Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not enough people write this up..

This is the remix edition,
of a post about sittin',
on some info,
of some dope ass musicans
who get far to few listens

Okay so I'm not real talented in rhyming, whatever people you should be glad I didn't try to rap that shit. You should have seen the part I edited out haha... No worries thought, considering how seldom I update this site I'd be surprised if anyone reads this anyhow. For those who wonder where I've been, I've been posting my latest few posts over at Wake Your Daughter Up. The good man Travis gave me the keys to the car so to speak, which is great, continuing using car terms GOL is a pink Fiat 500 (props to whoever remember those) compared to WYDU which without doubt is a vintage big ass white Cadillac. Always clean, no scratches. Now driving a Fiat can be a good thing cause the engine is so small it will not ever make too much noise and drown the whatever good music you feel like bumping. It might also be a bad thing because your just gonna look ridiculous bumping the new Trae in it. The WYDU Cadillac on the other hand is a major vessel, it makes a lot of noise and nobody misses it driving by. And it's still down to earth and low budget with the house speakers in the backseat where all kinds of music (different styles of hip hop) gets played. Contributing to what gets played in the Cadillac has a much bigger effect in the neighborhood, compared to when you’re in the Fiat and nobody notice you driving by. So if you only have gas money for one trip a month or so one might prefer borrowing your pals Caddy and leaving the Fiat in the garage.

Lost me? No problem, just skip the rest and download the tracks below. Then at least you got something out of visiting this site.

Besides being allowed to borrow the white shining Caddy I haven’t had much time driving anyway. When I tried to I almost fell asleep and damn near crashed the car, this post is a good example of driving while tired or distracted. Damn near lost my license. So I’ve been riding a lot, driving much less so to speak. I’m not even going to bother editing this.

The Last Mr. Bigg feat. some dude – From Alabama

Give that a listen! It’s some dumb shit! Third verse is a great example on how great simplicity can be. DJ’s, grab this tune and bump it to the young people in the club. Warning though, if you’re not a few brews deep it might do you nathan. It’s an old link of mine, not hijacked just used before.

To the actual topic:
The Mob Figaz is great. Word to dudes over at Nation of Thizzlam and Yay Mecca where I first found out about these guys. So I'm not the only one hyping this but I'm one of few, which is really ridiculous since it's really some blasting music. This is raw gangsta rap, bay style. It's like the Spice 1 (get better man!!) or C-Bo of this age of time. Like A-Wax without the weak tracks. I almost feel pressured presenting this as good as possible to get someone interested. Best way of doing that is obviously to tell you straight, if you like good music like Spice 1 you are going to like this. Following tracks are from 2007 releases. Who’s in Mob Figaz? Check the picture at the top.

Group tracks. First one is a killer. Not often a group of rappers get away with a song about craving for a certain lady. But these guys got so many hardbody tracks they can rap about anything and get away with it. And they make sure to mention some material money spending to keep it as manly as possible. Kind of interesting, AP9 with the first verse makes sure you know they got money, Husalah make sure you know they out for her body objectifying the lady and The Jacka finish it off letting us know they still have time for a variation of women and he don’t even mentions trying to get one particular woman. Mike Marshall is probably the singer, he does a good job I guess. The beat is some violin mixed stuff, pretty decent.

AP9, Husalah, The Jacka & Mike Marshall - Got To Make Her Mine

This beat is based on a flute and every now and then they sample some lady. I guess they know Spanish, cause they say culo every now and then. A nice track talking on everyday situations in the life of the Mob Figaz.

The Jacka, Rydah J. Klyde & Fed X - The Same Thing Everyday

These two tracks are off Husalah’s recent release Huslin’ Since The ‘80’s. If I haven’t mentioned it before I will know, that’s a hell ova release! That album is crazy from beginning to end. These are two of the best jams from it. First track discusses how Husalah got into the world of crime, and fell in love with it. It’s like watching a movie listening to this. Really a catchy story.

Talk It Out is a sort of personal effort from Husalah’s life. The violins playing gives it a sort of sad feeling which really suits the topic. Then when chorus comes with some lady singing and the DJ puts some cuts on it you know want’ to here this track again.

Husalah - Fell In Love With Crime

Husalah - Talk It Out

Last off, a solo effort of Fed-X. I mostly post this because till I heard it I sort of considered Fed-X the weak link of the Mob Figaz, but here he really let us know he is not to be ruled off as just another hardbody weedcarrier.

Fed X - The Awful Dodger

As a bonus, a treat, early x-mas gift, whatever you might call it. These tracks are too good to miss and you might not catch them anywhere else. As I mentioned before, I’m doing my best catching up on forgotten tunes. The Delinquents are fairly unfamiliar to me, they may or may not be known at all. I really don’t have a clue, all I know is they are from California and they have some great jams. So I’ll finish this post of with one that caught my attention.

The Delinquents - Puttin' It Down ft. DT, Gangsta P & Del (1997)

Mob Figaz:







that huberok said...

my dad used to have a fiat (fix it again tony!) it was horrible. we had to walk home several times from safeway as a youngster. i like your blog. that guy herring looks exactly like me. when i saw his picture i though it was me.

Hugo the Dude said...

haha amazing to see someone getting the fiat reference..

thanks for the props!

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