Sunday, November 16, 2008

Si se puede. Not me doh.

So I was writing one of them exams this Friday. Marketing. They basically teach you what have worked, in terms of marketing, in past campaigns. Which isn’t really that difficult, but since I felt compelled to actually memorize the methods used, in order not the fail the exam – I decided not to write a music blog post that week neither. That’s the excuse for that week. I’m not really writing anything worth considering now neither, but I’ll still post it, since it contains what you actually want – an by my opinion underrated and mostly unheard musical effort.

While studying I noticed music can be an disturbing factor, if you choose to listen to music who will take over your mind and make you want to dance or feel good or something like that. Learning is about suffering, and calmness. The suffering comes to you by it self, the calmness you have to create, or either you end up unlearned and with a student loan.

It’s my firm belief the people of Tennessee is the most learnt in the universe, because they by my taste make the best music to study to. Especially pioneer rap and hip hop creator DJ Spanish Fly. His music flows by in the background, I can either just feel good with it bumping or, even better – enjoy it while studying. Difficult to explain really, it makes me want to dance, but yet I don’t, I choose to learn. Like learning was more important then dancing or something.

Anyhow, I’m not going to pretend I’m not writing this while not drunk. I got home from the bar thirtyish minutes ago, five songs in itunes maybe, and instead of going to bed I wrote this. So, that’s why you’ll have problems finding any info on the artist who’s music I choose to share in this post, and rather find yourself reading about the reactions his music creates in my mind. Also I don’t now much about DJ Spanish Fly, he’s supposedly a Memphis legend and the guy who did what Paul, SkaFace and such individuals done before they did it. Just listen. Vibe with it.

1. Movw Muthafucka
2. Shottriggaman
3. I'm Da Nigga (Original)
4. Yaoe Man (Remix)
5. Smokin Onion (Remix)
6. Trigga Man (Original)
7. Hoodcall II
8. Git Buck
9. 14 Hollow Points
10. Let's Get It On (Mix)

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