Saturday, June 9, 2007

MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take (1989)

Adrian Hines a.k.a. MC A.D.E. (Adrian Does Everything) released How Much Can You Take, which was his second solo release, back in 1989. It's his second record. His mostly known for his hit record Bass Rock Express from 1985, a song I've honestly never heard. See, I'm really just starting to find out about Miami Bass. I guess I started checking for it because I've been hering more and more Drum&Bass hanging around with my friends (Pimp Masta Signelinho among them) that just came home from a six month stay in Switzerland. Overthere they hang with alot of british dope fiends and drunks which all loved Drum&Bass. I figure smoking and drinking alot with people who listen to a certain kind of music makes you feel that music too, I think that's what happend.. Anyhoo, this Drum&Bass thing reminded me of this record which I downloaded and listend to quite alot about a year ago, as you figure I'm talking about the above mentioned MC A.D.E. record (dl from travis at WYDU, see link list).

What I'm trying to say is since I don't no shit really about Miami Bass or MC A.D.E. I'm not gonna write to much about it.. If you like it and want to learn more you have a better chanse getting facts from wikipedia or google than from me. I'll just tell you a little of what I do know. Miami Bass was big sometimes from the mid eighties to the early ninties. The biggest artists was world known 2 Live Crew. Most songs are about sex, booties, party and a lil bit of crime. That's pretty much what the sound makes you focus on too. The beats are sligthly faster then most hip hop records at the time and are construced to make you dance (possibly the thought was to get the bikini and string wearing ladies down in Miami to shake their behinds in front the fellas, kinda like pre ecxtasy I figure.. Actually didn't Miami Bass start to fall off about the sametime ecxstay became popular?). I think I read somewhere MC A.D.E. is now passed away. I don't know anything about the circumstances... May he rest in peace, hopefully his music will live on to this day and many more...

About How Much Can You Take. It starts off with two tracks that I think is pretty much all drum&bass, no verses really just fast beats.. The next couple of tracks ADE starts spitting. His flow is typical eighties early ninties sounding, I really don't hear alot of Miami accent.. As most rappers from those days his voice sounds kinda New York.

You got the every rap tape must have tracks about the rappers own greatness (A.D.E. Got It Going On) and the classic fuck a bitch track (Money Hounding Ho's). Quite suprising he has a song about safe sex, Sex, Crime Drugs. Altough pretty much all the verses are kinda boring and predictable that's one of my favourite tracks. The rest of tracks are mostly about shaking booties, partying and sex. My personal topics of choice. I'm pretty sure all tracks are produced and mixed by A.D.E. himself.

That's all I'm gonna write this time.. I'll be back in a couple of days with Part Three of the iaudio tracklists and perhaps another album post..

MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take (1989)


1. GO A.D.E.
2. How Much Can You Take
3. To The Fan's
4. Sex, Crime, Drugs
5. Hit Harder
6. Train
7. A.D.E. Got It Going On
8. Lyric Licking
9. Money Hounding Ho's
10. Physican
11. It's Crazy
12. Control



travis said...

Greatest Miami Bass album of all-time right here! I love this album. If you have a car with a system, test it out playing "Hit Hard", it rattles things you never knew you had. Plus this album rather rare, I still kick myself in the ass for losing my original copy. Nice post dude!

Hugo the Dude said...

thanks man! i really like this album too, hopefully my man signelinho will hook us up with more of the kind soon enough!

i'm definatley gonna play this in the car this summer!

travis said...

I have all his albums, but this is one is by far the best. His third one is decent, let me know if you want to hear it?

Hugo the Dude said...

yess! It would really be great if you could up that album! I love this one...

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK....Hard to come by.


Bizerk Da Jerk said... - i found this one but its missing track 1 - also check out for more rare and new music

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Thx Mr Jerk!
I'm gonna have to re-up all this shit.. seams like all my elderly zshares is dead now..

Anonymous said...

I lived in Florida while these types of sounds flourished. I would also recommend D.J Majik Mike who was less well known but just as good (he was from Orlando. He's still around believe it or not.

The first album "DJ Majik Mike and the Royal Posse" is their finest and a classic.

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

I love DJ Magic Mike too, specially Represent, that's my favorite album of his...
Thanks for the website url, dind't know about it!

PHead said...

This album is hands down greatest. Luke was so much more popular due to the sexual content and the first ammendment shit but ade dropped harder bass. Dynamix was in the discussion as well..