Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Max Minelli EP!


One of my favorite rappers and previously posted on Max Minelli just dropped this pre-album EP last week as a treat for what is to come on Pain Medicine, which will be his first post-Koch-adventure album. Last I heard Pain Medicine is set to drop November 24th on a independent label called Self Employed (SLF EMP). I'm not gonna speak to much on this, since my views on Max's music is thoroughly expressed in my older posts on him. So all I have to say really is that this is really good. I feel like Max Minelli's style and how he expresses himself with a somewhat new found authority is something the non-traditional southern rap listener could dig.

Also, if you're a fan. Check out this Word of South interview with Max from October 19th. Where he among other things speaks on his previous label situations with Koch:

"Basically brah, major labels, need to kill they selves. Straight up, because they don’t have a clue. And that’s how I feel. They need to kill they selves. It seems like; record companies are ran by some of the stupidest fucking people in the world. It seems like it. If you doing something right, let’s say me and you we had a shoe store, and if it’s failing. And it just continues to fail every year, more and more. Evidently we’re not doing something right. Evidently. So, when we keep doing the same thing, like, “Aaah, we not selling these Adidas and lets bring in more Adidas, that makes more sense!” That’s stupid. But if you call it stupid, that’d be crazy. That’s what record labels do."

Most beats and productions credits on the Pre-Med EP goes to South Park Mexican Happy Perez. Enjoy and cop his album when it drops.

Max Minelli - Pre-Med EP

1. The Autobiography of Max Pain (prod. Happy Perez)
2. Whateva-eva (prod. Happy Perez)
3. Amped Up (prod. Happy Perez)
4. Aim 4 Success (prod. Jondo)
5. Above The Clouds ft. Kevin Gates (prod. Gus)
6. Look At My (prod. Jondo)
7. Big Booty Judy (prod. Jondo)
8. Can We Get Down (prod. Happy Perez)
9. Worry Dont Pay No Bills ft. Keith Jacobs (prod. Happy Perez)
10. When It Reigns (prod. Happy Perez)
11. Dont Worry Bout Me (prod. Happy Perez)

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