Friday, October 12, 2007

Livin in the bay is like a motherfuccin Zoo..

...not that I would know. Young Cellski told me. Frisco ain't all faggots and quakes as some may think, it's some gutter shit going on there. All according to Young Cellski and a couple of other fellas I've taken my time to listen to latley.

Bay area rap has own style. No doubt.. See as a youngsta I neva knew nathan bout different sounds and such, till I heard Digital Underground. Nothing like anything I've ever heard. I read up about it, an actual book. This was before my parents copped our first computer so I didn't knew google. Us mid 80's babies gotta be the youngest of those still remembering a life without daily internet use and celluar phones. Alsp Spice 1 told us about celluar phones tough, apparently if you was coolin on the corner with them you obviously was from the East Bay. I trusted him on that.

Back to the book, it was in English and was about hip hop history. Maybe 20 of the 250 pages was about the yay, not that much. So I still didn't know much about the region and it's music. Many of it's bigger artists was pretty much unkown to me for a long time. I've been meaning to change that for a while and this year I've finally begun.

One more thing about the book tough, just a lil side note. I did a report in it in my English class. I remember my teacher saying he understood the concept of producing rap records, there was money to be made. Altough he didn't understand why anyone would listen to it. After that he pretty much told me all rap listeners was retards. Thinking of that prick still upsets me. I mean the man was all grey, clothes, skin color the whole thing grey. I bet he listens to german country music or something

Anyhoo, for a couple of months I almost only been bumping bay area bangers, both cathcing up on supposed classics I never heard and listening to anything new I could get. I just made a quick tracklist of some of the songs I've come across. So here you go, quite a mix, not really cohesive. But fuck it it's bangers enjoy folks! Some hyphy I guess, some gangsta and a lil bit of consciousness... And some quick words on the feelings each track gives me.

Bay Area

1. Young D Boyz - Sellin Cocaine As Usual
From '95. From their album Straight Game, which is a great record! Sad story, telling the story of the every day life for some bay area residents. Great feeling.

2. Young Cellski - Livin N The Bay
Pretty much the same topic as the first track. This is mostly on here cause I LOVE the wistle beat! It's freakin amazing! And I have no idea who did it! Lemme know if you know!

3. The Click - Let's Get Drunk
Hahaa.. Have me laughing every time. Gotta be my favourite ever drinking song, covers every aspect of it. The dizzynes, mumbling n stimbling. Being hangover, horney. Hella drank!

4. Conscious Daughters - Showdown
Beat is of the hook! Paris at his best! Hardcore g-funk baby.

5. Messy Marv - Ghetto Blues
From his debut record Messy Situations. Nowdays he's a top 10 rapper in my book. Back then, not quite there but still full with talent.

6. Mac Dre - Mafioso ft. Yoing Dru
I love me some Mac Dre every now and then. This is one of my favourites, or atleast top 10. Nah, top 20. He's like an whole own genre, I could make the whole list just Mac Dre actually, I might next time. But this time I thougt it be a good idea not to include too many records from the same artist, it feel strange to leave some artist out and uploading several tracks from another..

7. Rappin 4 Tay - Live From The 415 ft. Sann Quinn, Messy Marv, Big Rich & Seff Tha Gaffla
From 2007. Rappin dropped a decent album earlier this year, it had some bangers no doubt. Not as good as in his prime. But whatever really it got a Messy Marv verse so you know it's good. Verses in order of dopeness: Mess, Sann Quinn, 4'tay, SDG, Rich.

8. Husalah - Husalah Shine
I've listen to he's latest releas like 50 time by now. There's gotta be like 3 or 5 tracks that will be on my top 50 list of this year. This one is mos def one of them. It's on there for it's realness, and for his flow. It's just viscious.

9. Team Knoc - From The Hood remix Thizzface
I dl'd a whole bunch of Team Knoc from nation of thizzlam. And I'm really starting to like it. It's a form of hyphy they themself call base, if I'm not mistaken. Usally they rap about video games and cloths and stuff but this track is kinda hard. A bit o a jam really.

10. The Pack - Robocop
Simple rap muisc. I really like the beat and the hook, the powerfull feeling to it. I can't say I listen to this for the lyrics tough. Don't even remember what this track is about... Young L does the beat.

11. Keak Da Sneak - Somebody Gotta Pimp It ft. Too Short
This track is a couple of years old. The title really says it all, no need to explain what this track is about. The verses explains why. Some dudes just don't get a whole lotta women, that's why they do it. Somebody gotta be the pimp. Far from hyphy or anything like that, just a typical mid ninties west coast gangssta beat.

12. Traxmillion - From The Hood ft. Husalah, The Jacka & Sann Quinn
These rappers flow is just vicious. Husalah is the badest. Just kills every beat. Powerfull production.

You'll see more of me soon. On this site or another.. Enjoy!


Travis said...

Nice shit man, even schooled me on some of this shit.

Robert said...

I love my Bay Area hiphop...

Hugo the Dude said...

thx for the props fam!

Fritz said...

Thanks never cant get enough Studio Ton, Khayree & old JT Production

mudslinging birds said...

could you re-up this??? especially the young d-boyz track, i've been looking for that for years.

Hugo the Dude said...

no roplems my man.. here's the young d boyz track and the entire re-upped link will replace the original one in the post in like two seconds..