Thursday, April 8, 2010

G-Side In Oslo.

Picture courtesy of: 30 pack

I ask again, does anyone not like this ish?

I drove up to Oslo this over Easter to see G-Side live, a seven hour drive I didn't mind at all, since Alabamas G-Side is one of the best rap groups I've been around to see come up. And I know some of yall enjoyed their album Huntsville International from last year. I don't have any videos or pictures of my own, since I never bothered to buy a camera, instead I invest all my money in memories, created by alcohol. So all I can tell you is I have memories of the show being awesome, rappers Clova and ST 2 Lettaz are very pleasent and cool people, as are their manager Codie G, producer CP The Dream, their DJ DJ Dirrty, the their entire crew.

Luckily alot of other people did bring their cameras, and I'm sure they don't mind me posting their videos right here.... So I will, I wouldn't though if the vidoes where of as poor quality as live clips usually are. The duos energy shows really good, and makes this videos must-sees for any fans of great rap music (in my opinion). The first clip has suprisingly good sound and visibility for a club concert, maybe because the norwegians now to spend money on good soundsystem and have prohibited smoking in clubs so you can film and actually see shit. Right this first video starts off with short interview before the show kicks off..

A lil while after the show was over, the crew came back down from backstage and joined the Southern Hospitality crew, who was DJ'ing, behind the booth and kicked off some extra few songs from right there. There's a video of that too:

Tell me they can't rock a show..
Before leaving Norway G-Side had time to record a brand new song and video, produced by local talent Basmo Beats and featured by one of Norways most famous the wedding singers and rappers, Chriss Lee. Here's that video:

Pictures and videos courtesy of 30 Pack, Codie G and Club Juicy. Great night. In case you missed it, you can find G-Sides last two records right here at GOL.


JB said...

Shiit verkar varit en tung kväll, riktigt bitter över att jag inte kunde ta mig dit, hade varit fett att se dom live.
Arrangörerna i Oslo vet hur man bokar spelningar Bun B, Willie D, Too Short, Devin, Trae, 3-6 mafia och nu G-Side på typ 2 år. Sthlm ligger efter.

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Det var sjukt tungt du missade nåt! De förvånade verkligen, de är ju ändå rätt laid back på skiva, men de gick jävligt hårt live, utan att det tärde på den unika stämningen BB produktionerna skapar..

Jag är imponerad av hur mkt fett de har lyckats skaffa dit.. Snackade med klubbfixarna och lite norskt hiphop-folk och försökte lista ut hur det är möjligt att det är så mycket fetare bokningar där än i Sthlm... Ingen steppar upp och tar tag i det i Sthlm helt enkelt, antar jag..

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................