Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sess 45 new song.

Real quick now. I don't have too much time.. I feel like I need to update every now and than to keep yall coming here. I made the mistake once too many to not post anything for months like I didn't listen to rap music anymore. Well I did, I was just way too lazy to do bullshit posts as this even, one song one post.

So, Sess 45. He's somewhat famous, a known figure in New Orleans. His music, nuthin but fire (as his 2004 album was called).. Before getting this song sent to me by Go DJ's I hadn't heard any other music from him than mentioned album. That was some straight gangsta bounce shit, sounded hella Lousiana. Soulja Slim was on there.. I might post that sometime.. Anyways I've been bumping this song daily since I first heard a few weeks ago. Mostly the beat is what I favor, as it sounds very very DJ Black N Mild, who is my favorite bounce producer.. This isn't a full out bounce song, but it got that beat and the background vocals to speed it up and give that Rhytm-n-Bounce sound, with the chorus is sweetly sung by Ms. Tee.

Sess 45 - Stingy Ft Ms. Tee

Get with it.

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