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DJ Spanish Fly mega post

I'm certain there is nothing that flows better in the background than a DJ Spanish Fly tape. Simple as fuck, the beat, the snare and the drum pattern creates the melody. There's plenty Triggerman samples, some N.W.A. samples here and there, slow tales about money, hoes, slanging thangs and spitting raps over dope beats.

It somewhat troubles me I can't really describe more precisely what an impact DJ Spanish Fly had to the scene of 80's and 90's Memphis and Tennessee DJ'ing and rap music. I simply wasn't around to experince the scene myself. But I do know he has been described as a pioneer and major influence to well known Memphis artists as DJ Paul, Al Kapone, 8Ball & MJG and Jazze Pha. As he desribes in a short interview at Fader from some time back, some of the biggest acts in the Memhpis scene today would learn about music from him while visiting the night club Club No Name, where he performed and DJ'd frequently during the latter part of the 80's and early 90's. For more information on the man and his place in rap music I suggest you visit his myspace, where there's a rather thorough biography.

The albums following are the what I've been able to gather from ze internet during the last couple of years since first discovering DJ Spanish Fly and finding I'm Da Nigga somewhere, probaly on Cocaineblunts old-old forums. Finding information about these releases haven't been easy, actually I haven't found any information besides somewhat accurate tracklists and years of release. I'm pretty sure this records never where sold properly thru a record company, but rather are cassete tapes sold directly from the man himself during the 80's and 90's. There is no information on his myspace about how to purchase any of his music. That's why I feel that it is okay for me to share so much of his music like this.

I suppose alot of you are new to DJ Spanish Fly's music and probaly will not download all these records. But if you do enjoy these youtube videos above and wan't to give one or two of his records a chance, I would suggest you check out either I'm Da Nigga (previously posted) or Going To Mr Z's, does two are definatley my favorite records from him. If you're in a little bit more substance, there's plenty of political/Chuck D-ish songs on Black Radio. Hope any of you will enjoy his music as much as I have, and for those of you who are already fans, I hope you will find something here you hadn't heard before.

As for artwork, at best it's a picture of the original cassette tape, and some of the other pictures are just random photos of Mr. Fly.

DJ Spanish Fly - I'm Da Nigga (1990)

1. Move Muthafucka
2. Shottriggaman
3. I'm Da Nigga (Original)
4. Yaoe Man (Remix)
5. Smokin Onion (Remix)
6. Trigga Man (Original)
7. Hoodcall II
8. Git Buck
9. 14 Hollow Points
10. Let's Get It On (Mix)

DJ Spanish Fly - Going To Mr Z's (1994)

1. Goint To Mr Z's
2. Goodbye To Da Bad Guy
3. Bitches And Money
4. Smokin' Onion
5. Get Buck
6. Drag Rap
7. 10 Min Mix
8. Outro
9. Cruzin'

DJ Spanish Fly - A.B.C.D.E. (1994)

1. Dope Game
2. Uzi Tool
3. Im Da Aggin (remix)
4. Allright
5. Cement Shoes
6. Once Upon A Time
7. Real Niggas Shit

DJ Spanish Fly - My Last Underground Tape (1995)

1. Slangin Dem Thangs
2. Down Nigga
3. Never Broke
4. I Aint A Killa
5. Bitchy
6. Watch Yo Back
7. Suck My Dick
8. Slangin Mix
9. Triggamane Right Hand Mane
10. DJ Spanish Fly Side B Intro
11. Never Give Up
12. Skit
13. Slaning Cane
14. Got This Shit Going On
15. In The House
16. Down South Shit
17. Outro
18. Ballheaded Hoes Suck Dick

DJ Spanish Fly - Oh Word (1996)

1. Yeah Nigga
2. Whats Up
3. Got To Make My Money
4. Move Mutha Fucka
5. Hoe Niggaz
6. Hatin On Me
7. Break A Hoe Pay A Hoe
8. Shut Yo Mouth
9. Remember Them Niggaz
10. Sho No Luv
11. Knock Knock Knoc

DJ Spanish Fly - Black Radio (2001)

1. Intro
2. Im Da
3. Slangin
4. Playin On Deez
5. Buck Dance G Walk Jukin
6. Da Medicine
7. Smokin Onion
8. Rollin In My Cadillac
9. Bad Guy
10. Black People
11. Shot Gun
12. Trigga Manz Revenge
13. Black Radio
14. Dope Hoes

DJ Spanish Fly - Buck And Wild Underground (2003)

1. Bitch Betta Have My Money Intr
2. Oh Word
3. Dont Give A Fuck
4. Buck And Wild
5. Uzi Tool
6. Gotta Make My Money
7. Jealous
8. Shake Dat Ooweee
9. Pay A Hoe
10. Pump It Up
11. Get Buck Mane ft Cat
12. Comeback
13. What Goes Around
14. Head Shoulders Knees
15. Playin On Deez
16. U Cant Hide Feat Capt C
17. Problems Of Da World
18. Y U Wanna Hate
19. Dont Let It Be The Best

This last record is bonus, it's a mixtape where DJ Spanish Fly acts as a mixtape DJ mixing together other artists songs at his best ability. There's plenty of classic early southern jams on here by artists like Poison Clan, 2 Live Crew and MC Shy-D.

DJ Spanish Fly - Dj Spanish Fly Vol 3 Ol Skool (2004)

1. Strife - Set It Off
2. Nighttime - Unkown
3. Word Up
4. Got To Be Tough - Mc Shy D
5. Radiomix - Unknown
6. Radioactive - Unknown
7. Just Give The Dj A Break - Dynamixx II
8. Jam On It - Newcleus
9. Looking For The Perfect Beat - Soulsonic Force
10. Bust A Move - Young MC
11. I Need A Freak - Sexual Harassment
12. Hard Times - Run DMC
13. Roll It Up My Nigger
14. Like This - Unknown
15. Get Loose - 2 Live Crew
16. Get It Girl - 2 Live Crew
17. Move Somethin 2 Live Crew
18. All Right - Unknown
19. The Perculator - Unknown
20. Dance All Night - Poison Clan
21. Planet Rock - Soulsonic Force
22. Jam The Box - Pretty Tony
23. Megajam - Unknown
24. Uptempo - Unknown
25. Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover
26. Fix It In The Mix - Pretty Tony
27. Push The Button - Unknown
28. Give It All You Got - Afro Rican
29. Cocaine - Kilo
30. Use Your Love - Unknown
31. Lonely Heart - Unknown
32. Supersonic - JJ Fad
33. Sally That Girl - Gucci Crew II


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