Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sky Balla - Tycoon Status (2008)

One of the records I listened most to this year was San Francisco artist and former member of Tha Gamblaz - Sky Balla’s Tycoon Status. I didn’t post it here as soon as I discovered it was banging. I figured the dude needed as many people as possible to actually buy his record. He was up for trial for drug trafficking or something, he didn’t do well. He got sentenced to a shitload of years in jail, I don’t know how many. I just read about it on some blog.

Anyway, a few days ago I uploaded it for Simon, I had previously sent him one of the songs and he wanted to hear the rest. Would be a terrible waste not to share that link with the twelve people who check goodolelove each week (counting those who just google one of the albums I posted, download it and forget they where ever here). I’m starting to think pausing the posting for a year or however long it’s been has affected the number of readers.

This is pretty much what I told Simon about the record, and I’m supposed to be studying so I’ll just translate it and leave it like it is. After first hearing Tycoon Status back in April or maybe May, I didn’t do what I usually do when I hear a good record, listen to it five enjoyable times and then go on to more recent music. I kept listening to it the entire summer and most of the autumn. Why? It’s just a dumb motherfucker making music. He sort of reminds me of DJ Kahled really. The record is about materialism, money, the business of purchasing and selling cocaine and self love. Those are topics I can relate to (all but one). He also have a song about a girl, he declares his love and than excuses his “super-model fetish”. You gotta like that.

Other good things about the record, best described in a proper list:
1. He calls the guy who used to talk about pimping on old E-40 records and let that conversation be the intro.
2. He has a song with Hell Rell.
3. He has a song with Slick Pulla, also he sample Young Jeezy several times.
4. The guy who sung the chorus on “I got five on it” is on the album.
5. Bay love, San Quinn, E-40, Turf Talk and Mistah F.A.B. are great features. Turf Talk has the best verse on the album

Sky Balla- Tycoon Status (2008)
(sorry, no zip or rar, my internet situation is horrible, haven't been able to upload any bigger files in months, it's all on there thoguh)

1. Free Mac Minister (Intro)
2. For Da Streets
3, Stay Grindin
4. I Go
5. Direct Connect (ft Hell Rell)
6. Lets Talk Money
7. Creep With You (ft Tynisha Keli)
8. Posted At The Bar (ft Cassidy & Willie Hen)
9. I'm About Mine (ft Mike Mashall)
10. Mobbin All Day (ft San Quinn & E-40)
11. Whats Crackin
12. Need A Bigga Room (ft Blu Davinci)
13. U.S.D.A. Interview With Big Von
14. I Ride (ft Slick Pulla)
15. Hit Me On My Cheap (ft Turf Talk)
16. Tycoon Status
17. Mobbin All Day (ft Mistha F.A.B.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rollin Rollin Rollin We Ain't Slept In Weeks

The Block Beataz is really doing it. I checked out a couple of more Slow Motion Soundz releases, like this Jackie Chain mixtape from this year. And a Jhi Ali mixtape from last year. This song might just be the tytest I heard all year! Just listen.

From Jackie Chain's 2008 mixtape, pic above.. I don't really know how to split the track up in two indivdual songs, so just deal with the slash (back-slash?)

And here's the verison I found of last years Jhi Ali mixtape. I don't know why the don't let the tracks just be their own mp3s, another slash.

And the Diplo remix off the Hunts Vegas tape.

I really don't know which mix I like the best. I'm feeling the one with Attitude and Rich Boy right now, it's a bit rawer, no lady singing sample, less remixed really.

Speaking of Attitude, if you get ahold of it, or if I decide to upload it, give his 1997 record a listen. It's whortwhile.

Monday, December 1, 2008

G-Side - Starshipz & Rocketz

I just found out about this album a few days ago, and the group for that matter, and it totally blew me away. The production is way cleaner and more thought thru than the typical low-budget southern hip hop I’m used to. I don’t know who’s involved with this, but it sounds like they have an experienced recording artist somewhere in the mix, how could it otherwise sound so good? Are they plain and simply this talented? Or did they get some instructions from the Paper Route Gangsta’z affiliate and big time DJ/producers Diplo&Benzi? Who knows..

Who are G-Side even? I’ll have to google it, hold on.. Yes, luckily, they got their whole story and background up on myspace. It’s a duo consisting of ST 2 Lettaz and Young Clovah. They grew up in Lil Athens, Alabama, and they seam to stay in Huntsville. They both grew up in poverty and all kinds of misery, homelessness and family drug abuse and such. Then they became rappers, released one joint previous to Starshipz & Rocketz. Apparently G-Side previously worked with a producer called CP, and for this record, C.P. team up with Mali Boi to become the prodcution team The Block Beataz, which produced this entire record. Great work! I will go search the internets for more of their work right now. Until now I've given Diplo&Benzi most of the credit for the PRG'z songs I've heard. This record shows these producers are fully potent of making great music, without the help of hipster DJ's.

Anyway, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. The fact that I even keep listening to it when Scarface just leaked, San Quinn and E-40 is out, Draped Up & Chipped Out 3 is on the internet, and still I keep listening to G-Side! Do yourself a favor and check this out. This is the kind of experience that makes me still check out music from artists I’m not already familiar with. Every now and then you stumble upon gold, like Playboy Tre earlier and G-Side now. Enjoy!

G-Side – Starshipz & Rocketz (2008)

Huntsville, Alabama

1. Lift Off
2. Starshipz & Rocketz (ft Adrienne)
3. Youth of The Ghetto
4. G S I D E R
5. One Stack
6, Stricktly Buzinezz (ft Mali Boi & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
7. We Own Da Building
8. Gihad Speaks
9. Rubba Bandz (ft Big P.O.P.E. & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
10, Swanin (ft Darrien & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
11. Minute Away (ft Jackie Chain & Lyrix)
12. Back of The Chevy (ft Mali Boi & The Speed of The Sound Choir)
13. Hit Da Block (ft Shyft)
14, Everywhere I Go (ft Lance, Whosane & Adrienne)
15. Speed of Sound
16. Run Thingz

Label: Slowmotion Soundz
Myspace: myspace.com/gside74
The Block Beataz
The Block Beataz interview

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Si se puede. Not me doh.

So I was writing one of them exams this Friday. Marketing. They basically teach you what have worked, in terms of marketing, in past campaigns. Which isn’t really that difficult, but since I felt compelled to actually memorize the methods used, in order not the fail the exam – I decided not to write a music blog post that week neither. That’s the excuse for that week. I’m not really writing anything worth considering now neither, but I’ll still post it, since it contains what you actually want – an by my opinion underrated and mostly unheard musical effort.

While studying I noticed music can be an disturbing factor, if you choose to listen to music who will take over your mind and make you want to dance or feel good or something like that. Learning is about suffering, and calmness. The suffering comes to you by it self, the calmness you have to create, or either you end up unlearned and with a student loan.

It’s my firm belief the people of Tennessee is the most learnt in the universe, because they by my taste make the best music to study to. Especially pioneer rap and hip hop creator DJ Spanish Fly. His music flows by in the background, I can either just feel good with it bumping or, even better – enjoy it while studying. Difficult to explain really, it makes me want to dance, but yet I don’t, I choose to learn. Like learning was more important then dancing or something.

Anyhow, I’m not going to pretend I’m not writing this while not drunk. I got home from the bar thirtyish minutes ago, five songs in itunes maybe, and instead of going to bed I wrote this. So, that’s why you’ll have problems finding any info on the artist who’s music I choose to share in this post, and rather find yourself reading about the reactions his music creates in my mind. Also I don’t now much about DJ Spanish Fly, he’s supposedly a Memphis legend and the guy who did what Paul, SkaFace and such individuals done before they did it. Just listen. Vibe with it.

1. Movw Muthafucka
2. Shottriggaman
3. I'm Da Nigga (Original)
4. Yaoe Man (Remix)
5. Smokin Onion (Remix)
6. Trigga Man (Original)
7. Hoodcall II
8. Git Buck
9. 14 Hollow Points
10. Let's Get It On (Mix)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's hella hot and I have to wait like an hour before the wine gets cold enough to drink

Damn, it's by law forbidden to sell cold alcohol beverages in damn country. People might drink their wine right outside the licker store and get all stumbling, takin pisses right on the street and fall over and what have you, if the wine was cold when they bought. So Uncle Göran, the Swedish Sam, decided all of us thirsty fuckers just have to wait till we get home and have time to put our beverages in the freezer...
So what does one do waiting for the got damn drink to get cold. Listen to random mp3's of course. It's way to warm to be outside, one might think. Mostly I just got bored sitting around in the sun all day, so I'm stuck in here by the computer. Even bored enough to start write some sort of blog, without really having anything to say. However, if you'll ever find yourself in this situations, some of this tunes might help you.

Just pretend this song isn't about love or something Celine Dion'ish like that, pretend it's actually about a brew. A cold weissbeer perhaps. You see? It fits in way better. He even starts off like this:

Somehow the thought of you makes me cold inside
at times there are feelings that I just can't hide
feelings inside, that can not be explained
each moment with you
seems to heal the pain!

This just sounds good. Anytime.

This is new. And sounds good.
Wine is cold now, so I won't write anything more. Maybe after I drunk that bottle. Anyways, I'm in a rush off to eat some cancer.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will anybody evar read this?

Alright.. So I haven't posted anything since, eh December, that's like last month right. Almost forgot about this site, till I got a reminding e-mail saying some dude posted a comment on an old post giving me props. Which obviously was a nice change of e-mail topic, usually all I get is electronic bills and penis enlargement ads, don't pay much attention to neither. So anyhoo, I've stayed in Canada for a bit skiing, which is why there's a pic of me skiing above. I didn't work any for two months and spent my days skiing, drinking beer and basically let my hair down. After three not actually that tough years of working I felt I needed a couple of months of vacation, fuck being grown up.

Biggest reason I haven't posted any is, this is a music blog right, I barley listened to any music. We stayed eight people in a house, three in each room. None of the people I stayed with enjoyed music containing words such as bitch or hoe mucho, which I do. Sexist music is like my way of dealing with the passive aggression anyone and everyone (even nuns and Buddhists and such I bet) have a bit of towards that other sex, or something. And we didn’t have a stereo in our Chevy, so we sung Minnie Riperton while driving and listened to Swedish suicide-pop-sans-words-like-bitch-or-hoe whenever we had a stereo.. One night I spent drinking at some bar there was a live act, some DJ playing techno and rapping to it and his Russian broad singing choruses. That might have been my worst music moment evar.

But who cares really. From like five hours of bumping a day to ten minutes. I couldn’t even name five albums released in 2008 I’ve listened to. So, as I write this I’m not sure what this post is going to be about really. I just wanna keep this thing alive I guess. I’m working on a few WYDU posts with actual content, might be a bit till I post that though.

Actual beginning of the post: The few weeks I’ve been back in Stockholm I’ve pretty much haven’t listened to any music not from Louisiana, mostly New Orleans and Baton Rouge obviously. Which means plenty violent gangsta rap and New Orleans Bounce. Good looking Twankle & Glisten, got plenty of this shit from there.. There’s so much jamming music from there, act I never paid any attention to before really surprised me. So, her we go I guess. As always, just jams, not saying these are the best or even among the best from there.

UNLV – Drag ‘Em ‘n tha River (1996)

UNLV is from New Orleans and the name stands for Uptown Niggas Living Violent, which seams to fit them pretty well. There album is filled with sweet violent gangsta tales. This is a Mystikal diss and possibly a Baby diss as well. Apparently Yella Boy, one of the three rappres in the group were shot and killed. A murder some connects to this beef. I wouldn’t know, people seams to shot each other for pretty much no reason down there… I just read this on their wikipedia page, so it’s not like I would know anyways. It’s a god damn hard track anyhow, and at the same time melodious. Gansta lyrics to a beat which is mainly great because it’s simplicity, fast drum pattern with consistent piano loop and some dude yelling un-irritating in the background. Ahead of it’s time?

Choppa – Straight From The N.O. feat. Big Man (2003)

It’s like rappers try harder when they’re gonna rep their city. Fast, I don’t know why rappers now days look for house/trance beats when they want a fast track. They should just go down to Lousiana and find whoever produced this and make him do a couple of more beats just like this. Matter of fact, use this beat. None of the hipsters over here would notice I wouldn’t have to listen to house beats whenever I feel to support the local rap scene.

Lil’ E – Fuck That Nigga (1995)

Fast and hard. I’m gonna play this at a party sometime soon to see if people will get buck wild, that’s what I feel like doing hearing this.

MC Spud – Creepin' hoes & niggas

Yeah. You better watch them hoes. I have no idea who MC Sprud is, no hits on google. Whatever, this goes. Bounce!

Chev – Sissy Break (????)

A bit reluctantly I gave this a listen, got to give it a change right? Chev is one of those sissy rappers we heard about. Album didn’t do much for me, this track did do. I haven’t dared listen to the lyrics really, all I know this goes..

Ruthless Juveniles – Gangster Tale (1992)

Gangsta rap is the shit.

Max Minelli – Move (Let Me In) feat. C-Loc (2008)

Baton Rouge’s Max Minelli has been a personal favourite of mine for a bit now. I’m still waiting for him to release a proper LP on Koch, who signed him a couple of years ago. This is the best track from the mixtape he dropped like a month back.

Tre-8 – Story To Tell Pt. II feat. Jace Rich & Murder Ro (2008)

This guy used to be a producer/rapper signed to No Lomit before they blew up in the mid 90’s. He split just before and started his own label, which I’ll assume didn’t do as good as No Limit. He dropped a new mixtape/album a few weeks back.

Enjoy, whoever may or may not read this....