Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roach Gigz (of B.I.G.) NEW MIXTAPE

Roach Gigz - Respect It from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Just a maffakin wydu re-post. No reason this can't be up here aswell. Yall already know how I feel about Roach Gigz.... This is his most cohesive mixtape yet, I feel free to say so as I know have been bumping it for several days or months... The most banging is still the B.I.G. tape called Mango-something, which dropped before christmas some years ago.. But nothing has been so well mixed and what not as an album as Roachy Balboa..

And these old ass tracks are still my favorite Roach Gigz, so they belong in the post.

Bitch I Go - On Arrythang

Bitch I Go - Mango

Now, below is the brand new mixtape. And after that there's some of his videos, which I sincerley recommend you to watch, all directed by the very talented Aris Jerome. Also, make sure you'll check out the brand new interview with Roach Gigz by my pals over at Southern Hospitality.

Roach Gigz - Roach Gigz is ROACHY BALBOA

Roach Gigz - My Girl Look Better from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Roach Gigz - Magic Gas from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Roach Gigz - I'm Up ( The Drug Song ) from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

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