Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sirealz of Teamknoc First (?) mixtape..

From what I know this is the first solo project from Sirealz or Tib from Teamknoc. It's been hecka long since I've seen any mixtape from them, like one entire year or something, wow. I bumped it a couple of times, back and forth from uni, since he dropped it on his twitter and datpiff yesteday.. Couple of songs does sound a bit different from what I remember the Teamknoc mixtapes sounding like, but that's cool, because it isn't a Teamknoc mixtape.. Anyhow, here's the full mixtape, his own link. And my first listen stand outs:

Tracklisting above on the back cover.. Standouts:

Sirealz says it's okay to be different. This sounds like the sort of song Swedish self esteem focusing party-televison psyhologist Mia Törnblom would make if she had the will or talent to be a based rapper. Still very dope..

Mia Törnblom

Still very dope.. A couple of months ago I somehow managed to get a hold of some mp3's of a few Sirealz and Teamknoc songs that may or may not be recent. I'm pretty sure most of these songs aren't on any other release. Might be one or two from their 2008 mixtape with previously unreleased songs.. But some songs are definitely new, and not on this mixtape.. So I decided to share those songs... Since I didn't know what release they were on back when I downloaded them first I decided to call the group of songs Sirealz Juice 2009 and Teamknoc Juice 2009


1. Dumbass Clean Ft Blapstar (This is dope, should have def been on Shooting Stars if you ask me)
2. Tight Ass Jeans (dope!!)
3. Cupcake Music
4. Cool White People (right this is on Shooting Stars)
5. Please Don't Let Me Go (autotune)
6. Four 15's (not same version as the one on Shooting Stars)

1. Drums And Based
2. Im A Gigger
3. Im A Party
4. Day N Nite (Remix) Left N Right
5. Everyday Ft Gotti
6. Fat Guy In Little Coat
7. Cakey Booty Blapstar (Frosty Pooky Volume 1) (this is probaly old)


Anonymous said...

thxs for the new Sirealz and Teamknoc music please keep every1 like me updated with there music because its hard to find there tracks, I looked on youtube and they have alot of unheard tracks there also you should check them out, even tho Ti band Sirealz are 2 different rappers, together they are a powerhouse

rap music said...

thanks for the tracks

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

thanks for the comments mannar.