Saturday, July 7, 2007

part four

Okay back again. This time I've posted a picture of myself at a pre-party earlier this year in Verbier. To let you know who you're dealing with. I pretty much sums up my entire character, without really showing my face. Which seems like a good thing, out here in the blogosphere... Well then, I'm not here to write nonsens about pictures. I'm here to post another hot tracklis, so I will... Mostly New Yorkers on this one, hope you'll enjoy..

1. Juggaknots - Vows feat. Slick Rick

From their last year release. This time with legendary Slick Rick laying a verse. Don't really need much saying, the music talks for itself. I'm actually not really feeling the hook, but the beat is insane... Produced by cali wizard Oh No.

2. Ali Vegas - Love At First Sight

Ali Vegas got his glow back. His mixtape from earlier this year is without doubt one of best of the year. Here he raps about his late grandmother. It really feels like he means what he says, not just saying stuff cause it sounds hot to the beat. And that's something I've always appriciated...

3. Devin The Dude - Do What You Wanna Do

This is the Devin The Dude anthem, atleast in my eyes. Everything he says about real life is the truth, they should let him speak to kids on high schools. Add to this truth saying his uneek laid back rhyme style, it's a classic. Feel good song sort of. J Prince production probaly.

4. Tech n9ne - Killin It feat. Kalibur & Kostic

They're really killing it. All of them. I think it's from this year, of some movie soundtrack or something. It's really well produced, too bad I don't know who it is behind the boards. One of either Kalibur or the other guy talks about San Diego in the begining, so I guess they're from there. I never heard of them before. Dun matter, they're killing it.
5. Ghostface Killah - Josephine feat. Trife Da God & Willie Cottrell Band

This is pretty much the same Josephine track that's on the Hi-Tek joint only that guy Pretty Ugly isn't on it and Trife Da God is. Considering Trife is a much better rapper then Pretty Ugly, this track is better right? Nah, I don't know. I'm not going to choose either version over the other, they both have great verses.. This track is slightly shorter, much less Willie Cottrell singing and an extra Ghost verse at the end. Actually that verse makes this a better version. Hi-Tek beat.

6. Hell Razah - Smoking Gunz feat. Killah Priest

These guys seems really angry. I´ve always liked Killah Priest. And Hell Razah really comes off well on this hardcore tracks. The best track of his 2007 album.

7. Ali Vegas - Look In The Mirror

This is Ali Vegas like he should sound. Hopefully he'll get around to drop a dope album soon enough. He talks about his future success and how he will deal with it. Dope track.

8. Percee P - Keep The Fame feat. Vakill & Rhymefest

I got this from a Vakill mixtape released in january. It's a great song and it's pretty much the one tune that will have me checking for that Percee P debut album bound to be released within soon. Super talented Rhymefest keeps it down with a great verse. I'll mos def be checking for his sophmore album. That Molemen crew is somehow involeved with this track too..

9. Gorilla Zoe & Young Joc - Take Ya Shoes Off
If you forget about Young Joc this is a great banger. This Gorilla Zoe guy is definatley going to blow up within soon. Hopefully he'll drop a dope album and stay away from the money making ring tone buisniess...

10. Royce Da 5'9 - Return of Malcolm (Freestyle)

He recorderd this freestyle like a minute after he got out of jail. Damn. Detroit is really killing it right now.. I'm really looking forward to that primo collab.

11. Three Six Mafia - Tear Da Club Up

I think this one is more or less a classic in Memphis. From way back when they liked satan and wasn't partying with Ashton Kutcher. Club music. Tear it up.

12. Joe Budden - Unforgiven

The party anthem rapper turned depressed, yeah thats Joe Budden. He used to do lousy pop tunes like Pump it up. I don't know what happend but his music has really changed since then, to the better. He drops tracks as dope as this one every now and then but there's no saying when his next long awaited album The Growth is going to drop. Soon hopefully.

13. Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm Good feat. Amy Winehouse

If you haven't heard this track by now you must've been living under a rock. Atleast on swedish radio it has had a lot of airplay. A great track on the radio, you don't hear that everyday. Ghost is killing it nowdays.

14. Saigon - Pain In My Life feat. Trey Songz

Saigon has been one of my favourite rappers ever since I first heard favourite things a couple of years back. His mixtape Waring Shots has been on heavy rotation since. He dropped this track late last year and I asumed it was the first single of his soon to come album. It's july now and the album is yet to drop so I'm not sure if this track is considerd to old to count as a single... On this track he spits knowledge with a street flavour, as on many of his tunes.

done.. I personally feels this turned out to be a quite shitty post, atleast the writing is really half ass.. It's a good tracklist tough, so enjoy. Have a great weekend.

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