Friday, June 5, 2009

There's A New Ice Cream Man

Dorrough Ice Cream Paint Job

Dorrough Walk That Walk

Yall didn't miss this right? Nothing spectacular really, just some new swangin shit out of Dallas. Right when the summer begins I always try to find whatever swangs the best to hot fuckin summer weather and I usally end up listening to some DSR tape or as this year, either Tum Tum tape from earlier this year or these few mp3's I've been able to find frmo Dorroguh Music.

It's from Dallas. Got a slowed down hook. An Archie Lee mention. Fat Bastard is on there. Fuckin get with it.

Notice there's a Halle Berry remix on there.

1. Ice Cream Paint Job
2. Walk That Walk
3. I Stay ft A Bay Bay, Fat Pimp, Trai D & Tum Tum
4. Caramel Sundae ft Fat Bastard
5. Halle Berry with Supastaar
6. She Can Get It