Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sky Balla - Tycoon Status (2008)

One of the records I listened most to this year was San Francisco artist and former member of Tha Gamblaz - Sky Balla’s Tycoon Status. I didn’t post it here as soon as I discovered it was banging. I figured the dude needed as many people as possible to actually buy his record. He was up for trial for drug trafficking or something, he didn’t do well. He got sentenced to a shitload of years in jail, I don’t know how many. I just read about it on some blog.

Anyway, a few days ago I uploaded it for Simon, I had previously sent him one of the songs and he wanted to hear the rest. Would be a terrible waste not to share that link with the twelve people who check goodolelove each week (counting those who just google one of the albums I posted, download it and forget they where ever here). I’m starting to think pausing the posting for a year or however long it’s been has affected the number of readers.

This is pretty much what I told Simon about the record, and I’m supposed to be studying so I’ll just translate it and leave it like it is. After first hearing Tycoon Status back in April or maybe May, I didn’t do what I usually do when I hear a good record, listen to it five enjoyable times and then go on to more recent music. I kept listening to it the entire summer and most of the autumn. Why? It’s just a dumb motherfucker making music. He sort of reminds me of DJ Kahled really. The record is about materialism, money, the business of purchasing and selling cocaine and self love. Those are topics I can relate to (all but one). He also have a song about a girl, he declares his love and than excuses his “super-model fetish”. You gotta like that.

Other good things about the record, best described in a proper list:
1. He calls the guy who used to talk about pimping on old E-40 records and let that conversation be the intro.
2. He has a song with Hell Rell.
3. He has a song with Slick Pulla, also he sample Young Jeezy several times.
4. The guy who sung the chorus on “I got five on it” is on the album.
5. Bay love, San Quinn, E-40, Turf Talk and Mistah F.A.B. are great features. Turf Talk has the best verse on the album

Sky Balla- Tycoon Status (2008)
(sorry, no zip or rar, my internet situation is horrible, haven't been able to upload any bigger files in months, it's all on there thoguh)

1. Free Mac Minister (Intro)
2. For Da Streets
3, Stay Grindin
4. I Go
5. Direct Connect (ft Hell Rell)
6. Lets Talk Money
7. Creep With You (ft Tynisha Keli)
8. Posted At The Bar (ft Cassidy & Willie Hen)
9. I'm About Mine (ft Mike Mashall)
10. Mobbin All Day (ft San Quinn & E-40)
11. Whats Crackin
12. Need A Bigga Room (ft Blu Davinci)
13. U.S.D.A. Interview With Big Von
14. I Ride (ft Slick Pulla)
15. Hit Me On My Cheap (ft Turf Talk)
16. Tycoon Status
17. Mobbin All Day (ft Mistha F.A.B.)


TNYG said...

hey nice blog im from california and we love the husalah and paper route keep posting cool music

Hugo the Dude said...

coolness will be posted, in time..

Beezies And said...

tyt blog. I'm adding this to the blogroll.

"C-NOTE" 408 said...

man keep it bay sky balla is one of the biggest o.g.'s but fools these days don't even recognize FREE SKY BALLA

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

I agree he's a beast and it's a damn shame he's locked up..
I wrote more on this at http://bayonnaise.wordpress.com/