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A Study In The Art of Time Wastin: 2666 edition

You may or may not know who Roberto Bolaño was, well Gabriel Garcia Marques named him the most important Latino author ever, or something. You might not know who Garcia Marques was neither. Fuck it. Anyways Bolaño wrote this book 2666, he died before he had the chance to do the finishing touches so his family published it after his passing, and we'll never know if he actually wanted to change something before giving it to the world or not.. Anyways, the book has been very popular amongst people who enjoy good shit, as music, coffee, wine and cookies. It's about lost people and emotions that can not be communicated. It's 892 pages long in English, and I decided to tweet about it. Mainly because it's to retarded not to be done.

Also, this is something I did to demonstrate how usefull and yet pointless twitter journalism* can be, triggred by critique towards twitter live reviews of concerts, sports events, social gatherings and what not, I decided go twitter stupid and live review a book. I haven't reviewed a book since school, and I probably never will again. Not that this is an actual review. Even though nobody will ever have (good) a reason to read this post, and therefor probably never will, since I did tweet the damn tweets I might aswell post the result gathered.

Next hip-hop related post within soon. Might post some newish NHT Boyz soon.

*I am not a journalist and never will be, that would require ambition and readers

Oldest tweet first and newest last.
I did all the tweets with the tag #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo So fresh start on 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, #bolano2666live begins now!

JuiceManeHugo don't speak spanish so im reading the english version, 892 pages hopefully filled with awesome words and such. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo First 15 pages or so sorta remind me of "Los detectives salvajes" middle part, different people talk about an author #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo #bolano2666live bumping fed-x from mob figaz while reading, good fit.. Archimboldi is still mysterious as fuck, keeps me interested!

JuiceManeHugo #2666 #bolano2666live I already read 2% of the book, and really like it so far.. Still can't possibly be the best 2% of the book..

JuiceManeHugo Drank coffee, couple of fruits and continuing reading. #fruitymoment #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Still loving this book, the young lady is gonna crush everyone but the dude in wheelchair, or will she.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo The white trash old woman in me sorta liked when he is more direct and describes everything in each sex episode #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Really weird subject matter btw, old people and a chick obsessing over unknown german litterature.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo First mention of Sonoro right before I went to sleep! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo On balcony eating an apple thinking about if any of the other #bolano2666live tweeters find the woman (liz) likeable at all #fruitymoment

JuiceManeHugo how can they afford to travel so much on such short notice?? plane tickets last minute is no joke... #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo @bolano2666live this weird love thing is sort of reminding me of the weird love thing in "love in the time of cholera" What about ze german?

JuiceManeHugo Male characters in a South American novelists book are so sad they have to fuck whores the feel better, suprise suprise #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Wow hearsay the german is alive, right now it's really interesting! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Lite kul att rektorn heter "the rector of St Teresa uni" i den här översättningen. #bolano2666live
JuiceManeHugo A mind that makes onomatopoeic noises. What? Syllables of seductive rage? Im so lost. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Oh did i say mind making onomatopeic noises, suppose to be a mine, sry. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Critics, you are lost, confused and apathetic, stop fucking around and go back home. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Wow this time he didn't fuck a whore, she's just a teenager. The woman is bad-dumb. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Just finished the part about the critics. Im lovin it mane.. I have think about this.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Amalfitanos background is the most "off-story" so far, how long has it been since the words stored concerning the german. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo dear god just woke from re-having the italians nightmare, by the pool and all the scarieness.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Me vale madre they're in Sonora drinking the mezcal Los Suicidas, in this book too! #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo School shit work what not is really fuckin up my reading time, it slows down my learning #bolano2666live time for some now doh..

JuiceManeHugo I don't even remember what happend in the book latley.. Oh yeah the chilean got crazy, seeing numbers..#bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo It took me a while to realize Fate was black.. I didn't see it, and I have no clue what his part in this is.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I sat behind a church today reading ans felt as much in despair as Fate does the days after his moms passing #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Seaman and Fate's story is sometimes dull sometimes very interesting, I'm eager to see where this is going.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo 4th of the book read, time to post a summary of the #bolano2666live ??

JuiceManeHugo I didn't like Fate's ties to Mexico first but I'm really enjoying this part now, him thinking about his mom and all.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo i hope Seaman makes a return somhow though.. he need to speak on the crimes and the desert #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Rosa Amalfitano acts strong because her father don't give a fuck, but really she don't give a fuck neither. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Probaly she and Fate could hold hands and don't give a fuck together, snort and solve crime. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo If they make #2666 a movie the guy how plays the main character in "Sleeper Cell" should play Fate. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo My mental image of Rosa amalfitano looks/come off like the weird emo intern from parks&recreation/Seth R gf from FunnyPeople #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Aubrey Plaza, that's her name, the actor woman Rosa Amslfitano reminds me of. bolano2666live

Is this going to be 200 pages with descriptions of how there women got killed? Ps dont answear if you know. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I liked the part about Fate the most so far, something about despair and adventures. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Last night I dreamt I found a dead womans body as I was out in Santa Teresa drinking with Luis Guzman and Danny Trejo @bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo I don't know if I'm supposed to like these cops, are they the killers and rapist or are they the good guys #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Oh fuck Im lost in s chapter about a seer (pshycic I guess).. Who da fuck was benito juarez?? #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Didn't expect Bolano to mention the Swedish criminology writer Harry Söderman.. #bolano2666live
JuiceManeHugo Catching up on #bolano2666live now.. Damn, i will miss huntsville sheriff Harry, if he really died..

JuiceManeHugo Klaus Haas reminds me of the german farmer in Cenntenial, that hella old cowboy series.. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo WTF Lalo Cura is the son of either Arturo Belano or Ulises De Lima from Los Detetectivos Salvajes?? #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo Now #bolano2666live brings up a topic I often pondered on, whatever happens to Prussia? Where did the Prussians go?

JuiceManeHugo serial #bolano2666live is classic literature, so many amazing stories in one book.. review is done, 750 pages in it's beyond amazing..

JuiceManeHugo The parts about Ansky and even Ivanov are extremly random, and icredible. #bolano2666live

JuiceManeHugo In class thinking about #bolano2666live the parts about amalfitano n fate where both amazing, but hecka random. Fate-story was way different

JuiceManeHugo Finished #bolano2666live on the flight, amazing, greatness..

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