Monday, August 13, 2007

One Gud Cide - Contradictions [Scarred 4 Life] (1999)

This is one of the many fairly unknown but truly dope albums I downloaded from the old cocaineblunts forums a while ago when it were still up and running.. One Gud Cide is a hip hop duo from Fort Worth, Texas. Members are rappers Twisted Black and Evil Seed. The group was formed sometimes in the early ninties and released their first album in 1995, called Look What The Streets Made. I'm yet to hear either that or any of the members solo releases. But I've have heard their 1999 release Contradictions, and i really listend...
As you might have noticed, my favourite tunes are often the storytelling ones. The ones potraying life in the rough life, poverty and urban violence. Somehow the ghetto tales does it for me, it sort gives the feeling the rapper really shares the story of his life. That's kinda what this album is about. Starting off with the first track contradictions (typing from what i can hear, not offical lyrics):
I aint feelin right / seems as tough I'm living split everything I do today tomorrow contradicts / can you help me out lord, am I just a hypocryt / is this the same feel that every real player gets / seems as tough my bad side got it's mind of it's own / want's to go back to the streets and play this baby capone / I know it's wrong, cause every man reaps what he sows, three times / ***** like the story of job
nigga please, I aint tryin to hear your sad story / how you walking getting crazy giving God all the glory / I'm a playa, and I ain't been in change I was born in it.... (goes on)
....well I'm not going to write down the enitire text to this song. All tough it would be worth it kinda. Mostly this text gives me the illousion of beeing really deep or whatever. Which is pretty much enough to get me thinking. The song tells something about contradictions, that everybody has a good and a bad side sort of. This is pretty much what the album is about, their view of hustlin and struggling trying to get away from the gutter, only they still do wrongs knowing it's not the best way to go. Also the beat on this track is really good. The second best to the asumingly Pimp C beat on the UGK collbao Down Here. That track is is the absolute banger of the record, having great verses from all rappers (inclunding a killer verse from Pimp C, something for his critics to listen too).
The albums goes on with tracks just a little lesser then Contradictions, both lyric-wise and beat-wise. Which means it's a great album. I really suggest you give it a good listen, and of course support the album and buy it. I should probaly mention that more in my posts, always buy the album if you like it. I do! Really! If I can find it...
....Actually, not suprisingly i might ad, it's a group I had never heard of before reading the news last year saying Twisted Black was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sellin cocaine or something like that. I wouldn't know if he deserves the punishment or not since I'm not really familiar with the circumstances, So you will not hear me yell Free Twisted Black or something like that, but I have to say it's a damn shame when a talented artist like him gets his life thrown away like that... The group probaly got a whole bunch of new fans from the sentence, but what's that worth when you're about to spend the better part of the rest of your life in a prison cell....

Producers credits: Ernie G, Pimp C, T-Mix, Twisted Black.

By the way I'm not sure which album cover is the right one so I just put up all the pictures I could find...

Ernie G, producer of most of the tracks on the record, commented on this post to let us know the above picture is the actual album cover. Thanks for showing love Ernie.

One Gud Cide - Contradictions [Scarred 4 Life] (1999)

1. Contradictions
2. Ride With Ya'll
3. White Girl
4. Terror In The Gulf 2
5. Scarred Pac feat. Eightball
6. Hell On Earth
7. Hogballin
8. Whatca Known Fo
9. Where Da G'z At
10. Down Here feat. UGK
11. Love And Hate
12. Bad Dreams
13. Imagine If
14. Systemized
15. Contradictions (Instrumental)
16. Hell On Earth



gerniee said...

Okay, this is Ernie G., the producer of MOST OF THE TRACKS ON THIS RECORD, along with "Look What The Streets Made, Home of the Killa, etc....... I'm not trippin about my name not being mentioned but I did want to make it known. Everyone in Fort Worth knows this fa sho. By the way, thanks for showing love and posting the record. I never saw another dime from it so DOWNLOAD AWAY!!!!!!!! Definitely doing my thang, peep Versatile "Verse The World" on iTunes!!!

gerniee said...

Info, the 1st pic was used the the "Keep It Crunk" cd single. The second pic is the actual cover for "Contradictions" and the 3rd was a Pen & Pixel cover that supposedly never saw light of day.

Hugo the Dude said...

Your're the producer Ernie? Than I'm a fan. This is a great record, I bumped like two days ago..
You should get your credit. I included whatever info I could find online on the record. I don't even remember where I found the info, not on their wiki.. Look What The Streets Did is great aswell.

I'll edit the text and add your name. And I'll check out Versitile. Thx for the info on the covers.

It's great to see you're not upset about me posting it, I aim to post albums people would'nt have even heard about otherwise, and hopefully a few who listen like some of the records enough to someday cop them, or check for new material by the artists and cop those records. Lord knows I myself spent more money buying records in my 22 years than most do in their entire life.

Peace, do your thing!

Anonymous said...

Here's an update on that Link:

Hugo the Dude said...

Thanks! Seams all my older zshare's quit working, even though they should still be active.. Got some work to do with that...

Anonymous said...

ahahah on the back of the album your name is mispelled for the first track only ErMie G ahahha but it's fine everywhere else. Anyway good job Ernie Peace Out !!

strictly9i9eties said...

Does anyone know of some of the early work production from Ernie G before the days of One Gude Cide? In the year 92', 93, 94 perhaps? Any details on early stuff that he produced would be great!