Sunday, June 21, 2009

These kids got swag.

Fuckin A.

A while back somewhy Lil Trez from Young Trill Ent. (Y.T.E.) out of Little Rock, Arkansas added me on facebook and we been hollerin a bit. The other day he let me know they got a mixtape comin out soon.. So I looked thru my itunes to re-listen the two tracks I downloaded from somewhere on his facebook back then.. All I can say is I will definatley enjoy their mixtape when it drops. These kids, they sound hella raw and show potential. I don't know what plans Baton Rouge label Trill Ent. got for these kids but hopefully they get them plenty studio time, quality beats and career advise and such to get some more music out there..

I'm not super sure what names the four group members go by, and it's not super easy to figure out. But I remember seeing a video suggesting it's Lil Trez who has the first verse on I Den Came Down, Young Swag has the second, Marcino has the third. And I think the fourth member is calle Kane. Not sure I ever heard Kane rap though, so I guess he's the beat maker.. Right.