Monday, March 1, 2010

Yung Lott - Monsta (Video)

I know says this is Six 2 (6 Two? It's not the least googleable name, but not far from it.), but this is a Yung Lott song. I don't know why they choose to put up the name and promote the Fort Worthian that sounds like he's form LA rather than the Baydestrians that sounds like he's from Dallas. Probably because Six 2 has worked with Dre, Snoop and em and Yung Lott still seams to be someone that Dorrough knows. Atleast to me still, see I never downloaded and listend to his december mixtape. I thought about it, but I was at a time in my life where I did my best not to check out so many new rappers, there's just too much new music.. I still don't know what I'm missing.

Now I feel like fuck that, Yung Lott sounded hella good on that song with Dorrough.. I actually didn't see the video for Thass A Bet till now, I only ever saw the making-of-the-track-with Traxamillion in the studio. Those videos are both hella old so I'll settle with linking them and not embedding them. Because that's not what we're talking about, we're talking about this new hit with Yung Lott. He used to be, or is somtime still, called Mass Lott, or Mass Lotto, or M-Lott. Atleast I think so, as I searched my itunes for "lott", those names came up as a collabing artist to well known Bay rappers as Beeda Weeda, The Jacka and Ap.9. And that/those Lotts sound sorta like this one...

This is his mixtape cover:

As you watch this video above, you'll notice that they kicked GS Boyz off the song, or something, those boys where on the mp3 that's been out for a while, and now they aren't in the video. This actually makes the song better, in my opinion. Sounds a bit too much like a remix with six rappers or so on it.. On the song still is Faddy Daddy. I have never heard of this Faddy Daddy dude, as I write this I realize I didn't even consider to discuss why didn't choose to give him the creds for the song as they posted the video an hour ago. He doesn't shame himself, matter of fact he sounds hella good and he talks about popular young people dancing styles, why on earth didn't Faddy Daddy get his name on the video. Fuck

I don't know how posting a video turned out to be such a long text. Anyhoo, I will bless yall with the mp3 to this song right here. This is the version with GS Boyz on it of course, a lil bonus for you GS Boyz fans out there that where disappointed they didn't make it to the official video. They'll be on the next hit I'm sure.

Yung Lott - Monsta (Ft Faddy Daddy, GS Boyz & Six 2 a.k.a. 6 Two a.k.a 6 Deuce)

I found the song on Tha Fixx Mag. That's where you need to go every damn day if you wanna stay tuned with Texas hip hop.

Speaking of Dallas, ya'll is up with the Dallas City Council movment right?? Fuckin get with that aswell.

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