Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meko Mcafee - Now Or Never

What's good. Another short one, real short this time.. Bay Area's Meko Mcafee sent thru another song, off of his upcoming Ep Justifiable Means. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this young gentleman.

Meko Mcafee - Now Or Never (prod: Philty) (2010)


Meko Makafi - Rap Game/Dope Game Ft JT Da Bigga Figga & Da Heatin (2001)

Oh, you'll notice he used to spell his name Meko Makafi, he has now somewhy changed it to Meko Mcafee.

And another bouns, his 2007 free mixtape, Fresh ta Death Vol.1 hosted by super producer Traxamillion.
It's not too often you hear a mixtape or an album that is a mix of both classic style Traxamillion blip blap beats and soulfull songs that reminds you of something J. Dilla might have produced. The Message is a R.I.P. J Dilla song even, it might even be a genuin J Dilla beat, it sort of sounds like it. Either way, enjoy.

Meko Makafi - Fresh ta Death Vol. 1 (Hosted By Traxamillion) (2007)

1. Traxamillion intro
2. You dont know
3. Fibz
4. Bay Whomp Ft Bryce & Turf Talk
5. The Grind
6. Its The Only Way
7. So fly Ft Preast
8. Fresh Ta death
9. Can You Hear Me Now?
10. Girbauds
11. And It Goes
12. Time
13. Call Me Makafizzle(prod. by Traxamillion)
14. Nose Bleed
15. The Message
16. Lovin You
17. i See You
18. Major mackin
19. You/Traxamillion outro

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