Friday, May 25, 2007

We Play For Keeps..

Back with another tracklist.. All these songs is off my computer at work, just stuff I donwloaded over six months or so and listend to while doing some of the brainless work my boss makes me do sometimes (I don't really mind, as long as I can listen to music).. There's a couple of new tracks but most are older. Most are new to me and a few a listend to for years (words, goodie mob)..

I'll be back with Part II of my iaudio list in a while. I can't upload those tracks now cause I have them on my harddrive at home.. I'm all done with the tracklists and just need to upload them one part at a time since my internet connection won't let me download too big .rar files.. I probaly give it some time between every post, to let ya'll breath.. I think it's six parts all together.. Peace!



1. DJ Krush - Only The Strong Survive ft. C.L. Smooth
Krush is my favourite Japanese DJ. That don' say much tough since him and DJ Muro are the only ones I ever heard of, and Krush is the only one I ever actually listend to. He usally don't put rappers on his music, so when I saw this I had to check it out.. Mostly he makes nujazz, or downbeat or trip hop or whatever it's called, I really don't know. All I know is I love putting his shit on while I'm not actually listening to the music, while I'm working or reading, studying or whatever.. Usally I don't even notice much difference from song to song or even album to album.. But with C.L. on the beat, it's a whole diffrent story.. Krush is no Pete Rock, but if you'd ever wan't to here C.L. on any other beat this is perfect. Still jazzy... This makes me sit back and nod my head..

2. Sho & Willie D - Fiend In The Family
Willie D is a legend (Geto Boys kids), Sho - not so much. Atleast not in my book. I never heard of him before seeing this album with Willie D, which I natrually downloaded for the Willie verses. It turns out the best track doesn't feature a Willie verse. This track has a dark story which pretty well summed up by the title. Laid back with a great funk tune in the background and a blues singer in the hooks... Don't know when it's from, probaly 1992-1995. Don't know the producer either.

3. Goodie Mob - Black Ice ft. Outkast
Now this right here is a classic, you already know. Every verse is amazing. Tell me Cee Lo wasn't better when he still spit? Organized Konfusion on the boards i guess.

4. HAWK (R.I.P.) - Let's Get It On ft. Scooby, Paul Wall & Slim Thug
Hawk got killed about a year ago. Honstely, reading about his passing was the first time I ever heard his name. I later found out he was featured on Lil Troy's banger "wanna be a baller", so I decided to check him out. Some of his stuff is really dope, it really got more of the Houston sound than anything else I've heard. His not my favourite from H-town, neither is Paul Wall or Slim Thug.. So why did I put this track here? Because it's dope. Makes you move. No thinking just dancing - I like.

5. I.M.P. - Scandlous
The guy rapping is obviously crazy. He even mentions this "I might be sick, but I'm not insane" - yeah right. You'll notice this if you listen to their album, actually you'll notice this listening to this song. He's a though guy, one of those people you wouldn't step to even if he stepped on your sneakers - unless you don't give a fuck like Bushwick Bill. They're from the bay somwhere - no hyphy. Rough shit. Watch out.

6. Wordsworth - Native New Yorker ft. Punchline
This is a record I listen to pretty much all year around.. This guy is amazing to me, I think it's Europe thing because he seems to get a lot more props over here than back in US n A.. Kinda like an N.Y. anthem. Everytime I hear this I wanna move there just to be able to walk the streets and breath the air or something, actually I do wanna move to New York listening this song or not.. It's on his album from 2004 but I think this track is a couple of yeards older than that..

7. Nine - We Play For Keeps
Don't no much at all about Nine. I know he's slept on. Can you say hardcore, I bet Nine can. As hard as that dude from I.M.P., a bit less crazy but still.

8. Kurupt & J Wells - Summertime ft. Y.A. & Gail Gotti
This sounds summer even more than all the singles from that new DJ Kahled joint.. Actually it sounds like the summer of '99. Didn't know thay made tracks like this anymore. Like a track from those days when anybody would sing R'n'B and no one would cared if it sucked, so it's sounds like that only it doesn't suck, following? You don't have to, just lean back an feel the summer coming. Anyhoo, Kurupt kinda kills it. This is from a new album J Wells and Kurupt released just a little while ago. J Wells produces so I guess he produced this.

9. Kano - Good For Me
I don't like alot of hip hop or rap from UK. There, said it. Kano is one of the very few act I heard from there I really like. He's album from 2004 is hella dope. Check the track called Sometimes. This isn't from there. It's from a mixtape he released in 2005. Tells a story about some girl he knocked up and all the fuzz that's comes with knocking up groupies. Good to know about this track if you ever get any groupies I guess. The beat is from other guys song..

10. Lupe Fiasco - Handcuffs
I put this on here cause it's on the same beat as the Kano song. I recognize it but I don't know where it's from or who produced it. This is also a dope song. Not about babies but about police harrasing. The same ole you just a hustler with a badge-story. Lupe at his best. From his Revenge of The Nerds mixtape.

11. DJ Krush - Most Wanted Man ft. Big Shug & Guru
Krush againg. From the same album, it's from 1996 by the way. Guru is'nt actually rapping on this he's just sampled. But he's mentiond on the album as featured so i wrote it down here too. Don't know anyting about Big Shug. Sounds very New York 1996.

12. HAWK - Outro
There's no rapping on this, just a little talknig about who great HAWK is. But the beat is insane, tell me it ain't baning. Well worth a listen.

13. Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
New Kanye. I didn't like him at all at first, couldn't stand his voice. Things hava changed yeah. He's done a couple of great features. On this song you can here Jeezy sampled (right?) every now and then which turns out really dope. Did DJ Toomp do this? Nah, don't think so. Sounds like Kanye just got a Toomp beat and remixed it and made it his own to rap over. That lalala part is really annoying. Still lookning forward to his album.

14. Phillies Most Wanted - Suckas Pt. II ft. Beanie Sigel
Another group I know nothing about. I downloaded this song from and I emidetley fell in love with it. Beanie really kills it. Too bad he doesn't have all the verses, nah actually the other guys kinda kills i too. I'm really feeling the second verse. It's a couple of years old. Neptunes produced this beat.

15. Wreckonize - Buisness As Usual ft. Ras Kass
I have no idea where I got this track from. It was in my "random traks" folder on my work computer. Wreckonize kinda sounds like a lesser Royce da 5'9. Ras Kass kills it - altough there is someting about him. Somehow after listening to a song with Ras Kass on it I never remember what he was trying to say, but I guess that's just me. I like the beat, powerfull. JR Rotem produced it.

That's all for today.. Enyoy.

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