I'm not really familiar with the circumstances, So you will not hear me yell Free Twisted Black or something like that, but I have to say it's a damn shame when a talented artist like him gets his life thrown away like that... The group probaly got a whole bunch of new fans from the sentence, but what's that worth when you're about to spend the better part of the rest of your life in a prison cell....

Producers credits: Ernie G, Pimp C, T-Mix, Twisted Black.

By the way I'm not sure which album cover is the right one so I just put up all the pictures I could find...

Ernie G, producer of most of the tracks on the record, commented on this post to let us know the above picture is the actual album cover. Thanks for showing love Ernie.

One Gud Cide - Contradictions [Scarred 4 Life] (1999)

1. Contradictions
2. Ride With Ya'll
3. White Girl
4. Terror In The Gulf 2
5. Scarred Pac feat. Eightball
6. Hell On Earth
7. Hogballin
8. Whatca Known Fo
9. Where Da G'z At
10. Down Here feat. UGK
11. Love And Hate
12. Bad Dreams
13. Imagine If
14. Systemized
15. Contradictions (Instrumental)
16. Hell On Earth


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Murs - Varsity Blues (2002)

According to me this album consists of some of the best story-telling I've ever heard in a rap record. Topp klasse, fo real. Good enough to be compared to records tales by say Masta Ace or Nas (altough Murs flow isn't as perfected, but hey it's still amazing). I'm not sure if it's really fair to call this an album since it's only six tracks on it, but whatever really. Finally an artist was smart enough to skip some of those fill out bullshit tracks you only listen to once or twice anyway.

Because there really isn't any tracks to skip here. All tracks have killer verses and on this album has the absolute best lyrics I've heard from Murs so far. The whole album has the same feeling of realness and honesty as that GREAT Morocco Mike track from his first LP F'Real. If you heard and liked that you're goning to love this as much as I do. The diffrence between Morocco Mike and this record is here he don't rap about another person, it strictyl about the man Murs. Not the rapper persona or the kid acting tough on the block. It's like he took a long look in the mirror and understood he wasn't a hardcore gangbanger or killer, and came to terms with that. Then decided to write a very personal and introspective record about it. Murs deals with everyday problems of being black in America, the struggles of a hip hop artist and simply being a young man. The highlights are Belief's Blues were Murs really lets his anger out. The producer samples some blues song which creates the for this track perfect chorus saying "Why, they just won't, let me be? Why, you and you and you and you and you, just won't let me be?". This followed by a Murs rhyming about his underlying towards any man who's acting tough to prove his manhood, pulling out guns because their scared to fight and such. He paints the picture of an everyday situation pulling up next to antoher man car at a red light and that other dude unprovoced decides to act tough (I'm not from LA so I'm not sure how likely an incident like this really is, but whatever). Check this out:

"You don't really want to kill me, you want to act like a real G / But living out your rap fantasies don't thrill me / But hey, whatever floats your boat / Go ahead and pull it out and I'll give you a quote / Like 'Oh, big homey, please give me a pass' / But ain't it sad you need another man to kiss your ass? / But my manhood is secure, so I'll bow and play the role / By the way your light turned green like thirty seconds ago."

A few words about the production. From what I figure after some google search each track has diffrent producers - according to undergroundhiphop.com: Mum's The Word; Belief; Ant; Bones; Justin Martin; Black Panther. I'm not sure if they produced the tracks in that order or who produced each track. Still it's a very cohesive album altogether. The sound is pretty much the same as any of the pre-9th wonder Murs records. A mix between the Rhyme Sayers sound (Ant) and the profilic Living Legends LA underground laid back sound, as on the tracks which features The Underbosses (whom I don't know anything about).

Well then.. Enjoy!/hugo

Murs - Varsity Blues (2002)


1. Varsity Blues
2. Belief's Blues
3. County Blues
4. Writer's Blues feat. The Underbosses
5. A Friend's Blues
6. The Deepest Blues

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jigmastas - Infectious (2001)

I'm going to be straight up with you, this post is really about getting my hands on that Lyrical Fluctuation EP Jigmastas released sometime somewhere a long long time ago. Now I don't really believe I'll ever find a hard copy of that disc, so I'lll settle with some mp3's. I'm not sure that's going to be easy to find neither, not that I ever did anything more to find it then just looking around random blogs, but anyways...

Anyhoo, I figuerd since I haven't updated this site in a minute it might be rude just posting a request like that for a whole bunch of random discs. So I'm going to go ahead and post these guys debut album, hopefully some of you will like it.

Jigmastas is DJ Spinna and MC Kriminul, it's the classic hip hop group type with one dude behind the boards and one dude rappin. DJ Spinna has done work with big names like De La Soul, Eminem and Mos Def to name a few.

The album. It's a strong bom bap New York rap release spiced with samples from both funk and jazz. DJ Spinna shows he can handle a variety of samples to make each song get it own sound and feeling, yet the tracks sound great together as an album. MC Kriminul is a talented and intelligent lyricist mostly recongnized for his strong wordplay.

Best tracks: Elevate, Till The Day, 8 Million Stories & Apology Not Accepted

Jigmastas - Infectious (2001)


1. Introduction

2. Till The Day

3. Vent

4. Don't Get I Twisted feat. Sadat X

5. Elevate feat. Angela Johnson

6. 8 Million Stories feat. Joc Max

7. Lyrical Mastery

8. C.S.S.

9. Apology Not Accepted feat. Apani B. Fly

10. Cliche feat. Akil

11. Hollar feat. James Ramsey, with guitar by Vernon Reid

12. Nocturnal Jam feat. Lorenda Robinson

13. Reality Check feat. Shadowman, Akil, Truth E.N.O.L.A. & Jet Black Ha

14. Outro

Saturday, July 7, 2007

part four

Okay back again. This time I've posted a picture of myself at a pre-party earlier this year in Verbier. To let you know who you're dealing with. I pretty much sums up my entire character, without really showing my face. Which seems like a good thing, out here in the blogosphere... Well then, I'm not here to write nonsens about pictures. I'm here to post another hot tracklis, so I will... Mostly New Yorkers on this one, hope you'll enjoy..

1. Juggaknots - Vows feat. Slick Rick

From their last year release. This time with legendary Slick Rick laying a verse. Don't really need much saying, the music talks for itself. I'm actually not really feeling the hook, but the beat is insane... Produced by cali wizard Oh No.

2. Ali Vegas - Love At First Sight

Ali Vegas got his glow back. His mixtape from earlier this year is without doubt one of best of the year. Here he raps about his late grandmother. It really feels like he means what he says, not just saying stuff cause it sounds hot to the beat. And that's something I've always appriciated...

3. Devin The Dude - Do What You Wanna Do

This is the Devin The Dude anthem, atleast in my eyes. Everything he says about real life is the truth, they should let him speak to kids on high schools. Add to this truth saying his uneek laid back rhyme style, it's a classic. Feel good song sort of. J Prince production probaly.

4. Tech n9ne - Killin It feat. Kalibur & Kostic

They're really killing it. All of them. I think it's from this year, of some movie soundtrack or something. It's really well produced, too bad I don't know who it is behind the boards. One of either Kalibur or the other guy talks about San Diego in the begining, so I guess they're from there. I never heard of them before. Dun matter, they're killing it.
5. Ghostface Killah - Josephine feat. Trife Da God & Willie Cottrell Band

This is pretty much the same Josephine track that's on the Hi-Tek joint only that guy Pretty Ugly isn't on it and Trife Da God is. Considering Trife is a much better rapper then Pretty Ugly, this track is better right? Nah, I don't know. I'm not going to choose either version over the other, they both have great verses.. This track is slightly shorter, much less Willie Cottrell singing and an extra Ghost verse at the end. Actually that verse makes this a better version. Hi-Tek beat.

6. Hell Razah - Smoking Gunz feat. Killah Priest

These guys seems really angry. I´ve always liked Killah Priest. And Hell Razah really comes off well on this hardcore tracks. The best track of his 2007 album.

7. Ali Vegas - Look In The Mirror

This is Ali Vegas like he should sound. Hopefully he'll get around to drop a dope album soon enough. He talks about his future success and how he will deal with it. Dope track.

8. Percee P - Keep The Fame feat. Vakill & Rhymefest

I got this from a Vakill mixtape released in january. It's a great song and it's pretty much the one tune that will have me checking for that Percee P debut album bound to be released within soon. Super talented Rhymefest keeps it down with a great verse. I'll mos def be checking for his sophmore album. That Molemen crew is somehow involeved with this track too..

9. Gorilla Zoe & Young Joc - Take Ya Shoes Off
If you forget about Young Joc this is a great banger. This Gorilla Zoe guy is definatley going to blow up within soon. Hopefully he'll drop a dope album and stay away from the money making ring tone buisniess...

10. Royce Da 5'9 - Return of Malcolm (Freestyle)

He recorderd this freestyle like a minute after he got out of jail. Damn. Detroit is really killing it right now.. I'm really looking forward to that primo collab.

11. Three Six Mafia - Tear Da Club Up

I think this one is more or less a classic in Memphis. From way back when they liked satan and wasn't partying with Ashton Kutcher. Club music. Tear it up.

12. Joe Budden - Unforgiven

The party anthem rapper turned depressed, yeah thats Joe Budden. He used to do lousy pop tunes like Pump it up. I don't know what happend but his music has really changed since then, to the better. He drops tracks as dope as this one every now and then but there's no saying when his next long awaited album The Growth is going to drop. Soon hopefully.

13. Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm Good feat. Amy Winehouse

If you haven't heard this track by now you must've been living under a rock. Atleast on swedish radio it has had a lot of airplay. A great track on the radio, you don't hear that everyday. Ghost is killing it nowdays.

14. Saigon - Pain In My Life feat. Trey Songz

Saigon has been one of my favourite rappers ever since I first heard favourite things a couple of years back. His mixtape Waring Shots has been on heavy rotation since. He dropped this track late last year and I asumed it was the first single of his soon to come album. It's july now and the album is yet to drop so I'm not sure if this track is considerd to old to count as a single... On this track he spits knowledge with a street flavour, as on many of his tunes.

done.. I personally feels this turned out to be a quite shitty post, atleast the writing is really half ass.. It's a good tracklist tough, so enjoy. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A-Wax - Savage Timez (2001)

First time I ever heard of A-Wax was when someone at the infamous cocaineblunts forum posted a mixtape he did, called Rat Poison or something like that. His music got some props from some of the frequent users, which basicly meant it was worth checking. So I did. I don't regret it. He immeditley became on of my absolute favourite artists from the bay.

His story in short, you can read more on his website http://www.a-wax.com/. Born Aaron Scott July 17, 1980. He's originally from the San Francisco suburb Pittsburg. As a teen he was sent to Seattle, WA to avoid further running ins with the law. Gang banging and such had spread from LA all the way to Pittsburg, or something. So he headed north. Bad choice, it turned out to be gangs in Seattle too. Young Aaron got involved. 16 years old he was sent to prison five years for manslaughter (according to http://www.answers.com/).

In 2001 he was finally released. Some years earlier he had started writing raps and he more or less immidetley recorded his debut album, Savage Timez. Which is, arguably, his best release so far. Since his prison release he has recorded four solo albums and has appered on over 80 albums and compilations and he has also recieved some latin rap award for a guest appearance on a Baby Bash album. He has had some buzz on the streets in the bay but is yet to have his big break commercialy, 2 gangsta 4 the motherfucking radio huh?

Anyhoo. This album is da shiet. True ghetto/prison storys. He spent five years in the penitentiary so he's got plenty of street cred, which means he can say anything gangsta and we can with good heart believe it's true and not just some sell-more-records-tactic.

A-Wax got swagger, which combined with his raspy voice, realistic gangster storys and good beats - it's a great album. Not a classic or anything, most classics you already heard or have been posted on other blogs so I'm not gonna go there. It's an underrated gangster rap album. He also raps about a couple of more or less deep topics like who's going to be the one that kills him or how do you deal with the moral issues surronding crime (money outweights morals).

As you can see on the album cover below. There's a couple of guest rappers on this record, I havn't been succesfull in finding a proper tracklist mentioning on which track which rapper is on or even who produced any of the songs. So I'll just won't bother writing about it, more then this.

Best tracks: Heaven or Hell, Journey and Krime Pays. Enjoy

1. Intro
2. Get Low
3. Rappa
4. Benificial
5. Heaven or Hell
6. Around the World
7. Journey
8. Krime Payz
9. Skit
10. Savage Timez
11. Talk Iz Cheap
12. Why Hustle?
13. P/G Style
14. Street Thugs
15. Outro

A-Wax on the web:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Love Is A Battlefield...

Finally back again with another tracklist.. I haven't spent alot of time in front of the computer for a while, hence the lack of posting. After two album posts, which I hope some of you enjoyed it's time for another tracklist. This is part three of the iAUDIO playlist. Random mix of tracks this time too. Some new some old.. As usual.

I any of you got some opinions or requests, feel free to let me know.. post a comment in the c-box or send me a e-mail... some feedback. nuff said, traklist:

Part Three:



1. Little Bruce - Thizz Wid It feat. Dubee & Lil' Italy

This is from a Little Bruce mixtape from last year (or was it this year??). I put a couple of tracks from that tape on my mp3 to give them a listen. I remember liking a couple of tracks. This one, not so much.. I would take it off the tracklist if I hadn't already made the link, yeah I'm lazy don't hate... Honestly, it's not terrible so give it a chance, some of you might like it.. Don't know those other dudes or the producer...

2. Lord Finesse - Real Talk feat. Grand Puba

This is how hip hop is supposed to sound. Nothing revolutionary, but you get what you wan't from these legends. One of my favourite tracks from last year. Topic, as usual: using metaphores to describe their own greatness...

3. Devin The Dude - What A Job feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000

We work late we some vampires, gathering round the beat like a camp fire. Andre Benjamin really kills it on this one, so does Devin and even Snoop proves why he's a legend... One of the best songs from this year... J Prince production.

4. Murs - Slob My Knob

Hehe.. Yeah, this track is hilarious. One of the things I like best about Murs is the fact that I agree with him in so many subjects, mostly about women. Atleast it sounds so right when he explains his point of views...

5. Ghostface Killah - Sun God feat. Sun God

From his second album of 2006, More Fish. Sun God is Ghosts 18 year old son. The kid really holds it down and shows he isn't on the record just cause who's son he is... My favourite track from that cd, which was one of the better from last year..

6. Grap Luva - Trackrunners feat. J-Live & some other dude

I already posted this track, in the first post i think... It's good enough too be heard again! If anyone knows who's that other dude is post a comment and let me know. I really enjoy most of Grap Luvas work, hopefully we'll see more of him within soon....

7. Hi Tek - Josephine feat. Willie Cottrell Band, Ghostface & Pretty Ugly

Speaking about that fine girl from your block who went for the fast dollar selling her body. That will probaly not happend to any of my child friends, so I can't really relate. Dosn't matter tough, it's a great song and I enjoy it. Ghostface was on fire last year and that Pretty Ugly dude is pretty good too...

8. Juggaknots - Liar Liar feat. Wordsworth

Last year Juggaknots came back with their second album ever, 10 years after dropping the classic Clear Blue Skies. And they didn't disapoint anyone. It feels like it dropped this year because I didn't give a listen till februar or something, and if i would have dropped 2007 it would have been the best release in my book. Alright maybe not better than the Blue Scholars disc but still great...

9. Z-Ro - In The South

Don't even remember which disc this is from, and I'm having problems finding out since it poorly taged (just track 7). It's a great song, not the best quality. A typical Z-Ro song really, got that depressed blues feeling to it and the Houston sound is all over it. Some other guy, Big Pokey possibly is on this track too..

10. Sean Price - P Body

One of my favourite Sean Price tracks ever. The lead track from his 2007 album. It's really banging. 9th Wonder produced this one.

11. Papoose - Love Is A Battlefield

From some of his mixtape, there's like 50 of them and I really don't remember which this is from. Pretty sure it's from 2006 tough.. It says Kay Slay produced it. I kinda like this sample, from some possibly famous 80's song. He talks about his love to the rap game, drinking cristal and getting money. Pretty meaningless, but bangin..

12. Papoose - To The Right

A remake of that Beyonce track To The Left. I don't remember how good the real song was, don't care.. This is off the hook, for real. Too bad it's so short, only 1:57. And too bad he pretty much talks about nothing, which means you get tired of it after a couple of listens. Says some guy named Stargate produced it.

13. Brotha Lynch Hung - Walkin' 2 My Funeral feat. T.M. Shades & Mia Bruce

Someone in some blog or something said Brotha Lync Hung was a guy to check for if you wanted some hell praising gangsta tunes in your life. And why wouldn't I want that? Gave this record a couple of listens and this song really did it for me. Deep gangsta shit. I think Mia Bruce is the lady who sings the hook. From 1996 or something...

14. Thirstin Howl III - I Wanna Watch

This song is crazy. Hilarious and sick. Brooklyn native Thirstin often finds these easily forgotten topics everybody's really likes hearing rap songs about but don't know it until he makes the song.. Who dosn't wanna watch?

15. Papoose - Too Hot feat. Busta Rhymes

Oh. They both kill it. Busta really kills it. Mixtape track from last year.. I'm really looking forward to the Papoose album, whenever it will drop...

16. AZ - The Format

Primo is back. Banger. AZ been around for a while know. He came back late last year with his ablum The Format. A record in which the title track actaully is the by far best track...

17. Devin The Dude - Lil Girl Gone feat. Lil Wayne & Bun B

This is a short version I got when the song first leaked. I never got around to replacing it with the real version. It's of a Mick Boogie mixtape, this is why you hear some kid yelling in the background every once in a while.. Lil Wayne's got the best verse. Actually they all kill it.. Dope song.. When this was released Devin had me thinkin he was gonna make a more grown up, less sexist album - that turned out to be a false alarm. It was the only song of the album I had heard and it was about poor girls who gone wild, not the typical Devin song.. Still dope. J Prince production..

18. Thirstin Howl III - Playground Love

I love this song. Talks about his childhood love like no one else. And he has a killer flow. Have no idea who produced this.

that's it..

I'll do my best to post more frequently in the future.. enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Me'shell NdegéOcello - Plantation Lullabies (1993)

I don't really know if this record fits in to any genre, probaly not. I guess I consider it truly over the top funky hip hop, mixed together with some jazz, r'n'n and maybe a little.. And some of the tracks are catchy enough to be called pop.. So yeay, it's just that kind of record - how could a cross over record like this possibly be any good? Answear, because it wasn't made for the sole purpuss of beeing a crossover hit record for diffrent kinds of fans (like most rap'n'b, reaggae-hip hop and that kind of junk). It's deeper then that. Really.

Haha fuck you thougt I was serious? Nah actually that's probaly just some bullshit thoughts I have trying to explain to myself why I love this record. It's world music, or something, not usally my thing... Who gives a fuck really. It's good it's good right.. This dude who is more or less an expert on black music who which had several times recomended me great music mentioned this as his one of his top 10 favourite albums of all time.. I wasn't sure what to think first, because he wasn't actually talking to me when he said it. I overheard him talking at a party to this feminist left wing girl who was really hot. My guess he was trying to pick her up and he didn't wan't to name his acutal top 10 list of greatest albums since I know that's full of bitch talking and pimp glorification music like Devin The Dude, J-Zone and a couple of swedish artists who's music you don't play when your moms around... What people do to get laid... Anyways I stumbled over this album somewhere a while later and decided to give it a chance, maybe my man wasn't lying to that girl after all.. I'm glad I gave it a listen..

Nuff bullshit. Starts off with a super funky hip hop song.. She proves she's capable of good rapping and singing. Mostly she somehow just simply blowes me away. Topics: politics, feelings, woman power and such. Not what I usally listens to, but I don't mind. I really don't know what to say about this. That's why I filled this text out with some random story (true story). It's simply great. Released on some record company Madonna was involved with. I learnd today it was nominated to get three grammis, so it's not really underground. Only forgotte about. Best tracks are: "If that's your boyfriend" and "Dred Loc". Don't sleep.

Me'shell NdegéOcello - Plantation Lullabies (1993)

1. Plantation Lullabies
2. I'm Diggin' You (Like an Old Soul Record)
3. If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)
4. Shoot'n Up And Gett'n High
5. Dred Loc
6. Untitled
7. Step Into The Projects
8. Soul On Ice
9. Call Me
10. Outside Your Door
11. Picture Show
12. Sweet Love
13. Two Lonley Hearts (On The Subway)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take (1989)

Adrian Hines a.k.a. MC A.D.E. (Adrian Does Everything) released How Much Can You Take, which was his second solo release, back in 1989. It's his second record. His mostly known for his hit record Bass Rock Express from 1985, a song I've honestly never heard. See, I'm really just starting to find out about Miami Bass. I guess I started checking for it because I've been hering more and more Drum&Bass hanging around with my friends (Pimp Masta Signelinho among them) that just came home from a six month stay in Switzerland. Overthere they hang with alot of british dope fiends and drunks which all loved Drum&Bass. I figure smoking and drinking alot with people who listen to a certain kind of music makes you feel that music too, I think that's what happend.. Anyhoo, this Drum&Bass thing reminded me of this record which I downloaded and listend to quite alot about a year ago, as you figure I'm talking about the above mentioned MC A.D.E. record (dl from travis at WYDU, see link list).

What I'm trying to say is since I don't no shit really about Miami Bass or MC A.D.E. I'm not gonna write to much about it.. If you like it and want to learn more you have a better chanse getting facts from wikipedia or google than from me. I'll just tell you a little of what I do know. Miami Bass was big sometimes from the mid eighties to the early ninties. The biggest artists was world known 2 Live Crew. Most songs are about sex, booties, party and a lil bit of crime. That's pretty much what the sound makes you focus on too. The beats are sligthly faster then most hip hop records at the time and are construced to make you dance (possibly the thought was to get the bikini and string wearing ladies down in Miami to shake their behinds in front the fellas, kinda like pre ecxtasy I figure.. Actually didn't Miami Bass start to fall off about the sametime ecxstay became popular?). I think I read somewhere MC A.D.E. is now passed away. I don't know anything about the circumstances... May he rest in peace, hopefully his music will live on to this day and many more...

About How Much Can You Take. It starts off with two tracks that I think is pretty much all drum&bass, no verses really just fast beats.. The next couple of tracks ADE starts spitting. His flow is typical eighties early ninties sounding, I really don't hear alot of Miami accent.. As most rappers from those days his voice sounds kinda New York.

You got the every rap tape must have tracks about the rappers own greatness (A.D.E. Got It Going On) and the classic fuck a bitch track (Money Hounding Ho's). Quite suprising he has a song about safe sex, Sex, Crime Drugs. Altough pretty much all the verses are kinda boring and predictable that's one of my favourite tracks. The rest of tracks are mostly about shaking booties, partying and sex. My personal topics of choice. I'm pretty sure all tracks are produced and mixed by A.D.E. himself.

That's all I'm gonna write this time.. I'll be back in a couple of days with Part Three of the iaudio tracklists and perhaps another album post..

MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take (1989)


1. GO A.D.E.
2. How Much Can You Take
3. To The Fan's
4. Sex, Crime, Drugs
5. Hit Harder
6. Train
7. A.D.E. Got It Going On
8. Lyric Licking
9. Money Hounding Ho's
10. Physican
11. It's Crazy
12. Control


Friday, June 1, 2007

Time for part 2..

This is the second part of the serie including tracks I've been bumping on my iAUDIO february-april this year. It's a mix of old classic (more or less) tracks and a couple of sort of new tracks.. Hopefully some of you all will enjoy this mix..

Part II:


1. U.G.K. - Tell Me Something Good (original version)

This is from their first EP from called The Southern Way from 1990. I'd guess they were pretty low tech and love budget back then. But Pimp C keeps it down with this beat sampling that old "tell me someting good" song which I don't know who originaly made... Notable is that Bun B wasn't the brilliant lyricists back then as he is now, he was still the most lyrical of the two rappers but I think Pimp C's swagger and comedic lyrics does enough for me to call him the leadrapper of the group in 1990. Oh yeah, the text is hilarious and the whole song gives you a kind of laid back it's all good in the hood kinda vibe...

2. Z-Ro - In My Life

Another Texas native. This time J. Prince brings it funky. Z-Ro is soulfull and spirutal as always, talking about what's grimey. Sometimes I think there's kind of a 2pac feeling about Z-Ro's spirutality.. Altough I'm not going to write to much about that since I haven't really thougt it over, just a random thougt that pops up every now and then while I listen to him.. This from last years (or was it this year?) Power Moves.

3. Skillz - 2006 Rap Up

Skillz is a funny dude. He manage to sum up 2006 in a very informative and amusing way. This time over some beat Jay-Z originaly spit over..

4. Apathy - Baptism By Fire ft. Esoteric & Emilio Lopez

I'm not really a big fan of the kind of sound Apathy, Jedi Mind Tricks, Outerspace and those dudes represent. But every now and then I hear a track I like, this is one of them. It sounds like a 7L beat, but I could be wrong... Esoteric has the best verse, maybe I just like his flow and voice better then those other dudes.. Track is from 2007 by the way...

5. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Stuntin Like My Father

Lil Wayne really kills it nowdays. Birdman, not so much. He doesn't ruin the song, but I wouldn't listen to it Wayne wasn't on it. From the album they dropped together last year.

6. Hell Razah - Renaissance ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King & R.A. The Rugged Man

Hell Razaz is the Wu-tang weedcarrier I really never noticed before. He dropped a new album earlier this year and I cheched it out, quite good really.. This is one of the better tracks. R.A the Rugged Mans and Tragedy's verses ar off the hook. They talk about the state of hip hop and how much hip hop they are. Nice feeling.

7. Triple Six Mafia - Da Summa

This is a nice summer track. I don't know when it was first recorded but I'd guess 1992-93 sometime. I think I read this is one of their first songs which gave them some hype in their hometown Memphis. This was way before they won the award and started partying with Paris Hilton. I have no idea who all these rappers are,the lead figures DJ Paul and Juicy J is on there and probaly a whole bunch of guys that aren't in the group anymore. Can't tell if that's La Chat or Gangsta Boo screaming every now and then.. Actually I just noticed they mention Scarcrow, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black at the end, so I guess they're on the track..

8. Yukmouth & Messy Marv - On The Bliock ft. Damuaire

Messy Marv is from Frisco and I think Yukmouth is from East Oakland (it's mentioned in the song). Yukmouth used to be in They don't really talk about much important. Just tells a little bit of info of their lifes, who they hustle to get paid in Oakland. The beat is really nice.

9. Pumpkinhead - Trifactor ft. Wordsworth & Supastition

I've been bumping a lot of Pumpkinhead the latest couple of months, before that I had never even heard him rap so I guess I've been catching up. This is from his album "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn" from 2005. Marco Polo produced the entire album, including this track... Just remembered I've already included this track in a playlist I've posted here. Fuck it, it's good enough to be posted again, besides I already uploaded the .rar file... Words has the best verse..

10. Prodigy - Mac 10 Handle

From his new album. The hook is based on classic Geto Boyz track "My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me". Prodigy really got his swagger back, talking about his dope fiend paranoia and all his guns. The Alchemist produced this.

11. Little Brotther - Life ft. Skillz

This is from their latest mixtape which they did with Mick Boogie. That mixtape was better then most albums dropped this year so if you haven't heard it, check it out. Life is the best song no doubt. "Girl what do you mean you don't recognize me, I'm only the biggest rap star in your apartment complex" - Phonte. That's fucking hilarious. Okay maybe not hilarious but it's damn funny, it starts the song off perfect. Rapping about beeing a dope rapper being underrated.. This is twice Skillz is on this tracklist, that's a suprise..

12. Ali Vegas - Forgive But Not Forget

He really came out strong with this mixtape he dropped earlier this year.. If you like this, I posted the entire mixtape in the c-box for a friend... Tells a couple of storys around the subject "forgive but not forget". Beat could have been better, but that's not too much of a problem if you're in the right mood...

13. Jigmastas - Elevate ft. Angela Johnson

I was looking for a EP I've heard rumors about called Lyrical Fluctuation or something like that. I'm not familiar with the word fluctuation so I have no idea how to spell it which kinda made my search a problem.. This kid played the song with the same name to me way back and that was a fucking banger - I really wish I could find it again.. Instead I found their LP and I got to say I'm not disapointed. I really haven't seen much talk about these guys so I think it's fair to say their really really slept on. A little bit of bom bap jazz with a soul singer singing the hook. What more could anyone ask for? I think it's from 2000 or 2001. Group member DJ Spinna probaly produced it, the rapper is named MC Kriminul (kinda dorky name I'd say, he took that misspelling thing popular in hip hop a bit to far). It's them to one the picture, atleast that's what google gave me...

14. YZ - (So Far) The Ghetto's Been Good To Me

This guy and Jigmastas is probaly equally slept on. I think I downloaded his record from http://www.wakeyourdaughterup.blogspot.com/ or http://www.rapdungeon.blogspot.com/ , props dudes whoever it was.. Rap this postitive and this dope is really seldom these days. At least there's a positive feeling, he talks about how he will violate someone at some point in the song. Actually he title pretty much sums up what's the songs about. He really kills it every verse over this amazing blowing instrument beat thing.... From '93 ish something don't now producer...

15. Intelligent Hoodlum - Grand Groove

Could be my favourite beat of all time. This piano tune has been used a couple of more times but this is my favourite among the tracks I've heard. I think I've read somewhere Biz Markie or some other guy from the Juice Crew spit over it first, haven't heard that song tough. I know Foxy Brown spit over it on the Jackie Brown soundtrack and Cormega spit over it a couple of years ago. All those songs ar amazing.. He really came off as intelligent back then. He talks the truth about hoodlife and peoples past away. Marley Marl and K-Def has the credit for this beat. I think I've read K-Def claiming he did most of the work tough... Who knows..

All done.. This is a great day, friday off. I'm chilling at home, in a couple of minutes I got my littles sister coming over to make me a meal. To night there's some pop concert and it's the opening night for my favourite outside bar. I fucking love summertime. It's all good.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Ruler

Holla! to all the young cats out there, this is yo new good ole love DJ, $ignelinho comin to you live from west side Stockholm. Me and ma main man Don Wittore aka Hugo the dude is gonna be bringin you the hottest hip hop beats together with the cremé de la cremé of the underground electro/d&b/dub/ska tunes.

The dude will be focusing on thoose gangsta tunes yáll niggaz love, whilst I will bringing you the funky alternative mixes n´ Cuts. First out from $signelinho is some bangin tracks from one of ma favourites, Krafty Kuts.

Note: this shit is pretty hard to come by, (at least in sthlm), so when i ripped it wasnt from a perfect copy. Some jacks here and there in the disc. Not perfect sound quality in other words.

The new shit - Krafty Kuts - Freakshow 2007

1. "Intro"
2. "Freakshow"
3. "We Do This"
4. "Tell Me How You Feel"
5. "Turntable Skit"
6. "The Funk Is"
7. "Krafty Pervert"
8. "Bass Phenomenon"
9. "There They Go"
10. "Bring Back The Funk"
11. "Basketball Jam"
12. "Keep Moving"
13. "She's Out Of My Head"
14. "Summer Samba"
15. "Flamenco Freddy"

N´ here comes his a bit more ol´ school mixes, Krafty Kuts - Theese are the breaks

CD 1

01. Krafty Kuts - Intro
02. KRS1 - KRS1 Attacks
03. DJ Format - Ill Cullinary Behavio
04. Million Dan - Dogz & Sledgez
05. Skee-Lo - I Wish
06. Lil Kim - How Many Licks[Instrumental]
07. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous
08. Black Eyed Peas - Joints & Jams
09. Royksopp - Eple
10. Ultra Magnetic MC's - Poppa Large
11. Funky Fresh Few Feat. Wig - 24.7
12. Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
13. A Skillz & Krafty Kuts feat Kurti
14. Hijack - The Badman Is Robin
15. The Slacksons - Hold It Back
16. Jnr Walker feat The All Stars - S
17. Blackgrass - Nice Up

CD 2
01. X-Press 2 - ACDC
02. Beginnerz - Reckless Dub
03. Apollo 440 feat The Beatnuts - Dude
04. Plump DJ's - Weighed Down
05. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
06. Chicken Lips - She's Not In
07. Krafty Kuts - The Ill Funk Slammer
08. Zero - Emit
09. Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster - Take It To The Floor
10. Northend - Can`t Put No Price (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
11. Freestylers - Push Up
12. Freestylers - Get A Life
13. Scam - Killer
14. Freq Nasty Feat. Rodney P - Come Let Me Know
15. Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - High Score
16. Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip Hop
17. Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

REMEMBER: You likes it, you buys it. Support art.


Friday, May 25, 2007

We Play For Keeps..

Back with another tracklist.. All these songs is off my computer at work, just stuff I donwloaded over six months or so and listend to while doing some of the brainless work my boss makes me do sometimes (I don't really mind, as long as I can listen to music).. There's a couple of new tracks but most are older. Most are new to me and a few a listend to for years (words, goodie mob)..

I'll be back with Part II of my iaudio list in a while. I can't upload those tracks now cause I have them on my harddrive at home.. I'm all done with the tracklists and just need to upload them one part at a time since my internet connection won't let me download too big .rar files.. I probaly give it some time between every post, to let ya'll breath.. I think it's six parts all together.. Peace!




1. DJ Krush - Only The Strong Survive ft. C.L. Smooth
Krush is my favourite Japanese DJ. That don' say much tough since him and DJ Muro are the only ones I ever heard of, and Krush is the only one I ever actually listend to. He usally don't put rappers on his music, so when I saw this I had to check it out.. Mostly he makes nujazz, or downbeat or trip hop or whatever it's called, I really don't know. All I know is I love putting his shit on while I'm not actually listening to the music, while I'm working or reading, studying or whatever.. Usally I don't even notice much difference from song to song or even album to album.. But with C.L. on the beat, it's a whole diffrent story.. Krush is no Pete Rock, but if you'd ever wan't to here C.L. on any other beat this is perfect. Still jazzy... This makes me sit back and nod my head..

2. Sho & Willie D - Fiend In The Family
Willie D is a legend (Geto Boys kids), Sho - not so much. Atleast not in my book. I never heard of him before seeing this album with Willie D, which I natrually downloaded for the Willie verses. It turns out the best track doesn't feature a Willie verse. This track has a dark story which pretty well summed up by the title. Laid back with a great funk tune in the background and a blues singer in the hooks... Don't know when it's from, probaly 1992-1995. Don't know the producer either.

3. Goodie Mob - Black Ice ft. Outkast
Now this right here is a classic, you already know. Every verse is amazing. Tell me Cee Lo wasn't better when he still spit? Organized Konfusion on the boards i guess.

4. HAWK (R.I.P.) - Let's Get It On ft. Scooby, Paul Wall & Slim Thug
Hawk got killed about a year ago. Honstely, reading about his passing was the first time I ever heard his name. I later found out he was featured on Lil Troy's banger "wanna be a baller", so I decided to check him out. Some of his stuff is really dope, it really got more of the Houston sound than anything else I've heard. His not my favourite from H-town, neither is Paul Wall or Slim Thug.. So why did I put this track here? Because it's dope. Makes you move. No thinking just dancing - I like.

5. I.M.P. - Scandlous
The guy rapping is obviously crazy. He even mentions this "I might be sick, but I'm not insane" - yeah right. You'll notice this if you listen to their album, actually you'll notice this listening to this song. He's a though guy, one of those people you wouldn't step to even if he stepped on your sneakers - unless you don't give a fuck like Bushwick Bill. They're from the bay somwhere - no hyphy. Rough shit. Watch out.

6. Wordsworth - Native New Yorker ft. Punchline
This is a record I listen to pretty much all year around.. This guy is amazing to me, I think it's Europe thing because he seems to get a lot more props over here than back in US n A.. Kinda like an N.Y. anthem. Everytime I hear this I wanna move there just to be able to walk the streets and breath the air or something, actually I do wanna move to New York listening this song or not.. It's on his album from 2004 but I think this track is a couple of yeards older than that..

7. Nine - We Play For Keeps
Don't no much at all about Nine. I know he's slept on. Can you say hardcore, I bet Nine can. As hard as that dude from I.M.P., a bit less crazy but still.

8. Kurupt & J Wells - Summertime ft. Y.A. & Gail Gotti
This sounds summer even more than all the singles from that new DJ Kahled joint.. Actually it sounds like the summer of '99. Didn't know thay made tracks like this anymore. Like a track from those days when anybody would sing R'n'B and no one would cared if it sucked, so it's sounds like that only it doesn't suck, following? You don't have to, just lean back an feel the summer coming. Anyhoo, Kurupt kinda kills it. This is from a new album J Wells and Kurupt released just a little while ago. J Wells produces so I guess he produced this.

9. Kano - Good For Me
I don't like alot of hip hop or rap from UK. There, said it. Kano is one of the very few act I heard from there I really like. He's album from 2004 is hella dope. Check the track called Sometimes. This isn't from there. It's from a mixtape he released in 2005. Tells a story about some girl he knocked up and all the fuzz that's comes with knocking up groupies. Good to know about this track if you ever get any groupies I guess. The beat is from other guys song..

10. Lupe Fiasco - Handcuffs
I put this on here cause it's on the same beat as the Kano song. I recognize it but I don't know where it's from or who produced it. This is also a dope song. Not about babies but about police harrasing. The same ole you just a hustler with a badge-story. Lupe at his best. From his Revenge of The Nerds mixtape.

11. DJ Krush - Most Wanted Man ft. Big Shug & Guru
Krush againg. From the same album, it's from 1996 by the way. Guru is'nt actually rapping on this he's just sampled. But he's mentiond on the album as featured so i wrote it down here too. Don't know anyting about Big Shug. Sounds very New York 1996.

12. HAWK - Outro
There's no rapping on this, just a little talknig about who great HAWK is. But the beat is insane, tell me it ain't baning. Well worth a listen.

13. Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
New Kanye. I didn't like him at all at first, couldn't stand his voice. Things hava changed yeah. He's done a couple of great features. On this song you can here Jeezy sampled (right?) every now and then which turns out really dope. Did DJ Toomp do this? Nah, don't think so. Sounds like Kanye just got a Toomp beat and remixed it and made it his own to rap over. That lalala part is really annoying. Still lookning forward to his album.

14. Phillies Most Wanted - Suckas Pt. II ft. Beanie Sigel
Another group I know nothing about. I downloaded this song from http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ and I emidetley fell in love with it. Beanie really kills it. Too bad he doesn't have all the verses, nah actually the other guys kinda kills i too. I'm really feeling the second verse. It's a couple of years old. Neptunes produced this beat.

15. Wreckonize - Buisness As Usual ft. Ras Kass
I have no idea where I got this track from. It was in my "random traks" folder on my work computer. Wreckonize kinda sounds like a lesser Royce da 5'9. Ras Kass kills it - altough there is someting about him. Somehow after listening to a song with Ras Kass on it I never remember what he was trying to say, but I guess that's just me. I like the beat, powerfull. JR Rotem produced it.

That's all for today.. Enyoy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue Scolars - Bayani (2007)(Rawkus)

I wasn't planing on posting any albums here.. But fuck it, chanses are none of you would ever here this if i didn't post it. And that would be a damn shame because this album is really really great! I never heard of these guys before today, which isn't that strange I guess. How often do any of you check for an albums by a some random dudes from Seattle? I was thinking Sir-Mix Alot when i downloaded this (from here).. But then I listend to it and was truly amazed.. I went back and read up about them, apparently this is there second album and this one is dropped on Rawkus (back in effect).

Blue Scholars is producer Sabzi and emcee Geologic. Sound, funky refreshing, melodic bom bap. Both guys shows talent. This record is about everyday life, which is really cool. Of course there's as always a little bit of bitchin about the statement of hip hop and how black people are treated and such, which is also cool. What's really great is that Geologic don't only bitch about what's wrong and who's to blame but he actully got opinions about what to do.. Not that I agree with everything, but fuck it's nice to hear someone speak there mind..

For more reading check this great review or this site.

Tracks to check: Loyalty, Ordinary Guys, Still Got Love, Bayani.

1. Baha’i Healing Prayer (intro)
2. Second Chapter
3. Opening Salvo
4. North by Northwest
5. Ordinary Guy
6. Still Got Love
7. Bayani
8. Loyalty
9. Fire for the People
10. Xenophobia (interlude)
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50 Thousand Deep
14. Morning of America
15. Joe Metro

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Burn it of the internet and bump it outside...

EDIT: another update. Last one. Don't forget this is for you Verbier peeps bumping my shit telling me to up it. You heard this and you know it's hot.. btw I rally don't what's wrong but on some posts it's impossible to get some space between the track descriptons so I have ot put these anoying * marks there, for easier reading..
yessir.. here we go again.. imma share what i've been bumpin in my headphones for a couple of months. ipod brooken means i had to use my ole iaudio = no albums just certified bangers..
Some of these tracks could rock the livin shit out of any party, but most are headphone music. Either way, it's pure dopeness. Don't sleep on Hugos own Headphone Gumbo...


1. Grap Luva - Words of Life
Grap Luva is a favourite of mine. I really like the sample on the trumpet or whatever that is, and Grap shows here he's a competent lyricist and can rap fast when i want's to. Dun no the producer.
2. Papoose - Preach To The Choir
Papoose was really hot last year. Hopefully he can drop his album already and not keep beeing pushed back by the evil empire of Jive records. Here he talks about he don't need no advise since he's so on top of his shit he's Choir. And everybody else is jelaus and angry and such. Critic towards critics maybe. Don't know producer. Kay Slay screams a little bit here and there, actually fits in quite well.
3. Mac Dre - Thizzle Mountain ft. Tizzle, Fats Thizdale & Mel
This tune really makes me move. Which isn't really an all good thing. I've been known to chock folks with my dancing skills. Booyah. Mac Dre does his thing and the other cats deliver too. I don't know anything about his rhyming partners on this track, altough I wouldn't mind hearing more of their work. Thizz wit it.
4. K-Rino - Fear No Evil ft. Hawk (R.I.P.), Lil Fleat & Point Blank
Southside connection kinda. Bringing Houston together. Hawk and K-Rino really keeps it down on this track. Hawk the original Houston style rapper and Rino as lyricists with a flow that can stand up against the best. They're repping Houston without mentioning Houston too much. Honestly, these dudes seems rough enough for me to fear their evil.
5. Papoose - Fruits of Labor ft. Rell
Great sample on this one. Or is that this unknown dude Rell singing? Don't know, it's bumping that's all I know. Pap once again feel he needs to remind us of his greatness.
6. Pete Rock - Revenge fr. Grap Luva
Old school crew back again. These cats started up in the industry dancing for Fat Boys or Kool Moe Dee or some other old school crew I don't know anything about.. Grap Luva is the disciple. Great spit and great track for those who like jazz rap. Too bad they only release records in Japan now days.
7. Brooklyn Academy - Gotcha Lookin ft. Will Tell, Block McCloud, Pumpkinhead & Mr. Metaphor
The whole academy on the same track. Typical posse song really. Banging but not really saying much. Maybe one of these guys is captain save hip hop. Too bad they mostyl get recogniztion in Europe. Pumpkinhead spits the best verse. Don't know producer, maybe Will Tell or Marco Polo.
8. 8Ball & MJG - Cruisin Dirty ft. 3 6 Mafia & Slim of 112
Yess. This track had me going crazy for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's banging. Second MJG starts it off with the gnarliest verse I've heard from the south in a miute. 112 is on it, that's got be 6 years since I heard anything from them. Fourth, Crunchy Black has a verese that screams swagger. I always liked him on the 3 6 mafia albums, and then he suddenly left the group last year. But he's on this track somehow and he's not mentiond as a feature! Or am I wrong? Maybe I just don't know the difference between all those 3-6 voices. Somehow Juicy J always seems to get away with just rhyming on YEAH and still make enjoyable verses. I think Juicy J and Dj Paul is behind the boards on this one.
9. Mac Dre - Genie of The Lamp
Mac Dre's gon pop while ya'll slop, nah mean? He can brag about his style better then anyone else, I mean he really does it his way.. I don't understand shit about the second verse other than that Mac Dre is the Genie of The lamp, and he brags about it.. Brilliant.
10. Prodigy - Return of The Mac
Prodigy is back. Sounds like '96. Alchemist supplies the beat and Prodigy really delivers. I'm on my New York shit. This is the kind of track I was really in to when I stardet listening to hip hop back in the days.
11. Tame One - No Hook
I posted this track before. This is what I wrote about it:
Tame One dropped a mixtape full of laid back freestyles earlier this year and this is the best from track from that disc.. He dosen't actually say much, he just kinda vibes with it.. He's a former member of purist hip hop group The Artifacts. One of the last allround hip hop rappers.. This guy used to break dance, he still does graffiti and he's a beast on the mic... He prolly produced this himself..
12. Z-Ro - Playa ft. Hawk (R.I.P.) & Big Don
Z-Ro is a Houston favourite of mine. He's with Screwed Up Click and been dropping albums since 1998 without really breaking thru outside the Texas scene... He's usally really depressed and mostly talks about all kinds of shit he been thru in his life. He's in and out of jail, I'm pretty sure he's locked up right now.. On this track he pretty much talks about what a cool player he is and how great Houston, Texas are. So you better respect theire hustle. Hawk and Big Don agrees. Banger. Maybe J.Prince produced it, I really don't know but I do know that dude been producing a bunch of tracks for Z-Ro.
13. Little Bruce - He's A Biter ft. Crest Creepaz
Little Bruce been around for a while now. He started up beefing with Mac Dre sometime 1992 or sometime near that year. I don't know what he's been up to since. This is from a mixtape he dropped last year. This track is fast and full of swagger, which I really like. I don't know Crest Creepaz at all. The guy spitting the last verse kinda sounds like Lil Wayne, actually he sounds really really alike. They talk about typical hyphy shit like ghostriding and stuff like that, doesn't really mather to me, the swagger does it for me.
14. Pumpkinhead - I Just Wanna Rhyme
This might be the best Marco Polo beat I've heard so far. This and Nostalgia with Masta Ace. Pumpkinhead really holds it down, powerfull and lots of passion. The topic, real hip hop up and stop fakin jax. Brooklyn shit.
that's it for know. might continue later.