Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boss Bytch Music

Above pictures are only some of the first photos you'll find image googling "boss bitch"

There's various reasons why this blog is dead as fuck. Mostly it's because I'm writing about Bay rap over at Bayonnaise now and can't be bothered with more than one blog project. Also it's in Swedish, which as it turns out I have more fun writing so that's what I'm doing. I'm not gonna put this blog down though since I still get hella hits from google searches and every now and than someone seems to appreciate the finds. And I might wanna write about shit every now and than that isn't Bay Area rap. If I had more time I would dedicate one blog to the Slow Motion Sounds/Bama movement (which is proving more amazing everytime they drop something). I would dedicate a site to all the dope shit coming out of Baton Rouge right now (the scene is way bigger Lil Boosie/Trill Ent). I would deicate a site to the Dallas rap scene, which is fucking poppin right now with DCC as the leading element.

Anyways, lately I've been listening to hella female rappers. I guess there's different reasons to that, but mostly is because I never don't listen to whatever da fuck I feel like. I'm not gonna listen to a fucking Drake album because his popular, I don't listen to fucking elevator music because bloggers says it's spiritual. And these women rappers make banging music that is better than whatever most artists put out. I listen to great motherfucking rap music, period.

Some of them aren't quite polished as artists, but they show hella talent. And part of why I choose to put the artists on this compilation on there is because these are some the female rappers I'm most anxious about hearing more of in the future. I believe the common nominator that links these artists together is that they are female rappers that have yet to record and drop their best material. I believe their prime are ahead of them.

I hope I'm right.

These songs are not necessarily these artists biggest hits, or even best work. I haven't heard the majority of any of these artists discography so I couldn't tell. They're just songs I like.

Memphis Gangster P. Moses.

Juicemane's Boss Bytch Music Compilation

1. Lady - New Bitch (Florida)
2. Rasheeda - Boss Bitch Swagg (Atlanta, GA)
3. P. Moses - DISAINTWHUTUWANT (Ft Project Pat) (Memphis, TN)
4. XO - Club Hoppa (Longview, TX)
5. Miss B - Badd (Ft Rasheeda & Gangsta Boo) (Atlanta, GA)
6. Tam-Tam - U Bop N (Ft 6 Tre G) (Huntsville, AL)
7. DefinitonDJ ButchaBoie - Pretty N Da Face (feat. BlaqDior, XO & Snow White The Product) (Dallas, TX)
8. Lil Boosie & Lola Monroe - 5 Star Chick (Washington DC/Ethiopia)
9. Lil Ke-Ke Baby - Dream Girl (Florida)
10. CoCo Kiss - Camel Toe (Atlanta, GA)
11. Kreayshawn - Bumpin Bumpin (Oakland, CA)
12. Jessica Rabbit - Girl (Bay Area, CA)
13. The Bangz - Hard In The Paint (LA, CA)
14. Bella Donz - Bang It (LA, CA)
15. Pink Dollaz - I'm Tasty (LA, CA)
16. Asia Lynn - Played Like Gameboy (Ft C-Smoove of Cali Swag District) (LA, CA)
17. Asia Lynn - Take Me Out (Ft YT) (LA, CA)

I was gonna say something about each song, but I figuered I never been good at that. So instead I just wrote out where I think they're from. That's something. The compilation isn't at all mixed or whatever. There's mixtape DJ's hollering over some of these songs, I hate them too. The comp starts off with some southern rap, there's some bay rap in the middle, and finishes with some jerkin songs. It's banging, it's Boss Bitch Music, fuckin get with it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Leauge of Extraordinary G'z NEW MUSIC

If found some jamming shit over at Tha Fixx, which by the way is the best place on the internets if you wanna stay up on non-Houtson Texas rap.. And there is alota Texas music that aint heard, Dallas got swanging shit and the kids music, dougie, which is something else. If that's not your thing though, there's alot of stuff that don't sound like Paul Wall and that isn't all slowed downed hooks, remember groups like Strange Fruit Project and Mojoe hails from Waco or San Antonio or something.

The Leauge of Extraordinary G'z is a group consisting of three other groups, all from Austin. I'm guessing they decided to do a mixtape together to get more exposure to the Austin scene and their music, and it sorta worked, since I never heard of any of these rappers before vol. 1 dropped earlier this year. And they're felt so good about it they decided to do another mixtape, vol. 2!! Which dropped around the internets just the other day. It sounds sorta like this:

Now that was only some of the group members, it's a shame it's the only proper video I found olnine, not counting live performances. I'm not sure if I got this right, but I think The Leauge consists of the following groups and induviduals: C.O.D. [Mr. Greezo, Tuk-da-gat, S-Dot, Lil' J], SouthBound [LowKey, Sandman], and Dred Skott [Esbe, Reggie Coby].

In my opinion, they produce music that deserves to get heard, and I think there's a few of you who haven't heard this yet and very likely might like it.

Mixtape below. Vol. 1 and more Austin music is to be found at tha fixx.

The Leauge of Extraordinary G'z - Conceled Weapons Vol. 2 (DOWNLOAD)

1. HA HA (Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot, Greezo & Esbe)
2. We Gon Make It (Reggie Coby, Esbe & Lowkey)(Prod. Matt Schad)
3. Boom Boom Boom (Da C.O.D.)(Composed By DJ Wes Sanders)
4. Bitch Move (Reggie Coby & Tuk-Da-Gat)
5. Home (Greezo, Tuk-Da-Gat, Esbe & Reggie Coby)(Prod. Chop Steak)
6. Window Seat (Greezo & Sandman)(Remix)
7. Turnt Up (S. Dot & Chamillionaire)(Remix)
8. Dead Fresh/Nice Kicks (Tuk-Da-Gat & S. Dot)(Prod Reggie Coby)
9. Truth (Reggie Coby & Tuk-Da-Gat)(Prod Reggie Coby)
10. Drive Slo (Reggie Coby, Tuk-Da-Gat & Lil J)
11. Round Here (Esbe, Greezo, Lil J & Tuk-Da-Gat)(Prod Nasty Kutz)
12. Go HAWD (Lowkey & Trae the Truth)(Tosin Remix)
13. Soulja Shit (Lowkey & Greezo)
14. Buy U Sumthin (Brooks City, Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot & Lil J)
15. Over (S. Dot & Lil J)
16. Get Em Up (Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot & Lowkey)
17. C2theO-D (S. Dot, Tuk-Da-Gat & Lil J)
18. Not Afraid (Dred Skott & Lowkey)(Remix)
19. Satisfaction (S. Dot & Esbe)
20. Unthinkable (S. Dot, Lowkey & Esbe)
21. Trae Day (Reggie Coby, Tuk-Da-Gat & Geezo)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roach Gigz (of B.I.G.) NEW MIXTAPE

Roach Gigz - Respect It from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Just a maffakin wydu re-post. No reason this can't be up here aswell. Yall already know how I feel about Roach Gigz.... This is his most cohesive mixtape yet, I feel free to say so as I know have been bumping it for several days or months... The most banging is still the B.I.G. tape called Mango-something, which dropped before christmas some years ago.. But nothing has been so well mixed and what not as an album as Roachy Balboa..

And these old ass tracks are still my favorite Roach Gigz, so they belong in the post.

Bitch I Go - On Arrythang

Bitch I Go - Mango

Now, below is the brand new mixtape. And after that there's some of his videos, which I sincerley recommend you to watch, all directed by the very talented Aris Jerome. Also, make sure you'll check out the brand new interview with Roach Gigz by my pals over at Southern Hospitality.

Roach Gigz - Roach Gigz is ROACHY BALBOA

Roach Gigz - My Girl Look Better from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Roach Gigz - Magic Gas from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Roach Gigz - I'm Up ( The Drug Song ) from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer came early!


So a short one. This is what I've been playing, the little collection of legend Husalah few songs dropped since his release from federal prison.. I haven't seen any other collection of these tracks around, not that I've spent to much time on the internets latley, but still.

Juicemane's Post Jail HUSALAH

1. You Neva Know
2. You Know Me
3. Choppas Out
4. Young Dru (Ft Husalah) - So Hot (Remix)
5. Go Silly On Ya Bitch (Ft. Pretty Black R.I.P.)
6. E-40 (Ft Husalah & Clyde Carson) - Lightweight Jammin
7. The Pack (Ft Husalah) - Slappin
8. Messy Marv & Berner (Ft Husalah & Goldtoes) - Doin Time
9. The Dragons (Ft Husalah) - Ride With Me
10. Pray For You

And of course, as a bonus, what I'm really playing, the record I always go back to each summer, mob music at it best. Do yourself a favor and check this 2006 mixtape out, it's the perfect start for anyone who might have been missing out on what The Mob Figaz has been doing the last ten years or so.

I myself didn't hear this tape when it was real current, more like a year or so later. Lets just say that didn't matter at all. Generally speaking, I'd say it's not to often music presented in the mixtape format would ever be worthwhile checking unless it's brand new or atleast somewhat current. Without digging deeper into that topic, I feel I must say this record is timeless, or as timeless a mixtape could ever be. It's as close to a classic any mixtape could ever be, for me.

Demolition Men - Animal Planet Starring The Jacka & The Husalah (2006)

1. Animal Planet-Intro
2. Husalah-zestwayss (A Lotta Fun)
3. The Jacka-Girls Say Remix
4. Husalah & Pretty Black-Do What We Do
5. Rydah J Klyde & Mistah Fab-Self Made Nigga
6. J Stalin-Just A Playa
7. Husalah & Tony Cash- I Need To Know
8. The Jacka & Husalah-Freestyle
9. The Jacka & Husalah-Blind World Remix
10. Husalah & Pretty Black-Rack Out
11. Husalay & Pretty Black-One On ONe
12. Husalah-I Gotta Have
13. Husalah-In'shallah
14. Husalah-Skit
15. J Stalin Ft. The Jacka-The Party Jumpin
16. The Jacka-Bay Go Crazy
17. Husalah-If A Man
18. Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin & Bavgate-Fizzin In A Zone
19. The Jacka-Freestyle
20. Husalah-Rock Out
21. Husalah & The Jacka-You Look Nasty
22. Husalah-Thug U R Not
23. The Jacka & FedX-Visionz
24. FedX, Pretty Black, Lee Majors & Yanna-Major For Real
25. The Jacka & Husalah-Same Shit Everyday
26. The Jacka & Amp Pachino-Never Equal
27. The Jacka-Gunshots
28. Lil Ric, Ap 9, FedX-Come Hard
29. Husalah-Skit
30. Husalah-Why Im A Gangsta
31. The Jacka & Cellski-Lately
32. Pretty Black-Gettin Money
33. The Jacka & Husalah-General Of The Ward
34. Animal Planet-Outro

Throwback video to the throwback record:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

G-Side In Oslo.

Picture courtesy of: 30 pack

I ask again, does anyone not like this ish?

I drove up to Oslo this over Easter to see G-Side live, a seven hour drive I didn't mind at all, since Alabamas G-Side is one of the best rap groups I've been around to see come up. And I know some of yall enjoyed their album Huntsville International from last year. I don't have any videos or pictures of my own, since I never bothered to buy a camera, instead I invest all my money in memories, created by alcohol. So all I can tell you is I have memories of the show being awesome, rappers Clova and ST 2 Lettaz are very pleasent and cool people, as are their manager Codie G, producer CP The Dream, their DJ DJ Dirrty, the their entire crew.

Luckily alot of other people did bring their cameras, and I'm sure they don't mind me posting their videos right here.... So I will, I wouldn't though if the vidoes where of as poor quality as live clips usually are. The duos energy shows really good, and makes this videos must-sees for any fans of great rap music (in my opinion). The first clip has suprisingly good sound and visibility for a club concert, maybe because the norwegians now to spend money on good soundsystem and have prohibited smoking in clubs so you can film and actually see shit. Right this first video starts off with short interview before the show kicks off..

A lil while after the show was over, the crew came back down from backstage and joined the Southern Hospitality crew, who was DJ'ing, behind the booth and kicked off some extra few songs from right there. There's a video of that too:

Tell me they can't rock a show..
Before leaving Norway G-Side had time to record a brand new song and video, produced by local talent Basmo Beats and featured by one of Norways most famous the wedding singers and rappers, Chriss Lee. Here's that video:

Pictures and videos courtesy of 30 Pack, Codie G and Club Juicy. Great night. In case you missed it, you can find G-Sides last two records right here at GOL.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hella music BASED AS FUCK

Ever since Oaklands NHT Boyz dropped The Introduction of NHT about three years ago I've been on the look out for any follow up, I did search the internet hella times, I stayed watching any Bay music oriented blog I could find (not only for the sake of finding new NHT Boyz shit to bump obviously but whatever), they where gone off the internet, and as you all know, this is 2010, if you aren't visibile on the internet all the fucking time there's no proof you ever even existed, unless someone put you in the Bible, and very well, as they never existed as a group that made based music with BASED groups like Teamknoc, some months ago I started seeing them on the move (they might have been all the time, I just didn't see them, thanks twitter, they might have moved around myspace, but I don't really fuck with myspace because it's fucking annoying), now they are back as a sort of new act, just listen to how they mostly sounded in 2007,

NHT Boyz - Introduction

hella based, some of yall might even think that sounded like a JERKIN track, so did the NHT Boyz, or whoever decided to re-push it on the internet as a JERKIN track sometime last year, which is somewhat the proof that what in 2009 was called JERKIN was the same thing they called BASED in the Bay 2006-2007, and what they now call BASED, is something that in 2006-2007 only existed in Lil B's head, now what the heck is DOUGIE and what the heck is SETTLED?

Darn I wrote this without dots, I've been reading too much Bolaño, not saying anything other than the lack of dots in my text is similar to anything Bolaño ever wrote, he skipped his dots to embrace the flow in the story, I skip the dots because I'm thinking about Lil B rap tapes while I write. I can't even post it at the anywhere but right here

look at how rought NHT Boyz sound these days, way more Oakland reality and such:

It's mostly that song that works with my thesis they where gone and now they're back hella different, see they did slaps back then and they do slaps now, the world still spinning, and youtubes with it, hella youtubes:

That one right above here is some Oakland reality aswell though

Now before I forget, all these videos are done by the very talented Aris Jerome, good work homie..
So far this post is mostly dope youtubes and too much random text, lets get to the mp3s.. These are the few sort of new NHT Boyz songs I've been able to find when I wanted to find their new shit earlier this year, so I put together a very unofficial Ep, so the tracks wouldn't get lost in some random space in my iPod.. These aren't all their new music, just what I found as mp3s..

NHT Boyz - NHT Boyz NEW By Juicemane

1. Summer Time
2. All On Me
3. I Fuck Her, I Love Her
4. It's Just The Mob
5. 6 In The Morning (Dirty)

That's a picture of the group members. From the left, NAKATINE DA KING, CHIP$ BLACK, KNOWLEDGE.

Also, as a bonus, right below is their entire 2007 mixtape, which for what I know is their only proper mixtape/album dropped in any way so far, it sounds in now way dated, as three year old new music sometimes do, so cop it.

NHT Boyz - The Introduction of NHT

1. Return of The NHT
2. Where I'm From
3. Time For A Change (Ft. Jynz)
4. I'm Goin
5. Get It Got It
6. Skit So
7. Most of My Niggas (Ft. Teamknoc)
8. Punk Rock Boppa
9. Introduction
10. Good
11. Don't Touch Me
12. Bounce
13. NHT Music
14. Space (Ft. Drama)
15. Way Too Fly
16. Wonda Bring The Bass Track
17. Boppas Lounge
18. NHT Talk pt. 2
19. The Anthem

If your are based fuckin get with this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sess 45 new song.

Real quick now. I don't have too much time.. I feel like I need to update every now and than to keep yall coming here. I made the mistake once too many to not post anything for months like I didn't listen to rap music anymore. Well I did, I was just way too lazy to do bullshit posts as this even, one song one post.

So, Sess 45. He's somewhat famous, a known figure in New Orleans. His music, nuthin but fire (as his 2004 album was called).. Before getting this song sent to me by Go DJ's I hadn't heard any other music from him than mentioned album. That was some straight gangsta bounce shit, sounded hella Lousiana. Soulja Slim was on there.. I might post that sometime.. Anyways I've been bumping this song daily since I first heard a few weeks ago. Mostly the beat is what I favor, as it sounds very very DJ Black N Mild, who is my favorite bounce producer.. This isn't a full out bounce song, but it got that beat and the background vocals to speed it up and give that Rhytm-n-Bounce sound, with the chorus is sweetly sung by Ms. Tee.

Sess 45 - Stingy Ft Ms. Tee

Get with it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meko Mcafee - Loving You (Video)

Bay Area's promising Meko Mcafee is back with his second video for his upcoming Ep Justafiable Means, set to drop sometime this month. This is some smooth nice music right here, don't miss it. The Bay stay winning.

The song has been out for a while, but I haven't posted it yet, so here it is now.

Meko Mcafee - Loving You

I somewhat hoped this song would be a successfull rap version of Minnie Rippteron's classic Loving You. Perhaps for the better, it isn't.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yung Lott - Monsta (Video)

I know says this is Six 2 (6 Two? It's not the least googleable name, but not far from it.), but this is a Yung Lott song. I don't know why they choose to put up the name and promote the Fort Worthian that sounds like he's form LA rather than the Baydestrians that sounds like he's from Dallas. Probably because Six 2 has worked with Dre, Snoop and em and Yung Lott still seams to be someone that Dorrough knows. Atleast to me still, see I never downloaded and listend to his december mixtape. I thought about it, but I was at a time in my life where I did my best not to check out so many new rappers, there's just too much new music.. I still don't know what I'm missing.

Now I feel like fuck that, Yung Lott sounded hella good on that song with Dorrough.. I actually didn't see the video for Thass A Bet till now, I only ever saw the making-of-the-track-with Traxamillion in the studio. Those videos are both hella old so I'll settle with linking them and not embedding them. Because that's not what we're talking about, we're talking about this new hit with Yung Lott. He used to be, or is somtime still, called Mass Lott, or Mass Lotto, or M-Lott. Atleast I think so, as I searched my itunes for "lott", those names came up as a collabing artist to well known Bay rappers as Beeda Weeda, The Jacka and Ap.9. And that/those Lotts sound sorta like this one...

This is his mixtape cover:

As you watch this video above, you'll notice that they kicked GS Boyz off the song, or something, those boys where on the mp3 that's been out for a while, and now they aren't in the video. This actually makes the song better, in my opinion. Sounds a bit too much like a remix with six rappers or so on it.. On the song still is Faddy Daddy. I have never heard of this Faddy Daddy dude, as I write this I realize I didn't even consider to discuss why didn't choose to give him the creds for the song as they posted the video an hour ago. He doesn't shame himself, matter of fact he sounds hella good and he talks about popular young people dancing styles, why on earth didn't Faddy Daddy get his name on the video. Fuck

I don't know how posting a video turned out to be such a long text. Anyhoo, I will bless yall with the mp3 to this song right here. This is the version with GS Boyz on it of course, a lil bonus for you GS Boyz fans out there that where disappointed they didn't make it to the official video. They'll be on the next hit I'm sure.

Yung Lott - Monsta (Ft Faddy Daddy, GS Boyz & Six 2 a.k.a. 6 Two a.k.a 6 Deuce)

I found the song on Tha Fixx Mag. That's where you need to go every damn day if you wanna stay tuned with Texas hip hop.

Speaking of Dallas, ya'll is up with the Dallas City Council movment right?? Fuckin get with that aswell.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since above compilation dropped the other week I've been bumping like 80% per cent bounce music.. I have those weeks every now and than. I haven't really talke much about bounce music on this site, so this post might come unexpected. Anyhow, Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2 is awesome (as is 2007's Vol. 1). It's neo-bounce, rhythm-n-bounce, or just New Orelans Bounce Music, whatever you might call it. It's still being done and it's being done well. The good people at the Bouncespot put this out on the labels Take Yo Shirt Off Records and Gutta Bounce Music (I think I got that right).

And since I love bounce music so much, I felt I needed to mention this release, and share a probably fairly unheard bounce record, at the end of the post. First lets focus on this new ish, starting off with the pre-release ad video for said record:

Just look at this tracklist, you know you will love Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2 as much as you loved Vol. 1.

Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2

1. Intro - Took
2. Holla At Cha Ex Freestyle - Gotty Boi Chris
3. Drop Real Low - MC Shakie
4. Smoking Gun - Magnolia Shorty
5. I wanna Be Where U Are (Gutta Bounce Mix) - 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo
6. Addiction Remix (feat. Big Ramp) - Black N Mild
7. Bend Ova (Azz Up Remix) - Gotty Boi Chris
8. Who It Be - Polo-Tee
9. Getcha Getcha (Dj Westbank Red Remix) - Deja Vu
10. MJ Wit IT - Monsta Wit Da Fade
11. Pulla Muscle (Gutta Bounce Remix) - 9th Ward Tea
12. Go Crazy - Sissy Nobby
13. Birthday Sex Remade - Dj Majah & Blaq Biggie Blaq
14. Obsessed Bounce Mix - B. Ford
15. Walk Wit It (Emynd Bounce Remix) (feat. Took) - Big Ramp
16. My Boi Friend - Deja Vu
17. Heartbroken (Gutta Bounce Mix) - Took
18. Clap Again (Gutta Bounce Mix) - Took
19. Out There In Them Streets - Kilo & Eurika

A few of these songs was already leaked when the album dropped last week, some leak over a year ago even. Usually found at Nola Bounce. Of course after seeing this ad video all of you will go straight to itunes and purchase the record, if you can afford to. If you don't have the money right now, click on the titles on the tracklist which are bold and you'll find a download link to that song (or the version that previously leaked actually). So, fuckin get with this, it's good fuckin music.

And this oldie album than, it's none other than Chev Off The Ave's mysterious Straight Off The Ave. I found this album online a few years back, I wish I remembered where, maybe I could learn something about this release. Because I really don't know anything about it. I tried google, and since that's really all I got there really isn't anything more to do. Other than to post a blog post on the internet and hope the next person who googles Chev Off The Ave ends up right here, and decides to post a thorough comment going thru the entire life story of this classy sissy. And give me a mp3 of Chev's most famous song (which is not on this album):

What little internet told me about Chev, expect he was a sissy bounce artist active in New Orleans during the beginning of this past decade. Which I already knew. Emynd put him on his magnificent bounce mixtape a few years ago, and he mentions Chev might no be doing sissy bounce music anymore. And I read somewhere else he moved to Houston and gave that gay shit up, "he don't do that anymore".

About this record, it got skits and all which obviously tells us it is a thought thru records and not just some thrown together compilation. I'd be glad if someone told me more about all these features aswell. I identified a few, two to be exact. The excellent Hot Boy Ronald and someone called Donkey Boy Tony <- awesome name. Dear God this post is getting way too long, I didn't mean for it to be. This means I will not edit it at all, I never do. But if a post is shorter there's still a bigger chance I spot any misstakes, as sentences I re-did and forgot to erase the first attempt or entire pices accidently written twice. Anyways, I don't think I mentioned how much trouble I have been having finding any information about this record online, I must have tried 10 times since I first downloaded it years ago. That's why I feel confindent no one will be too upset of me sharing the entire record. I usally don't like to post entire albums, unless I feel they are rare and need exposure or can't be bought un-used. Every song on here isn't super good anyways, but the standouts is really good. As my favorite "Picture This".

Chev Off The Ave - Straight Off The Ave (A Sissy With Class)

1. Intro
2. Wiggle Bitch Bus
3. Get The Fuck (Ft. Donkey Boy Tony)
4. Sissy Break
5. Picture This
6. A Lil Bit Of Both Worlds
7. Skit - Fuck Katey
8. Fuck Katey
9. Look Over
10. Trade (Ft. Hot Boy Ronald)
11. Skit
12. They Jockin Us
13. Shake It
14. Wiggle Bitch Bus
15. Outro
16. It's Chev

Above picture of Chev Off The Ave is from Aubrey Edwards website..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bitch I Go - Ep

One of my favorite Bay groups the last few years B.I.G. (Bitch I Go) dropped an EP with oldies. These songs where recorded back in 07-08, according to to male member Roach Gigz. The other member of the duo is non other than the legend Rappin 4'Tay's daughter, Lil 4'Tay. I might have mentioned some of this ish before. I never remember what I blogged about, tweeted about (that account may or may not still be active in a while, I've been hacked, my account sends out DM's with suggestions of male on male sex to my fellow tweeters. I could of course use this hacking buisness as an opportunity, to send out suggestions of sex to my fellow female tweeters, if they respond is positively, we'll just have to go from there. If they ignore it, they'll probably just think I was hacked and might even curse at all the devil pervs lurking around the internet hacking peoples Twitter-accounts, leaving me without blame) or just might have randomly commented about on other peoples blogs. I also might have mentioned how I've been a B.I.G. fan since I first heard this song:

Bitch I Go - On Arrythang

Which was maybe 20-50 months ago, I first heard a B.I.G. song that is. It was on a few official on some unofficial compilations some time back. That's still my favorite B.I.G. song, together with a jam called Mango. Which you might think is on this new Ep, but the song on there called M.A.N.G.O. is not at all the same song. It's almost as good though. Right. From Another Ep is, as mentioned old songs, most of them to my knowledge not previously released or even leaked. Some you'll recognize, like I'm Up (The Drug Song). Anyways, it's a super dope Ep. It's all over the internet, so you either already got it or just don't hang around the right part of the internet. This is, as this Ep is being posted, the very center of the right part of the internet. This is the decent and proper part of the internet, which makes the music I post the decent and proper music to listen to. So fuckin get with it.

Anyways. Music:


Bitch I Go - Mango


Roach Gigz & Lil 4 Tay (Bitch I Go) - From Another Ep

1. M.A.N.G.O.
2. I'm Up (The Drug Song)
3. Smack Ft D-Lo
4. Freezin'
5. My Pistol
6. Cheater
7. How I Rock
8. I Get It (Throwback Classic)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meko Mcafee - Now Or Never

What's good. Another short one, real short this time.. Bay Area's Meko Mcafee sent thru another song, off of his upcoming Ep Justifiable Means. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this young gentleman.

Meko Mcafee - Now Or Never (prod: Philty) (2010)


Meko Makafi - Rap Game/Dope Game Ft JT Da Bigga Figga & Da Heatin (2001)

Oh, you'll notice he used to spell his name Meko Makafi, he has now somewhy changed it to Meko Mcafee.

And another bouns, his 2007 free mixtape, Fresh ta Death Vol.1 hosted by super producer Traxamillion.
It's not too often you hear a mixtape or an album that is a mix of both classic style Traxamillion blip blap beats and soulfull songs that reminds you of something J. Dilla might have produced. The Message is a R.I.P. J Dilla song even, it might even be a genuin J Dilla beat, it sort of sounds like it. Either way, enjoy.

Meko Makafi - Fresh ta Death Vol. 1 (Hosted By Traxamillion) (2007)

1. Traxamillion intro
2. You dont know
3. Fibz
4. Bay Whomp Ft Bryce & Turf Talk
5. The Grind
6. Its The Only Way
7. So fly Ft Preast
8. Fresh Ta death
9. Can You Hear Me Now?
10. Girbauds
11. And It Goes
12. Time
13. Call Me Makafizzle(prod. by Traxamillion)
14. Nose Bleed
15. The Message
16. Lovin You
17. i See You
18. Major mackin
19. You/Traxamillion outro

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meko Mcafee - No One (Video)

This is smooth, nice and yet hard. I don't usally listen to rap music with this sound, and after seeing this it made me wonder why the hell not. I must miss out on tons of amazing music sort of similar to this Meko Mcafee song. Props to southern hospitality where I first spotted it. I don't know much about him other than that I will keep checking for his music. He might from the Bay Area? I had some brief contact with him and he let me know he is dropping an EP next month, and before that another video will be filmed and dropped sometime this month.


Bonus from 2007:
Meko Mcafee - Eastside (link courtesy of the man himself)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Study In The Art of Time Wastin: 2666 edition

You may or may not know who Roberto Bolaño was, well Gabriel Garcia Marques named him the most important Latino author ever, or something. You might not know who Garcia Marques was neither. Fuck it. Anyways Bolaño wrote this book 2666, he died before he had the chance to do the finishing touches so his family published it after his passing, and we'll never know if he actually wanted to change something before giving it to the world or not.. Anyways, the book has been very popular amongst people who enjoy good shit, as music, coffee, wine and cookies. It's about lost people and emotions that can not be communicated. It's 892 pages long in English, and I decided to tweet about it. Mainly because it's to retarded not to be done.

Also, this is something I did to demonstrate how usefull and yet pointless twitter journalism* can be, triggred by critique towards twitter live reviews of concerts, sports events, social gatherings and what not, I decided go twitter stupid and live review a book. I haven't reviewed a book since school, and I probably never will again. Not that this is an actual review. Even though nobody will ever have (good) a reason to read this post, and therefor probably never will, since I did tweet the damn tweets I might aswell post the result gathered.

Next hip-hop related post within soon. Might post some newish NHT Boyz soon.

*I am not a journalist and never will be, that would require ambition and readers

Oldest tweet first and newest last.
I did all the tweets with the tag #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo So fresh start on 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, #bolano2666live begins now!

JuiceManeHugo don't speak spanish so im reading the english version, 892 pages hopefully filled with awesome words and such. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo First 15 pages or so sorta remind me of "Los detectives salvajes" middle part, different people talk about an author #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo #bolano2666live bumping fed-x from mob figaz while reading, good fit.. Archimboldi is still mysterious as fuck, keeps me interested!

JuiceManeHugo #2666 #bolano2666live I already read 2% of the book, and really like it so far.. Still can't possibly be the best 2% of the book..

JuiceManeHugo Drank coffee, couple of fruits and continuing reading. #fruitymoment #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Still loving this book, the young lady is gonna crush everyone but the dude in wheelchair, or will she.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo The white trash old woman in me sorta liked when he is more direct and describes everything in each sex episode #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Really weird subject matter btw, old people and a chick obsessing over unknown german litterature.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo First mention of Sonoro right before I went to sleep! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo On balcony eating an apple thinking about if any of the other #bolano2666live tweeters find the woman (liz) likeable at all #fruitymoment

JuiceManeHugo how can they afford to travel so much on such short notice?? plane tickets last minute is no joke... #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo @bolano2666live this weird love thing is sort of reminding me of the weird love thing in "love in the time of cholera" What about ze german?

JuiceManeHugo Male characters in a South American novelists book are so sad they have to fuck whores the feel better, suprise suprise #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Wow hearsay the german is alive, right now it's really interesting! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Lite kul att rektorn heter "the rector of St Teresa uni" i den här översättningen. #bolano2666live
JuiceManeHugo A mind that makes onomatopoeic noises. What? Syllables of seductive rage? Im so lost. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Oh did i say mind making onomatopeic noises, suppose to be a mine, sry. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Critics, you are lost, confused and apathetic, stop fucking around and go back home. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Wow this time he didn't fuck a whore, she's just a teenager. The woman is bad-dumb. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Just finished the part about the critics. Im lovin it mane.. I have think about this.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Amalfitanos background is the most "off-story" so far, how long has it been since the words stored concerning the german. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo dear god just woke from re-having the italians nightmare, by the pool and all the scarieness.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Me vale madre they're in Sonora drinking the mezcal Los Suicidas, in this book too! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo School shit work what not is really fuckin up my reading time, it slows down my learning #bolano2666live time for some now doh..

JuiceManeHugo I don't even remember what happend in the book latley.. Oh yeah the chilean got crazy, seeing numbers..#bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo It took me a while to realize Fate was black.. I didn't see it, and I have no clue what his part in this is.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I sat behind a church today reading ans felt as much in despair as Fate does the days after his moms passing #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Seaman and Fate's story is sometimes dull sometimes very interesting, I'm eager to see where this is going.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo 4th of the book read, time to post a summary of the #bolano2666live ??

JuiceManeHugo I didn't like Fate's ties to Mexico first but I'm really enjoying this part now, him thinking about his mom and all.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo i hope Seaman makes a return somhow though.. he need to speak on the crimes and the desert #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Rosa Amalfitano acts strong because her father don't give a fuck, but really she don't give a fuck neither. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Probaly she and Fate could hold hands and don't give a fuck together, snort and solve crime. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo If they make #2666 a movie the guy how plays the main character in "Sleeper Cell" should play Fate. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo My mental image of Rosa amalfitano looks/come off like the weird emo intern from parks&recreation/Seth R gf from FunnyPeople #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Aubrey Plaza, that's her name, the actor woman Rosa Amslfitano reminds me of. bolano2666live

Is this going to be 200 pages with descriptions of how there women got killed? Ps dont answear if you know. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I liked the part about Fate the most so far, something about despair and adventures. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Last night I dreamt I found a dead womans body as I was out in Santa Teresa drinking with Luis Guzman and Danny Trejo @bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I don't know if I'm supposed to like these cops, are they the killers and rapist or are they the good guys #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Oh fuck Im lost in s chapter about a seer (pshycic I guess).. Who da fuck was benito juarez?? #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Didn't expect Bolano to mention the Swedish criminology writer Harry Söderman.. #bolano2666live
JuiceManeHugo Catching up on #bolano2666live now.. Damn, i will miss huntsville sheriff Harry, if he really died..

JuiceManeHugo Klaus Haas reminds me of the german farmer in Cenntenial, that hella old cowboy series.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo WTF Lalo Cura is the son of either Arturo Belano or Ulises De Lima from Los Detetectivos Salvajes?? #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Now #bolano2666live brings up a topic I often pondered on, whatever happens to Prussia? Where did the Prussians go?

JuiceManeHugo serial #bolano2666live is classic literature, so many amazing stories in one book.. review is done, 750 pages in it's beyond amazing..

JuiceManeHugo The parts about Ansky and even Ivanov are extremly random, and icredible. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo In class thinking about #bolano2666live the parts about amalfitano n fate where both amazing, but hecka random. Fate-story was way different

JuiceManeHugo Finished #bolano2666live on the flight, amazing, greatness..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kevin Gates is too slept on.

Dude can rap, yall like rappers right? Kevin Gates brings something fresh to the Baton Rouge rap scene, and still he sounds very much like that rough BR sound I love. This reminds me of all the dope shit that came out of there this decade. He fits in good around Nu$$ie, Bleed, C-Loc, Max Minelli, J-Von, Boosie and all of them...

2009 was a great year for rap, so much dope rap music dropped I had serious problems keeping up. I mean there's probably like 50 albums from last year I'd really wanna hear more times but there was always something new more or as interesting dropping right after. These are good problems to have, actually thinking back on 2009 as a among them, the great rap music that dropped was probably one of the few really positive things that happened all year for me.. So if you had was as busy checking new music as I was, there's decent probability you didn't check or even heard of the great Kevin Gates out of Baton Rouge, LA. Now if you didn't you fuckin should, that's what's this post is about..

Actually this post will mostly be youtube's and links to the three mixtapes that he dropped, since I don't really know much about the dude... Anyways the clip right here below is a 7 min interview, so just go ahead and check that out if you like dudes music.. Followed by a slightly shorter interview, or rather video of him speaking about his achievements in the Baton Rouge rap scene, him working with Lil Boosie and what not..

Long ass interview:

Slightly shorter video:

Now some god damn music for yall. As you might notice if you listen Kevin Gates is closer to the sometimes melodramatic Lil Boosie, Max Minelli or Young Bleed than he is Hurricane Chris or Webbie. Though as all those artists he's diverse too, mixing club bangers with street/real life shit. With a reggae twist, which actually works. I don't know what you think but personally I'm usally against any mixing of reggae and hip-hop, mostly it just doesn't sound good. But there are exceptions, as with Kevin Gates. His reggae voice doens't bother me at all.. ....Anyways this was the first tracks I thought about when I decided to do this post, this is by no means a best of round up or something, just the first that came to mind... Ja:

On this one he's on some reggae type rap. As mentioned, don't get scared off, he pulls it off neatly.

Kevin Gates - Im A Grinder

I relate to this, I also sometimes where my pants low.

Kevin Gates - Get In The Way Ft. Boosie Bad Azz &
DJ BlackGhost

She gone suck it, fuck it, and all of that.

Kevin Gates & Level - Get In Here

These two are some examples of Kevin's work with the amazing Max Minelli. They sound dope as fuck together in my opinion.

Kevin Gates - Find My Way (Can't Be Life) Ft Max Minelli

Max Minelli - Above The Clouds Ft Kevin Gates

This is a re-make of that reggae song that goes 'out in the streets, they call it murder'.. Is that a Damien Marley original? Also it's about time I posted some T-Bo, he's dropping a new album soon which I'm expecting mush of. Actually I'll just go ahead and post the best track off of T-Bo's mixtape from beginning of '09.

T-Bo - Murder Ft Kevin Gates

T-Bo - Pain & Pleassure


And these are the mixtapes he dropped in 2009.. I've been hearing he's been locked up most of 2009, I'm not to sure, since he did drop three mixtapes. On one of them though he raps from inside jail on the intro. He's tweeting very sporadically thru out the year, rappers that are out and balling usually tweets like 200 times a day, but we all know that.

As reference, he has worked with following industry recognized artists: Juvenile, Lil Boosie, Max Minelli, Mouse, Young Bleed, Dungeon Family's Malachi (or is it another Malachi) and Akon (<- as have 50.000 other rappers, but still). NOW THE MIXTAPES, THE MUSIC, GET EM!!

Kevin Gates - All In (February)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" font="">

1. Intro
2. Looking For A Right
3. I'm A Grinder
4. Who's Got Love For Me
5. Respect
6. Shit Could Get Real
7. Get In Here
8. Million Dollar Dreams
9. Amazing
10. Oh Girl
11. Money Over Here
12. Clean
13. Bout My Money
14. Way She's Moving
15. What Up Homie
16. Reckless
17. Clearly
18. Trappin Or Rappin
19. Get It For Her
20. All My Life
21. My Block (Feat. Akon)

Kevin Gates - Behind Enemy Lines (November)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" span="">

1. Kevin Raps From Jail
2. Head 2 My Toes
3. Streets Of B.R.
4. Stuck In Da Streets
5. She Don't Wanna
6. Kevin Talks From Jail
7. Don't What To Call It
8. Taking Off
9. I Be In Da Trap (Feat. Nu$ie) R.I.P. Nu$ie!
10. My Niggas
11. Travis Speaks From Jail
12. Solve My Problem
13. Grown Man Music
14. Dangerous
15. 69 (Feat. Malachi)
16. Take A Ride (Feat. Malachi)
17. Kevin Speaks From Jail 2
18. Make Em' Believe
19. Put Dat Ass On Me
20. Don't Need Niggas (Feat. Easy)
21. Outro

Kevin Gates & DJ BlackGhost - Dead Game Records Presents (All Or Nuthin) Special Edition (December)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" span="">

1. Where I Stay
2. Get In The Way Ft. Boosie Bad Azz & DJ BlackGhost
3. Streets of BR
4. True Life Story
5. Fuck Love
6. U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin
7. We Retarted (Verse)
8. Get In There ft. Wissle
9. Emotion's (Freestyle)
10. Came Alone
11. Mentioning Me
12. Confession's Of My Life
13. Behind Me
14. Girlfriend
15. Love Me No More (Freestyle)
16. The Way I Am
17. Why +Take A Ride Ft. Malachi
18. Get Ya Back Broke Ft. Malachi
19. My Mama Kno
20. Feel Me A Knot (Verse) ft. Dizzle
21. Dirty Work (Verse)
22. Twisted Wordz
23. Warrior
24. Crack In The Making (Verse)
25. Life I Kno
26. Ain't Mention
27. Glocks Staying Cock
28. Stuck In The Streetz
29. Can't Be Life ft. Max Minelli & Malachi

Oh, my resolutions this year was to curse more and try to be more pretentious. How am I doing? I don't think I have it in me.