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Since above compilation dropped the other week I've been bumping like 80% per cent bounce music.. I have those weeks every now and than. I haven't really talke much about bounce music on this site, so this post might come unexpected. Anyhow, Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2 is awesome (as is 2007's Vol. 1). It's neo-bounce, rhythm-n-bounce, or just New Orelans Bounce Music, whatever you might call it. It's still being done and it's being done well. The good people at the Bouncespot put this out on the labels Take Yo Shirt Off Records and Gutta Bounce Music (I think I got that right).

And since I love bounce music so much, I felt I needed to mention this release, and share a probably fairly unheard bounce record, at the end of the post. First lets focus on this new ish, starting off with the pre-release ad video for said record:

Just look at this tracklist, you know you will love Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2 as much as you loved Vol. 1.

Shake Twerk & Wobble Vol. 2

1. Intro - Took
2. Holla At Cha Ex Freestyle - Gotty Boi Chris
3. Drop Real Low - MC Shakie
4. Smoking Gun - Magnolia Shorty
5. I wanna Be Where U Are (Gutta Bounce Mix) - 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo
6. Addiction Remix (feat. Big Ramp) - Black N Mild
7. Bend Ova (Azz Up Remix) - Gotty Boi Chris
8. Who It Be - Polo-Tee
9. Getcha Getcha (Dj Westbank Red Remix) - Deja Vu
10. MJ Wit IT - Monsta Wit Da Fade
11. Pulla Muscle (Gutta Bounce Remix) - 9th Ward Tea
12. Go Crazy - Sissy Nobby
13. Birthday Sex Remade - Dj Majah & Blaq Biggie Blaq
14. Obsessed Bounce Mix - B. Ford
15. Walk Wit It (Emynd Bounce Remix) (feat. Took) - Big Ramp
16. My Boi Friend - Deja Vu
17. Heartbroken (Gutta Bounce Mix) - Took
18. Clap Again (Gutta Bounce Mix) - Took
19. Out There In Them Streets - Kilo & Eurika

A few of these songs was already leaked when the album dropped last week, some leak over a year ago even. Usually found at Nola Bounce. Of course after seeing this ad video all of you will go straight to itunes and purchase the record, if you can afford to. If you don't have the money right now, click on the titles on the tracklist which are bold and you'll find a download link to that song (or the version that previously leaked actually). So, fuckin get with this, it's good fuckin music.

And this oldie album than, it's none other than Chev Off The Ave's mysterious Straight Off The Ave. I found this album online a few years back, I wish I remembered where, maybe I could learn something about this release. Because I really don't know anything about it. I tried google, and since that's really all I got there really isn't anything more to do. Other than to post a blog post on the internet and hope the next person who googles Chev Off The Ave ends up right here, and decides to post a thorough comment going thru the entire life story of this classy sissy. And give me a mp3 of Chev's most famous song (which is not on this album):

What little internet told me about Chev, expect he was a sissy bounce artist active in New Orleans during the beginning of this past decade. Which I already knew. Emynd put him on his magnificent bounce mixtape a few years ago, and he mentions Chev might no be doing sissy bounce music anymore. And I read somewhere else he moved to Houston and gave that gay shit up, "he don't do that anymore".

About this record, it got skits and all which obviously tells us it is a thought thru records and not just some thrown together compilation. I'd be glad if someone told me more about all these features aswell. I identified a few, two to be exact. The excellent Hot Boy Ronald and someone called Donkey Boy Tony <- awesome name. Dear God this post is getting way too long, I didn't mean for it to be. This means I will not edit it at all, I never do. But if a post is shorter there's still a bigger chance I spot any misstakes, as sentences I re-did and forgot to erase the first attempt or entire pices accidently written twice. Anyways, I don't think I mentioned how much trouble I have been having finding any information about this record online, I must have tried 10 times since I first downloaded it years ago. That's why I feel confindent no one will be too upset of me sharing the entire record. I usally don't like to post entire albums, unless I feel they are rare and need exposure or can't be bought un-used. Every song on here isn't super good anyways, but the standouts is really good. As my favorite "Picture This".

Chev Off The Ave - Straight Off The Ave (A Sissy With Class)

1. Intro
2. Wiggle Bitch Bus
3. Get The Fuck (Ft. Donkey Boy Tony)
4. Sissy Break
5. Picture This
6. A Lil Bit Of Both Worlds
7. Skit - Fuck Katey
8. Fuck Katey
9. Look Over
10. Trade (Ft. Hot Boy Ronald)
11. Skit
12. They Jockin Us
13. Shake It
14. Wiggle Bitch Bus
15. Outro
16. It's Chev

Above picture of Chev Off The Ave is from Aubrey Edwards website..

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