Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Ruler

Holla! to all the young cats out there, this is yo new good ole love DJ, $ignelinho comin to you live from west side Stockholm. Me and ma main man Don Wittore aka Hugo the dude is gonna be bringin you the hottest hip hop beats together with the cremé de la cremé of the underground electro/d&b/dub/ska tunes.

The dude will be focusing on thoose gangsta tunes yáll niggaz love, whilst I will bringing you the funky alternative mixes n´ Cuts. First out from $signelinho is some bangin tracks from one of ma favourites, Krafty Kuts.

Note: this shit is pretty hard to come by, (at least in sthlm), so when i ripped it wasnt from a perfect copy. Some jacks here and there in the disc. Not perfect sound quality in other words.

The new shit - Krafty Kuts - Freakshow 2007

1. "Intro"
2. "Freakshow"
3. "We Do This"
4. "Tell Me How You Feel"
5. "Turntable Skit"
6. "The Funk Is"
7. "Krafty Pervert"
8. "Bass Phenomenon"
9. "There They Go"
10. "Bring Back The Funk"
11. "Basketball Jam"
12. "Keep Moving"
13. "She's Out Of My Head"
14. "Summer Samba"
15. "Flamenco Freddy"

N´ here comes his a bit more ol´ school mixes, Krafty Kuts - Theese are the breaks

CD 1

01. Krafty Kuts - Intro
02. KRS1 - KRS1 Attacks
03. DJ Format - Ill Cullinary Behavio
04. Million Dan - Dogz & Sledgez
05. Skee-Lo - I Wish
06. Lil Kim - How Many Licks[Instrumental]
07. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous
08. Black Eyed Peas - Joints & Jams
09. Royksopp - Eple
10. Ultra Magnetic MC's - Poppa Large
11. Funky Fresh Few Feat. Wig - 24.7
12. Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
13. A Skillz & Krafty Kuts feat Kurti
14. Hijack - The Badman Is Robin
15. The Slacksons - Hold It Back
16. Jnr Walker feat The All Stars - S
17. Blackgrass - Nice Up

CD 2
01. X-Press 2 - ACDC
02. Beginnerz - Reckless Dub
03. Apollo 440 feat The Beatnuts - Dude
04. Plump DJ's - Weighed Down
05. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
06. Chicken Lips - She's Not In
07. Krafty Kuts - The Ill Funk Slammer
08. Zero - Emit
09. Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster - Take It To The Floor
10. Northend - Can`t Put No Price (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
11. Freestylers - Push Up
12. Freestylers - Get A Life
13. Scam - Killer
14. Freq Nasty Feat. Rodney P - Come Let Me Know
15. Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - High Score
16. Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip Hop
17. Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

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Friday, May 25, 2007

We Play For Keeps..

Back with another tracklist.. All these songs is off my computer at work, just stuff I donwloaded over six months or so and listend to while doing some of the brainless work my boss makes me do sometimes (I don't really mind, as long as I can listen to music).. There's a couple of new tracks but most are older. Most are new to me and a few a listend to for years (words, goodie mob)..

I'll be back with Part II of my iaudio list in a while. I can't upload those tracks now cause I have them on my harddrive at home.. I'm all done with the tracklists and just need to upload them one part at a time since my internet connection won't let me download too big .rar files.. I probaly give it some time between every post, to let ya'll breath.. I think it's six parts all together.. Peace!



1. DJ Krush - Only The Strong Survive ft. C.L. Smooth
Krush is my favourite Japanese DJ. That don' say much tough since him and DJ Muro are the only ones I ever heard of, and Krush is the only one I ever actually listend to. He usally don't put rappers on his music, so when I saw this I had to check it out.. Mostly he makes nujazz, or downbeat or trip hop or whatever it's called, I really don't know. All I know is I love putting his shit on while I'm not actually listening to the music, while I'm working or reading, studying or whatever.. Usally I don't even notice much difference from song to song or even album to album.. But with C.L. on the beat, it's a whole diffrent story.. Krush is no Pete Rock, but if you'd ever wan't to here C.L. on any other beat this is perfect. Still jazzy... This makes me sit back and nod my head..

2. Sho & Willie D - Fiend In The Family
Willie D is a legend (Geto Boys kids), Sho - not so much. Atleast not in my book. I never heard of him before seeing this album with Willie D, which I natrually downloaded for the Willie verses. It turns out the best track doesn't feature a Willie verse. This track has a dark story which pretty well summed up by the title. Laid back with a great funk tune in the background and a blues singer in the hooks... Don't know when it's from, probaly 1992-1995. Don't know the producer either.

3. Goodie Mob - Black Ice ft. Outkast
Now this right here is a classic, you already know. Every verse is amazing. Tell me Cee Lo wasn't better when he still spit? Organized Konfusion on the boards i guess.

4. HAWK (R.I.P.) - Let's Get It On ft. Scooby, Paul Wall & Slim Thug
Hawk got killed about a year ago. Honstely, reading about his passing was the first time I ever heard his name. I later found out he was featured on Lil Troy's banger "wanna be a baller", so I decided to check him out. Some of his stuff is really dope, it really got more of the Houston sound than anything else I've heard. His not my favourite from H-town, neither is Paul Wall or Slim Thug.. So why did I put this track here? Because it's dope. Makes you move. No thinking just dancing - I like.

5. I.M.P. - Scandlous
The guy rapping is obviously crazy. He even mentions this "I might be sick, but I'm not insane" - yeah right. You'll notice this if you listen to their album, actually you'll notice this listening to this song. He's a though guy, one of those people you wouldn't step to even if he stepped on your sneakers - unless you don't give a fuck like Bushwick Bill. They're from the bay somwhere - no hyphy. Rough shit. Watch out.

6. Wordsworth - Native New Yorker ft. Punchline
This is a record I listen to pretty much all year around.. This guy is amazing to me, I think it's Europe thing because he seems to get a lot more props over here than back in US n A.. Kinda like an N.Y. anthem. Everytime I hear this I wanna move there just to be able to walk the streets and breath the air or something, actually I do wanna move to New York listening this song or not.. It's on his album from 2004 but I think this track is a couple of yeards older than that..

7. Nine - We Play For Keeps
Don't no much at all about Nine. I know he's slept on. Can you say hardcore, I bet Nine can. As hard as that dude from I.M.P., a bit less crazy but still.

8. Kurupt & J Wells - Summertime ft. Y.A. & Gail Gotti
This sounds summer even more than all the singles from that new DJ Kahled joint.. Actually it sounds like the summer of '99. Didn't know thay made tracks like this anymore. Like a track from those days when anybody would sing R'n'B and no one would cared if it sucked, so it's sounds like that only it doesn't suck, following? You don't have to, just lean back an feel the summer coming. Anyhoo, Kurupt kinda kills it. This is from a new album J Wells and Kurupt released just a little while ago. J Wells produces so I guess he produced this.

9. Kano - Good For Me
I don't like alot of hip hop or rap from UK. There, said it. Kano is one of the very few act I heard from there I really like. He's album from 2004 is hella dope. Check the track called Sometimes. This isn't from there. It's from a mixtape he released in 2005. Tells a story about some girl he knocked up and all the fuzz that's comes with knocking up groupies. Good to know about this track if you ever get any groupies I guess. The beat is from other guys song..

10. Lupe Fiasco - Handcuffs
I put this on here cause it's on the same beat as the Kano song. I recognize it but I don't know where it's from or who produced it. This is also a dope song. Not about babies but about police harrasing. The same ole you just a hustler with a badge-story. Lupe at his best. From his Revenge of The Nerds mixtape.

11. DJ Krush - Most Wanted Man ft. Big Shug & Guru
Krush againg. From the same album, it's from 1996 by the way. Guru is'nt actually rapping on this he's just sampled. But he's mentiond on the album as featured so i wrote it down here too. Don't know anyting about Big Shug. Sounds very New York 1996.

12. HAWK - Outro
There's no rapping on this, just a little talknig about who great HAWK is. But the beat is insane, tell me it ain't baning. Well worth a listen.

13. Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
New Kanye. I didn't like him at all at first, couldn't stand his voice. Things hava changed yeah. He's done a couple of great features. On this song you can here Jeezy sampled (right?) every now and then which turns out really dope. Did DJ Toomp do this? Nah, don't think so. Sounds like Kanye just got a Toomp beat and remixed it and made it his own to rap over. That lalala part is really annoying. Still lookning forward to his album.

14. Phillies Most Wanted - Suckas Pt. II ft. Beanie Sigel
Another group I know nothing about. I downloaded this song from and I emidetley fell in love with it. Beanie really kills it. Too bad he doesn't have all the verses, nah actually the other guys kinda kills i too. I'm really feeling the second verse. It's a couple of years old. Neptunes produced this beat.

15. Wreckonize - Buisness As Usual ft. Ras Kass
I have no idea where I got this track from. It was in my "random traks" folder on my work computer. Wreckonize kinda sounds like a lesser Royce da 5'9. Ras Kass kills it - altough there is someting about him. Somehow after listening to a song with Ras Kass on it I never remember what he was trying to say, but I guess that's just me. I like the beat, powerfull. JR Rotem produced it.

That's all for today.. Enyoy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue Scolars - Bayani (2007)(Rawkus)

I wasn't planing on posting any albums here.. But fuck it, chanses are none of you would ever here this if i didn't post it. And that would be a damn shame because this album is really really great! I never heard of these guys before today, which isn't that strange I guess. How often do any of you check for an albums by a some random dudes from Seattle? I was thinking Sir-Mix Alot when i downloaded this (from here).. But then I listend to it and was truly amazed.. I went back and read up about them, apparently this is there second album and this one is dropped on Rawkus (back in effect).

Blue Scholars is producer Sabzi and emcee Geologic. Sound, funky refreshing, melodic bom bap. Both guys shows talent. This record is about everyday life, which is really cool. Of course there's as always a little bit of bitchin about the statement of hip hop and how black people are treated and such, which is also cool. What's really great is that Geologic don't only bitch about what's wrong and who's to blame but he actully got opinions about what to do.. Not that I agree with everything, but fuck it's nice to hear someone speak there mind..

For more reading check this great review or this site.

Tracks to check: Loyalty, Ordinary Guys, Still Got Love, Bayani.

1. Baha’i Healing Prayer (intro)
2. Second Chapter
3. Opening Salvo
4. North by Northwest
5. Ordinary Guy
6. Still Got Love
7. Bayani
8. Loyalty
9. Fire for the People
10. Xenophobia (interlude)
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50 Thousand Deep
14. Morning of America
15. Joe Metro

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Burn it of the internet and bump it outside...

EDIT: another update. Last one. Don't forget this is for you Verbier peeps bumping my shit telling me to up it. You heard this and you know it's hot.. btw I rally don't what's wrong but on some posts it's impossible to get some space between the track descriptons so I have ot put these anoying * marks there, for easier reading..
yessir.. here we go again.. imma share what i've been bumpin in my headphones for a couple of months. ipod brooken means i had to use my ole iaudio = no albums just certified bangers..
Some of these tracks could rock the livin shit out of any party, but most are headphone music. Either way, it's pure dopeness. Don't sleep on Hugos own Headphone Gumbo...


1. Grap Luva - Words of Life
Grap Luva is a favourite of mine. I really like the sample on the trumpet or whatever that is, and Grap shows here he's a competent lyricist and can rap fast when i want's to. Dun no the producer.
2. Papoose - Preach To The Choir
Papoose was really hot last year. Hopefully he can drop his album already and not keep beeing pushed back by the evil empire of Jive records. Here he talks about he don't need no advise since he's so on top of his shit he's Choir. And everybody else is jelaus and angry and such. Critic towards critics maybe. Don't know producer. Kay Slay screams a little bit here and there, actually fits in quite well.
3. Mac Dre - Thizzle Mountain ft. Tizzle, Fats Thizdale & Mel
This tune really makes me move. Which isn't really an all good thing. I've been known to chock folks with my dancing skills. Booyah. Mac Dre does his thing and the other cats deliver too. I don't know anything about his rhyming partners on this track, altough I wouldn't mind hearing more of their work. Thizz wit it.
4. K-Rino - Fear No Evil ft. Hawk (R.I.P.), Lil Fleat & Point Blank
Southside connection kinda. Bringing Houston together. Hawk and K-Rino really keeps it down on this track. Hawk the original Houston style rapper and Rino as lyricists with a flow that can stand up against the best. They're repping Houston without mentioning Houston too much. Honestly, these dudes seems rough enough for me to fear their evil.
5. Papoose - Fruits of Labor ft. Rell
Great sample on this one. Or is that this unknown dude Rell singing? Don't know, it's bumping that's all I know. Pap once again feel he needs to remind us of his greatness.
6. Pete Rock - Revenge fr. Grap Luva
Old school crew back again. These cats started up in the industry dancing for Fat Boys or Kool Moe Dee or some other old school crew I don't know anything about.. Grap Luva is the disciple. Great spit and great track for those who like jazz rap. Too bad they only release records in Japan now days.
7. Brooklyn Academy - Gotcha Lookin ft. Will Tell, Block McCloud, Pumpkinhead & Mr. Metaphor
The whole academy on the same track. Typical posse song really. Banging but not really saying much. Maybe one of these guys is captain save hip hop. Too bad they mostyl get recogniztion in Europe. Pumpkinhead spits the best verse. Don't know producer, maybe Will Tell or Marco Polo.
8. 8Ball & MJG - Cruisin Dirty ft. 3 6 Mafia & Slim of 112
Yess. This track had me going crazy for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's banging. Second MJG starts it off with the gnarliest verse I've heard from the south in a miute. 112 is on it, that's got be 6 years since I heard anything from them. Fourth, Crunchy Black has a verese that screams swagger. I always liked him on the 3 6 mafia albums, and then he suddenly left the group last year. But he's on this track somehow and he's not mentiond as a feature! Or am I wrong? Maybe I just don't know the difference between all those 3-6 voices. Somehow Juicy J always seems to get away with just rhyming on YEAH and still make enjoyable verses. I think Juicy J and Dj Paul is behind the boards on this one.
9. Mac Dre - Genie of The Lamp
Mac Dre's gon pop while ya'll slop, nah mean? He can brag about his style better then anyone else, I mean he really does it his way.. I don't understand shit about the second verse other than that Mac Dre is the Genie of The lamp, and he brags about it.. Brilliant.
10. Prodigy - Return of The Mac
Prodigy is back. Sounds like '96. Alchemist supplies the beat and Prodigy really delivers. I'm on my New York shit. This is the kind of track I was really in to when I stardet listening to hip hop back in the days.
11. Tame One - No Hook
I posted this track before. This is what I wrote about it:
Tame One dropped a mixtape full of laid back freestyles earlier this year and this is the best from track from that disc.. He dosen't actually say much, he just kinda vibes with it.. He's a former member of purist hip hop group The Artifacts. One of the last allround hip hop rappers.. This guy used to break dance, he still does graffiti and he's a beast on the mic... He prolly produced this himself..
12. Z-Ro - Playa ft. Hawk (R.I.P.) & Big Don
Z-Ro is a Houston favourite of mine. He's with Screwed Up Click and been dropping albums since 1998 without really breaking thru outside the Texas scene... He's usally really depressed and mostly talks about all kinds of shit he been thru in his life. He's in and out of jail, I'm pretty sure he's locked up right now.. On this track he pretty much talks about what a cool player he is and how great Houston, Texas are. So you better respect theire hustle. Hawk and Big Don agrees. Banger. Maybe J.Prince produced it, I really don't know but I do know that dude been producing a bunch of tracks for Z-Ro.
13. Little Bruce - He's A Biter ft. Crest Creepaz
Little Bruce been around for a while now. He started up beefing with Mac Dre sometime 1992 or sometime near that year. I don't know what he's been up to since. This is from a mixtape he dropped last year. This track is fast and full of swagger, which I really like. I don't know Crest Creepaz at all. The guy spitting the last verse kinda sounds like Lil Wayne, actually he sounds really really alike. They talk about typical hyphy shit like ghostriding and stuff like that, doesn't really mather to me, the swagger does it for me.
14. Pumpkinhead - I Just Wanna Rhyme
This might be the best Marco Polo beat I've heard so far. This and Nostalgia with Masta Ace. Pumpkinhead really holds it down, powerfull and lots of passion. The topic, real hip hop up and stop fakin jax. Brooklyn shit.
that's it for know. might continue later.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Coz' I Spit Hot Fiire When I Blog...

EDIT: I guess I'll try to put some words to these tracks too...

So I was thinking, this is kinda of a fun thing to do while not working at work... So in a minute i'mma give this blog adress to some of yall.. Since I write about hip hop, I'll spell it like if I speak hip hop - naw mean?

Anyhoo - this is a couple of tracks I've been bumpin latley.. This is the way I feel shit..

Livin Lavish '07

1. 8Ball & MJG - Relax And Take Notes ft. Biggie Smalls & Project Pat
Down south/Memphis legends came back with another album a couple of weeks back.. It's was there second on Bad Boy South - I'm sorry to say it's a real fuckin sandwich record... Two songs are hot, this one and the one with Triple 6 and 112... Since they with Bad Boy they could get Diddy to let'em use Biggie singin hooks, suprisingly it turns out kinda dope.. Another reason I put this track here is Project Pat, one of my down south favourites... Don't know who produced it, wouldn't be that hard to google I guess, but I'm too lazy...

2. Sean Kingston - Colors ft. The Game & Rick Ross
This kid is only 17 and he's gonna be bigger than Akon.. Once people has gotten tired of listening to the half dollars coming album this is what you gonna here on the radio.. Mostly put it up here to give you a preview, track i kinda hot but I'd probaly got tired of his voice after like three tracks.. Dumb fuckers who listen to radio won't.. I predict by next summer your grandma is gonna now this kids name.. His and any kid that tries to make reaggae-rap like this. This is a perfect song for Rick Ross to be on, you'll here his voice a couple of times this summer I'll tell ye.. I'm pretty sure it's produced by israeli JM Rothem (who allegedly dated hairless Britney Spears for a while, there's some gossip for ya)..

3. Mistah F.A.B. - Sideshow (Remix) ft. Too $hort & Keak Da Sneak
The yellow bus rider (you can see him on the pic above) is the hottest spitter on the west coast right now.. Known for doing hyphy, altough this track isn't hyphy. Legends Too Short and Keak Da Sneak kills shows that the old guys still got it. Brand new track from brand new album. Cop it. Fiire. Don't know producer, prolly Sean T or som other bay local..

4. Vakill - Worst Fears Confirmed
Vakill reps Chi-town. One of the hardest dudes from there, way scarier then guys like Common, Kanye or Lupe. This track is from last years album with the same name as this track. He's somehow connected to the Molemen crew, don't know anything more about him..

5. Mistah F.A.B. - Jamonie Robinson
No hyphy on this track either. All family no friends. Emotional about some passed away homie.

6. Marco Polo - Nostalgia ft. Masta Ace
Legendary Masta Ace working with wonderkid and newcomer Marco Polo. Dope shit, they make it sound like it was '93. Masta Ace just keeps getting better, to bad he won't make any more albums..

7. Mac Dre - Stoopid Doo Doo Dumb
I don't know if i've written someting about Mac Dre already, anyhoo I might aswell mention something. He's a Valejo (near Oakland, CA) native who has been rapping on waz since the late 80'ties. He was the biggest star out of Valejo and released a bunch of classic tunes before getting sent to jail for a couple of years for conspiracy for bank robbery. That's some heavy shit. He continued rapping in jail and recorderd a couple of albums by rapping via the prison phone to the studio, some gutter shit which made him really popular. He also made up his own dance and stardet the hyphy movement. He got killed in Kansas 2004(maybe 2005). This song is a typical Mac Dre tune. Crazy get dumb party funky shit.

8. Mazaradi Fox - Grap Your Gunz ft. Uncle Murder & Maino
I think Mazaradi Fox is somehow connected to G-Unit. Not sure tough. Uncle Murder is the most hardbody rapper to walk the streets of Brooklyn. Maino is known for punching a robber in the face when the robber had a gun in Maino's face, he knocked the robber out. Spitting to bring New York back. There's a kinda lame singer singing the hooks but spit is really hardcore.

9. Royce Da 5'9 - As Live As It Gets
Royce is back after a bit of time in the pin. This is the best track from his new mixtape. He can still spit.

10. Young Cellski - Livin In The Bay (original)
I love the whistle beat to this song. One of my favourtite beats of allt time. So underrated. I don't even know who did this beat. Don't know enough about Bay area rap to guess. Cellski kills it. He pretty much tells the story of a young black man living in the bay. This is really a perfect song to me, great beat, great voice, great rap and superb text and story.

11. Common - The Game
You think one of these years there's gonna be a new cat running this rap shit. Maybe there is, not in my world tough. He does it again. This might be the best song from 2007 so far. Primo at his best, great samples. Common really kills it. Listen to the third verse.

12. Kurupt & J Wells - Get It ft. Goodie Mob & Roscoe
God damn so many rappers you thougt spent there days sippin moijtos in Miami/Laguna beach by now on the same track killing it. You got that sentence? They kill this shit in 2007. Great to here Kurupts voice on a song this dope. J Wells is the future. Best track of the album. This is one of the most banging bangers of this year. Too bad the whole album isn't as dope.

13. Joell Ortiz - Hip Hop (Remix) ft. Jadakiss & Saigon
Piano playing. "Yo do me a favoure, accidently step on your white sunglasses". "Ohww man this is hip hop". Haha it's unbelieveable to here some New York accents spitting these dope verser in 2007. Verses in order of dopeness: Jadakiss, Saigon, Joell. What ya'll think?

14. Rappin 4 Tay - Livin In The 415 ft. Sann Quinn, Big Rich, Messy Marv & Seff Tha Gaffla
Bay area legends in the house. The only one of these cats yet to make a classic album is Big Rich. 4'tay used to outshine Tupac on wax back in the day. Now he's back with a new album, which is - eh no classic but still great bay area non hyphy rap. Seff Tha Gaffla has the best verse, kinda suprising.

15. Sann Quinn - Don't Cross Me
From Filmore, CA. I actually own a dvd of this guy. I accidently orderd it meaning to order one of his cd's (I'm really fucking abcent minded and make these mistakes all the time). His well known and appricieated in the bay area but as many other rappers from that region he never reached national fame. Too bad cause he really has got talent. He's been rapping on wax since he was 14 so his been in the game a minute now.. The future of the bay.


that's enugh for a minute.. i prolly continue this edit later.

that's enugh for this post.. peace

Thursday, May 10, 2007

bullshit post..

EDIT: I'm makin this shit here a thizz bit more serious now.. I'll put some words to these tracks for those who don't know... I'll just write this of my memory so it's a kinda half ass post anyway, but still better then just the tracklist..

just need somewhere to keep this link... not actually meant for anyone to read.. anyhoo, might aswell type the playlist of it's context...


1. Pharaoe Monch - Desire
The Legendary Pharaoe came back late last year with this track. It's the first single for his up and coming album called Desire.. Albums said to drop this summer, his first LP in - what 8 years or so... Disire is produced by The Alchemist. He spits this shit like no other..

2. Louis Logic - Logic And Reason ft. R-Son
Louis is a light skinned-alcohlic-pervert and he don't mind tellin us about it.. Witch is fine by me, dude is funny as hell.. This is from one of his street albums from 2001 or something, before he actully got any shine.. The producer is as always JJ Brown.. I never heard of R-Son before..

3. Tame One - No Hook
Tame One dropped a mixtape full of laid back freestyles earlier this year and this is the best from track from that disc.. He dosen't actually say much, he just kinda vibes with it.. He's a former member of purist hip hop group The Artifacts. One of the last allround hip hop rappers.. This guy used to break dance, he still does graffiti and he's a beast on the mic... He prolly produced this himself..

4. K-Rino - Amnesia
Hip hop purists usally gets scared when southern cats like K-Rino stop dancing and get lyrical. They should. This dude is a H-town legend, been putting out records since '85 or something and he keeps getting better every year.. This is from his brand new album.. He's often mentioned by like this "I don't usally like southern rap but i like K-Rino", or something... Don't know the producer..

5. Pumpkinhead - Trifactor ft. Wordsworth & Supastition
Brooklyn in the house.. Pumpkinhead is member of the Brooklyn Academy, a bunch of none gangsta hardcore rappers from Brooklyn. Witch kinda sums up he's style.. Pure hip hop. Super-talented Marco Polo from canada produced this track.. From 2005. Every verse is dope, in this order: Words, Pump, Supa... Words is one of my favourites no doubt..

6. Hell Razah - Project Jazz ft Talib Kweli & MF Doom
Wu-tang weedcarrier Hell Razah dropped a dope album early 2007. This is the best track. Don't know shit about him. He might be in Suns of Man.. I think Doom produced this..

7. Grap Luva - Trackrunners ft. J-Live & some other dude
Pete Rock brother Grap Luva is a lyricsist with no recognizion.. Too bad.. He's one of my favourite rappers over jazz-beats.. I have no idea who produced this or when it's from.. He was in INI with his brother..

8. Juggaknots - Liar Liar ft. Wordsworth
Juggaknots from Brooklyn dropped a new album late 2006. Heads had been wating for this since the last and only previous release, classic Clear Blue Skies.. Don't know anything about the track or the group.. Words kills it.

9. Intelligent Hoodlum - Death Row
Queens native Intelligent Hoodlum a.k.a. Tragedy Khadafi was probaly the most hyped and talked about rapper and predicted saviour of hip hop and such back in 86, kinda like dude Joell Ortiz in 2006.. This is from his '93 release Saga of A Hoodlum.. Marley Marl and K-Def got credit for this track, but rumor is K-Def did it himself.. This track discuss a forgotten topic. How will you deal with your mayne fucking your girl when you're locked up at Death Row. Text is crazy, I mean this is some depressed shit. Dude is really fucked:
My lawyer took my endz and the bitch got the benz - My last days in the world, I think about how my man is probaly fuccin my girl - another bitch ass nigga, I should have turned the gun on him - and pulled the trigga - but instead I'm going crazy'cause while I'm in jail - he'll be raising my baby


he'll be raising my baby - and get arrested - on death row and I'm the next contester
and now I'm feelin kinda sadly'cause while I'm dead she be callin him daddy

Grimy shit..

10. J-Live - Brooklyn Public Pt. 1
He's from Brooklyn, as might have guessed of the song title.. Can't say I know hella much about him. He has mad skills tough, he might know Mad Skillz. Have no idea who produced it, all I know is that I love these "I love everywhere but Brooklyn the most" type of songs.. Headphone music.

11. OH NO - Know Better ft. Wordsworth
OH NO is Madlibs younger brother.. I'm pretty sure he's smoke almost as much budah as Madlib too.. He's a producer that rhymes more then a rapper that produce, I think.. Dude dropped a dope album last year - I coped it, it's called something stange like Exoudus Rythms to Smoke... He's obiously one of those super talented guys who just happends to know every other super talented guy in the industry. I actually put this track on here cause almighty Wordsworth is on it.. And I mean his all over it.. Can't fuck with his flow..

12. Ali Vegas - Look In The Mirror
Don't now much about him. From Queens I think. Got this track of a mixtape he dropped early this year.. I might be older tough.. Don't know the producer.. This cat got crazy flow, kinda sounds like Shyheim at times.. As laid back and rappin like he's bout to get locked up 25 to life.. Depressed. He's smart this kid, he should blow up any minute, I mean he got skills and more thoughtfull topics then, say Papoose or Tru Life.. No charisma tough (but ugly).

13. Asamov - Standing Room Only ft. J-Live, Wordsworth & Cassidy
Don't know shit about this. They're either New Yorkers or New York dick riders.. Make's you wanna dance.. I checked it out cause Words and J-Live is on it.. Words got the best verse..

14. Jigmastas - Beyond
I checked there album out cause they have this song of a EP called Lyrical Fluxuration or something.. That's song is right up there on my top 25 list of illest songs eveeeer.. By the way tough, I'm still drunk writing this - so there might be some mistakes (besides it beeing all jibberish and no real info).. Nice laid back track.. I put it on here cause the second verse blows me away... Got no producer info.

15. Jeru The Damaja - Seinfeld
Premo maid this shit.. It's one of his best beats I think.. Jeru is talked about and got pleny of blog love, I never really checked him out.. Someone recomended this track and I liked it. I really should check into more of the old classic shit..

16. Killer Mike - That's Life
ATL Mike came up as a weedcarrier to Outkast... I never really liked any of his albums.. He can spit no doubt but I wasn't really feeling it.. But then he's latest album dropped last year and I felt forced to check it out cause it was so talked about... Didn't really feel that shit either.. But then I listend again and two of the tracks are dope as hell, and this guy is smart as fuck.. Oprah and that lady that went to jail and then wrote some books about food and housekeepnig gets ethered.. Openly political.. I would like him more if he got spirutal and crazy like Pastor Troy or Bushwick Bill...

17. INI - Fakin Jax
Stop fakin Jax bitches.. Forgotten classic.. I love INI, don't hate but I feel this shit more then the Pete Rock & CL Smooth classics.. Oh yeah, INI is Pete Rock, his brother Grap Luva, Rob G (or Ron B maybe) and Marco Polo (not producer Marco Polo)..

I might continue this later.. I have to get danked right now..

Continued.. Didn't turn out as informative as I meant to.. Just some random words.. I should really write more about what each track is about and less about the artists.. Anyhoo, I'm of to eat an burrito..