Saturday, September 29, 2007

Devandra Banhart & The View

For all of you who like music like Jose Gonzales, Elliot Smith and Iron and Wine you really have to check out Devandra Banhart. Especially the album ("Cripple Crow) I bought yesterday at my favourite stor "Record Hunter".
He's catigorized as some sort of folk/indie/americana/psych ispired hippie but I don't know, it doesn't quite sound like anything I've heard before.
It's filled with joy, but still lots of depth. It's dark, but you I would not mind listen to it a nice summer day.

He was born in Houston, raised in Venezuela, and he has lived in San Francisco, New York and is currently living in LA. Since his debut album in 2003, "The Black Babies" he has released 11 albums. According to the guy at Record Hunter the one I bought is known to be the best...

So check it out!

Album number two I want you to know about is The Views "Hats of to the buskers". It's their first album, released in January '07, and it's awesome!
They have been the opening act to Babyshambles but the shambles are way behind these scotish rockers! Filled with passionete explosive kick ass music it's clearly one of my favourites this year!

Give it a listen if you like The Libertines, The Strokes and that kind of stuff!


Anonymous said...

Stop uploading crapy music such as Devandra Banhart & The View

...we want hip-hop!

Anonymous said...

Resign Herring!

Herring said...

and you don't get hip-hop, have an open mind you fuck-up

more "crapy music" to come!