Thursday, December 10, 2009

Young Money connections.


This entire post comes from me looking around the Young Money site for the first time and getting suprised by what I found. So I decided to write a bullshit post and share some random songs I thought of while strolling around the home site of this young southern rap crew.

I've been slow on getting up on the rise of Young Money and what that might mean, only a few years ago (maybe even last year) they where nothing but sparring partners for Lil Wayne. Only YM rapper I remember from those days is Currensy. That doesn't really matter though, because now, as I just realized, they're kinda big. Even commercially, they might be on television and radio in Sweden soon, and I'd be damned if my friends lil sisters could name more rappers in a southern rap crew than I can. It almost happend before.

As I looked thru the list of the 25 latest Young Money songs free for download I to my suprise noticed there was a remix with Lil Chuckee of a song by party-bounce duo Da Block Burnaz.

Da Block Burnaz - Late Night (Remix Ft Lil Chuckee)

These guys dropped this album in 2004:

...and on that album they had a really dope song which also made this classic compilation hosted by bounce producer hero Peacachoo:


Da Block Burnaz - Work That Thing Ft Magnolia Chop

Gotty Boy Chris - She Make Me (Laard)(Prod Peacachoo)

That's the New Orleans connection I didn't know about. But that sorta made sense, Lil Wayne and all those Squad Up members (Gudda Gudda had a great mixtape this year) aswell as Lil Chuckee are New Orleans natives. What I had no clue about was that Young Money has ties to my 2007 summer hero Lil Za. I didn't even know he was old enough for Young Money yet. He has been around for a while, he and his crew B.O.C. They're from Dallas or some smaller town somewhere in east Texas. Apparently Lil Za is in a group called Young Hot Boyz with Lil Chuckee and texan Lil Twist, whom I only heard of before thru Lil Za's tweets. Young Hoy Boyz. What you think about that? I think it could be great, I wouldn't say it's Young Moneys biggest hope, but still, the idea of a teen version of the Hot Boyz irrationally makes me hope they will make music as good as the original Hot Boyz did when they where teenagers.

Young Hot Boyz - Have You Seen Her

If I have to decide I'd say I liked Lil Za better when he did swanging music, or maybe that's just how I labled him as an artists and I'm unable to appreciate the progress he has made. This is how awesome he used to sound when he was like seven or eight years old

i'm lil za, you won't believe i'm only eight
playin ps2, and man 2000 tre
no pants no play*
yes it's in stores
watch so many screens like that's my chores
screens on my floor, shoes air force ones
if it aint that, it's air jordans
lil za and dsr represent yo click
youngest balla of them all so my pockets thick

*i might have missheard that one, the line doesn't really make sense to me.

Lil Za - Raindrops Ft Tum Tum & Fat Bastard

It's swanging, Fat Beezy is on it, fuckin get with it.
And that's it.

Bonus audio:

Lil Za - Only Can Be Me

B.O.C. - Fuck All of Yall Ft Z-Ro

Oh, almost forgot. As I'm writing this Lil Za is tweeting more or less every minute to let us know his mixtape drops really really soon, like within hours. So get on his twitter!