Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Blak - Once You Go Blak (2003)

First time I heard this was about a year ago. I bought used after some dude at my local record store recomended it to me. Before that, never heard of the dude. I guess you could call that guy a real life music blog or something. Wait isn't that kinda twisted? Shit it's not a good thing when meeting acutal people with an real interest in hip hop is so seldom it seems, well I don't know, just unusual. Well, nuff about me. I don't have time for this anyway, Barcelona is playing Lyon in like 30 minutes and that I can't miss...

So I guess I'll just rush this post, this one too...

Baby Blak is a Philly native and hip hop veteran. Until 2003 and releasing this record he was part of the duo ILL Advised with Mr. Lish. Apparently this group is quite well known among hip hop heads, minus me. I had never heard of them before reading up about Baby Blak right after I bought this disc. Searching the web for info didn't make me much wiser, this kid don't even have a wikipedia page it seems. Which is quite suiting for me since I don't have that much time posting anyways (shit I really should post more, and mos def don't complain about time shortage when I do post - fuck it I do what I wan't it's my blog....). Anyhoo, seems his been working with philly legend DJ Jazzy Jeff a bit, appearing on some record of him. I guess some of you will remember him from there.

All you really need to know is something you going to have to take my word for, this is a skilled lyricist! His flow is crazy and from what I guess is a small budget he shows real talent in picking beats! He managed to get dope beats from jazz hip hop pro Kev Brown, Jay Ski, Soul Supreme (first time I post something by a swedish artist!!!) and a whole bunch of banging beats from calis DJ Revolution. And some beats from to me unkown producers, see tracklist. Most of the beats are just crazy, I'm writing i twice so you know I mean it! And they're so suting for his smooth voice.

Alright. So I didn't manage to finish the post before the game last night, so I'll just try and finish it here at work. Kinda fun actually cause I have to sneak with it and make sure my boss don't catch doing some private blog shit at work, I'm not sure how he would react to that. I'm supposed to be printing bills.

Well, back to music. Topicwise he starts out rapping about groving up in Philly, street life and such. Every track is like it's own little tale in which he pretty much tells us about his life. Struggling as a starving artist and going to Cali to record music. Good story telling with nice wordplay. Back to work. I'll just post it like this, hope someone will enjoy! Peace/hugo

Baby Blak - Once You Go Blak (2003)


  1. Intro (prod. DJ Revolution)
  2. Once You Go Blak (prod. Rob Dinero)
  3. Wake Up (prod. DJ Revolution)
  4. Tables Turn (prod. DJ Revolution)
  5. Fallin' Down (prod. Joey Chavez)
  6. Friends (prod. Jay Ski)
  7. Economix (prod. Kev Brown)
  8. Tasters Choice (prod. Nucleus A.Burton)
  9. Crazy (prod. Jay Ski)
  10. The Youth (prod. P-Smovah
  11. Starvin' Artist (prod. Street Orchestra)
  12. Firewater (prod. Soul Supreme)
  13. So Many (prod. Nucleus A.Burton)
  14. Peace feat. Mr. Lish (prod. Jay Ski)
  15. No Coast All Stars feat. Planet Asia & Obie Trice (prod. DJ Revolution)
  16. Daddy Dearest feat. Lady Alma (prod. P-Smoovah)
  17. Diamonds (Diemon) (pord. Sat 1)

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Travis said...

This was a pretty good album, I picked it up after the DJ Jazzy Jeff buzz, but damn, that album cover is just many ways, good and bad.

Keep it up man. If you ever want to post on WYDU every once in awhile, I'll give you the keys to the car.

Hugo the Dude said...

Haha I got a little bit yellad at when I copped that record and a female friend found it in my car, she thought it was on of those sexist reocords I've told her I neva eva listens to (yeah right) haha..

Man it would be really cool doing some posts for WYDU, getting some more readers. It kinda feels like I don't post enough to get a lot of readers to come back frequently here, and WYDU already got a huge audience it seems! Shit lets roll, if you haven't changed your mind mail me at and we could discuss the format!

thanks for the props man! feels good to have a big internet celeb giving props hahaha!


I was working in and was selling this album to folks who were new to hiphop music especially to underground hiphop, i admit i did sell some albums because i was feeling the music from this fav track was starvin artist and more.

Brian -Swaziland