Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hella music BASED AS FUCK

Ever since Oaklands NHT Boyz dropped The Introduction of NHT about three years ago I've been on the look out for any follow up, I did search the internet hella times, I stayed watching any Bay music oriented blog I could find (not only for the sake of finding new NHT Boyz shit to bump obviously but whatever), they where gone off the internet, and as you all know, this is 2010, if you aren't visibile on the internet all the fucking time there's no proof you ever even existed, unless someone put you in the Bible, and very well, as they never existed as a group that made based music with BASED groups like Teamknoc, some months ago I started seeing them on the move (they might have been all the time, I just didn't see them, thanks twitter, they might have moved around myspace, but I don't really fuck with myspace because it's fucking annoying), now they are back as a sort of new act, just listen to how they mostly sounded in 2007,

NHT Boyz - Introduction

hella based, some of yall might even think that sounded like a JERKIN track, so did the NHT Boyz, or whoever decided to re-push it on the internet as a JERKIN track sometime last year, which is somewhat the proof that what in 2009 was called JERKIN was the same thing they called BASED in the Bay 2006-2007, and what they now call BASED, is something that in 2006-2007 only existed in Lil B's head, now what the heck is DOUGIE and what the heck is SETTLED?

Darn I wrote this without dots, I've been reading too much Bolaño, not saying anything other than the lack of dots in my text is similar to anything Bolaño ever wrote, he skipped his dots to embrace the flow in the story, I skip the dots because I'm thinking about Lil B rap tapes while I write. I can't even post it at the anywhere but right here

look at how rought NHT Boyz sound these days, way more Oakland reality and such:

It's mostly that song that works with my thesis they where gone and now they're back hella different, see they did slaps back then and they do slaps now, the world still spinning, and youtubes with it, hella youtubes:

That one right above here is some Oakland reality aswell though

Now before I forget, all these videos are done by the very talented Aris Jerome, good work homie..
So far this post is mostly dope youtubes and too much random text, lets get to the mp3s.. These are the few sort of new NHT Boyz songs I've been able to find when I wanted to find their new shit earlier this year, so I put together a very unofficial Ep, so the tracks wouldn't get lost in some random space in my iPod.. These aren't all their new music, just what I found as mp3s..

NHT Boyz - NHT Boyz NEW By Juicemane

1. Summer Time
2. All On Me
3. I Fuck Her, I Love Her
4. It's Just The Mob
5. 6 In The Morning (Dirty)

That's a picture of the group members. From the left, NAKATINE DA KING, CHIP$ BLACK, KNOWLEDGE.

Also, as a bonus, right below is their entire 2007 mixtape, which for what I know is their only proper mixtape/album dropped in any way so far, it sounds in now way dated, as three year old new music sometimes do, so cop it.

NHT Boyz - The Introduction of NHT

1. Return of The NHT
2. Where I'm From
3. Time For A Change (Ft. Jynz)
4. I'm Goin
5. Get It Got It
6. Skit So
7. Most of My Niggas (Ft. Teamknoc)
8. Punk Rock Boppa
9. Introduction
10. Good
11. Don't Touch Me
12. Bounce
13. NHT Music
14. Space (Ft. Drama)
15. Way Too Fly
16. Wonda Bring The Bass Track
17. Boppas Lounge
18. NHT Talk pt. 2
19. The Anthem

If your are based fuckin get with this.


Anonymous said...

that 6 in the morning song is the weakest Ice-t cover I ever heard. Whats tzhe point if the cover isnt even half as good as the original?


Thomas said...

I was just now searching for some info about these guys because I just recently heard them for the first time and both the songs were real tight ("Slidin'" and "Block"). Thanks for posting this, I'm DLing the unofficial mix right now.