Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kevin Gates is too slept on.

Dude can rap, yall like rappers right? Kevin Gates brings something fresh to the Baton Rouge rap scene, and still he sounds very much like that rough BR sound I love. This reminds me of all the dope shit that came out of there this decade. He fits in good around Nu$$ie, Bleed, C-Loc, Max Minelli, J-Von, Boosie and all of them...

2009 was a great year for rap, so much dope rap music dropped I had serious problems keeping up. I mean there's probably like 50 albums from last year I'd really wanna hear more times but there was always something new more or as interesting dropping right after. These are good problems to have, actually thinking back on 2009 as a among them, the great rap music that dropped was probably one of the few really positive things that happened all year for me.. So if you had was as busy checking new music as I was, there's decent probability you didn't check or even heard of the great Kevin Gates out of Baton Rouge, LA. Now if you didn't you fuckin should, that's what's this post is about..

Actually this post will mostly be youtube's and links to the three mixtapes that he dropped, since I don't really know much about the dude... Anyways the clip right here below is a 7 min interview, so just go ahead and check that out if you like dudes music.. Followed by a slightly shorter interview, or rather video of him speaking about his achievements in the Baton Rouge rap scene, him working with Lil Boosie and what not..

Long ass interview:

Slightly shorter video:

Now some god damn music for yall. As you might notice if you listen Kevin Gates is closer to the sometimes melodramatic Lil Boosie, Max Minelli or Young Bleed than he is Hurricane Chris or Webbie. Though as all those artists he's diverse too, mixing club bangers with street/real life shit. With a reggae twist, which actually works. I don't know what you think but personally I'm usally against any mixing of reggae and hip-hop, mostly it just doesn't sound good. But there are exceptions, as with Kevin Gates. His reggae voice doens't bother me at all.. ....Anyways this was the first tracks I thought about when I decided to do this post, this is by no means a best of round up or something, just the first that came to mind... Ja:

On this one he's on some reggae type rap. As mentioned, don't get scared off, he pulls it off neatly.

Kevin Gates - Im A Grinder

I relate to this, I also sometimes where my pants low.

Kevin Gates - Get In The Way Ft. Boosie Bad Azz &
DJ BlackGhost

She gone suck it, fuck it, and all of that.

Kevin Gates & Level - Get In Here

These two are some examples of Kevin's work with the amazing Max Minelli. They sound dope as fuck together in my opinion.

Kevin Gates - Find My Way (Can't Be Life) Ft Max Minelli

Max Minelli - Above The Clouds Ft Kevin Gates

This is a re-make of that reggae song that goes 'out in the streets, they call it murder'.. Is that a Damien Marley original? Also it's about time I posted some T-Bo, he's dropping a new album soon which I'm expecting mush of. Actually I'll just go ahead and post the best track off of T-Bo's mixtape from beginning of '09.

T-Bo - Murder Ft Kevin Gates

T-Bo - Pain & Pleassure


And these are the mixtapes he dropped in 2009.. I've been hearing he's been locked up most of 2009, I'm not to sure, since he did drop three mixtapes. On one of them though he raps from inside jail on the intro. He's tweeting very sporadically thru out the year, rappers that are out and balling usually tweets like 200 times a day, but we all know that.

As reference, he has worked with following industry recognized artists: Juvenile, Lil Boosie, Max Minelli, Mouse, Young Bleed, Dungeon Family's Malachi (or is it another Malachi) and Akon (<- as have 50.000 other rappers, but still). NOW THE MIXTAPES, THE MUSIC, GET EM!!

Kevin Gates - All In (February)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" font="">

1. Intro
2. Looking For A Right
3. I'm A Grinder
4. Who's Got Love For Me
5. Respect
6. Shit Could Get Real
7. Get In Here
8. Million Dollar Dreams
9. Amazing
10. Oh Girl
11. Money Over Here
12. Clean
13. Bout My Money
14. Way She's Moving
15. What Up Homie
16. Reckless
17. Clearly
18. Trappin Or Rappin
19. Get It For Her
20. All My Life
21. My Block (Feat. Akon)

Kevin Gates - Behind Enemy Lines (November)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" span="">

1. Kevin Raps From Jail
2. Head 2 My Toes
3. Streets Of B.R.
4. Stuck In Da Streets
5. She Don't Wanna
6. Kevin Talks From Jail
7. Don't What To Call It
8. Taking Off
9. I Be In Da Trap (Feat. Nu$ie) R.I.P. Nu$ie!
10. My Niggas
11. Travis Speaks From Jail
12. Solve My Problem
13. Grown Man Music
14. Dangerous
15. 69 (Feat. Malachi)
16. Take A Ride (Feat. Malachi)
17. Kevin Speaks From Jail 2
18. Make Em' Believe
19. Put Dat Ass On Me
20. Don't Need Niggas (Feat. Easy)
21. Outro

Kevin Gates & DJ BlackGhost - Dead Game Records Presents (All Or Nuthin) Special Edition (December)
(stolen link, original dead <- cheers="" span="">

1. Where I Stay
2. Get In The Way Ft. Boosie Bad Azz & DJ BlackGhost
3. Streets of BR
4. True Life Story
5. Fuck Love
6. U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin
7. We Retarted (Verse)
8. Get In There ft. Wissle
9. Emotion's (Freestyle)
10. Came Alone
11. Mentioning Me
12. Confession's Of My Life
13. Behind Me
14. Girlfriend
15. Love Me No More (Freestyle)
16. The Way I Am
17. Why +Take A Ride Ft. Malachi
18. Get Ya Back Broke Ft. Malachi
19. My Mama Kno
20. Feel Me A Knot (Verse) ft. Dizzle
21. Dirty Work (Verse)
22. Twisted Wordz
23. Warrior
24. Crack In The Making (Verse)
25. Life I Kno
26. Ain't Mention
27. Glocks Staying Cock
28. Stuck In The Streetz
29. Can't Be Life ft. Max Minelli & Malachi

Oh, my resolutions this year was to curse more and try to be more pretentious. How am I doing? I don't think I have it in me.


Andrew said...

that all in mixtape kills -- thanks for turning me on to this guy

hugowittorf said...

you're welcome i'm glad you like it.

BR Bound said...

Gates is the truth i been fuckin wit his shit for a hot min..bein from BR and all got lyrics and be on some real shit hopefully he gets out soon should be out this summer which it is summer now