Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blue Scolars - Bayani (2007)(Rawkus)

I wasn't planing on posting any albums here.. But fuck it, chanses are none of you would ever here this if i didn't post it. And that would be a damn shame because this album is really really great! I never heard of these guys before today, which isn't that strange I guess. How often do any of you check for an albums by a some random dudes from Seattle? I was thinking Sir-Mix Alot when i downloaded this (from here).. But then I listend to it and was truly amazed.. I went back and read up about them, apparently this is there second album and this one is dropped on Rawkus (back in effect).

Blue Scholars is producer Sabzi and emcee Geologic. Sound, funky refreshing, melodic bom bap. Both guys shows talent. This record is about everyday life, which is really cool. Of course there's as always a little bit of bitchin about the statement of hip hop and how black people are treated and such, which is also cool. What's really great is that Geologic don't only bitch about what's wrong and who's to blame but he actully got opinions about what to do.. Not that I agree with everything, but fuck it's nice to hear someone speak there mind..

For more reading check this great review or this site.

Tracks to check: Loyalty, Ordinary Guys, Still Got Love, Bayani.

1. Baha’i Healing Prayer (intro)
2. Second Chapter
3. Opening Salvo
4. North by Northwest
5. Ordinary Guy
6. Still Got Love
7. Bayani
8. Loyalty
9. Fire for the People
10. Xenophobia (interlude)
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50 Thousand Deep
14. Morning of America
15. Joe Metro


travis said...

So many people are giving props to this, I'm going to have to check it out, thanks dude

Got you linked up

Hugo the Dude said...

Great.. i'm really not the one to believe the hype, not even from fellow blogers.. But this one is really worth checking out..

thx for the link too.

gforce said...

oh damn! thanks for this!