Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wassup Wit Da Cookies!

I predict South Atlanta rapper Juney Boomdata will be a internet favorite by this summer, or atleast in a few months.. He’s been around for a bit I’d guess, but I haven’t seen him get any major blog love so far. So for whoever checks in do yourself a favor and check this dude out, music that goes, that fucking jams. Fuck, this is an artist that makes swanging music. So here you go, a swangin bunch of songs.. This is just the few I could find in my itunes, and I downloaded pretty much anything I’ve seen, while looking for a Juney mixtape…

My posts gets shorter and shorter, as I choose to post about new music rather then brining up whatever dope old shit I’ve considered not having been zshared or written on enough, now I feel like pretty much everything is on blogs. Specially east coast shit, but now even no-name jams from areas where most people don’t even know about internet, like East Texas and Alabama. So know I don’t really know what to blog about, there being so many sites better updated on what’s new then me, so I’ll just post random shit while drunk, whatever I feel like or as in this case some shit from an artist I really feel needs more shine..

Whatever. Check Juney Boomdata out! So, as said, I've put together a few Juney songs in a zip, no mixing or anything like that...

His biggest hit is probably What’s Up With Da Cookies, which I believe originally had Soulja Boy on it, I haven’t heard that version though… And he was featured on Soulja Boys latest album, from Decemeber.. And then there’s Lil Pussy Poppin with Pastor Troy and Project Pat, which PT just fucking kills. My favorite jam is I’m Da Bomb (almost as good as Bay Area no-name Big Sir Loon’s - Da Bomb)…

1. Pussy Poppin ft Pastor Troy & Project Pat
2. She Love Me
3. Wassup With Da Cookies ft Mistah F.A.B. (Remix)
4. Wassup With Da Pussy ft Tum Tum & Lil Will (Remix)
5. I'm Da Bomb
6. Aquafina - Dj Speedy ft Juney Boomdata
7. Look What I Got - Playaz Circle ft Juney Boomdata
8. I Got Hoes ft Sandman
9. Assume Da Positon
10. Juney In Dis Bitch
11. She Bad
12. Go Head - Soulja Boy ft Juney Boomdata
13. Crank Dat Roy - Juve ft Juney Boomdata & Lil Ru (Remix)


Anonymous said...




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Hugo the Dude said...

Great! Glad to see Juney Boomdata isn't bansihed in China.

although im not really interested in purchaseing any of the led or trucks you offer..

Space Hogg said...

Tack för låtarna, har inte riktigt fastnat för Juney förns "You Get It" läckte härom dan. Fet låt. Ska kolla in den här samlingen ordentligt nu..

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