Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Jerkin Shit.

Dude's over at Digital Dripped put up enough jerkin music, I could probaly spend all summer listening to nothing but Jerkin shit. I spent a little bit less time listening to Jerkin the last few weeks doh, after an embarrassing drunken try to perform the actual dance on an empty street in front of a numerous friends (one) as I played New Boyz soon-to-be mega-hit Your A Jerk on my celluar phone. Had I been a tiny bit less drunk, perhaps I would have succedeed in explaining the music and the dancing without actually having to perform it. Next week I'll put up a mirror in my bedroom in my new apartment, maybe I'll jerk a little bit, like three times, in front of, till I'm good enough to do it at clubs.

Anyhow. Here's some new Jerkin shit I've been listening too. You already know about the Pink Dollaz magic posted previously, so I left that out. Still, there's is plenty of female vocalists on here, which is pleasant. Plenty shit seams to be produced by JHawk. But I don't really know, feels like most time I check another song there's a new artist. I've got some favorites toh, becides from New Boyz and Pink Dollaz, Julian and YG (who's not same guy as YB??) really goes hard.

Notice there's a song on there which claims to have been produced by Mike Watts, the Mike Watts? Sounds unlikeley..

And I added some New Boyz snippets at the end, relevant since they're probaly the group within the jerkin genre who are most likely to put out an album within soon. Did they sign to Warner or something? I read something about that...


1. Josip - iGo Bananas
2. The iN Krowd - My Checks
3. Julian - Jerkin Song
4. Go Go Power Rangers - Tippin On My Dick
5. New Boyz - Bunz
6. The Truth - Official (Prod. Mike Watts)(ft Yung Miss)
7. Coogi Dollas - I Can Jerk
8. YB - I Don't Give A Fuck Ft V.A.
9. New Era - Pockets On My Pannies
10. C-Wenz - iLive iLove iJerk
11. FreshBoyBleed - Show U How It Go
12. Fresh Boyz - iRockSkinnies
13. Bugsy & Yummy S Dot - H.E.A.D.
14. New Era - Dogg That Pussy
15. New Boyz - So Dope (Snippet)
16. New Boyz - Dot Com (Snippet)
17. New Boyz - Colorz (Snippet)

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