Thursday, November 26, 2009

G-Side - Huntsville International (H.I.P.)

Does anyone not like this video?

Hello internets! For those of you who already checked this out, I'm mean it's been out for damn near a week, what do you think? What does this part of the internet think of G-Side from Huntsville, Alabama?

I realize rap music from the southern part of the South, a rap group hipster-dude-person Diplo has somehow been involved with, this might not be what you think you could enjoy listening to. Some of you might not even wan't to read or even hear about it. Well, I'm writing about it, and I'm sharing the music because it is very very good and totally free. The people at the Huntsville based record label Slow Motion Soundz posted this album for the world to download themselfs and I don't even think physical copies are available yet.

I did write about G-Side about a year ago somewhere else, that' right about the when I first heard of them and was lucky enough to hear their music. Beats are something way different, all the little tiny sounds and weird samples they use, weird techno samples that doesn't sound too like garbage like all techno ever made.. I have never been able to explain music in a way anyone could understand, so I'm not even going to try this time...
I have to say I'm still not as sold on H.I.P. as I was on their last album Starshipz & Rocketz, but nonetheless I consider it one of the best releases of the year. Throughout quality, only thing annoying is the skits, but when are skits not annoying right? Compared to Starshipz & Rocketz the two rappers ST 2 Lettaz and Clova are even better than they where then, and The Block Beatz production is amazing this time too.

Also, they sample DJ Magic Mike and use it as a chorus, you know I'm feeling the bass.

So here it is:

G-Side - Huntsville International (H.I.P.)

1. Intro - Rob Breezy
2. Huntsville International ft Sound of Silence (Prod: Block Beataz)
3. So Gone (Prod: L-Don)
4. What's It All About (Prod: Johnny Juliano)
5. Bandz Ft DJ Cunta (Prod: Bossman)
6. Paradise (Prod: Mick Vegas)
7. Matthew Africa Speaks
8. Auro Ft P.T. (Prod: Mick Vegas)
9. College Chicks (Prod: Block Beataz)
10. This Groove Ft P.H. (Prod: Block Beataz)
11. Feel The Ft 6 Tre Gangsta & AC (Prod: Block Beataz)
12. Who's Hood Ft Yelawolf (Prod: Block Beataz)
13. This Is Life (Prod: P.T.)
14. In The Rain Ft Bentley (Prod: Block Beataz)
15. Rising Sun Ft Kristmas (Prod: Block Beataz)
16. So Wonderful Ft Chrystal Carr, G-Mane And SupaKing (Prod: Block Beataz)

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