Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's hella hot and I have to wait like an hour before the wine gets cold enough to drink

Damn, it's by law forbidden to sell cold alcohol beverages in damn country. People might drink their wine right outside the licker store and get all stumbling, takin pisses right on the street and fall over and what have you, if the wine was cold when they bought. So Uncle Göran, the Swedish Sam, decided all of us thirsty fuckers just have to wait till we get home and have time to put our beverages in the freezer...
So what does one do waiting for the got damn drink to get cold. Listen to random mp3's of course. It's way to warm to be outside, one might think. Mostly I just got bored sitting around in the sun all day, so I'm stuck in here by the computer. Even bored enough to start write some sort of blog, without really having anything to say. However, if you'll ever find yourself in this situations, some of this tunes might help you.

Just pretend this song isn't about love or something Celine Dion'ish like that, pretend it's actually about a brew. A cold weissbeer perhaps. You see? It fits in way better. He even starts off like this:

Somehow the thought of you makes me cold inside
at times there are feelings that I just can't hide
feelings inside, that can not be explained
each moment with you
seems to heal the pain!

This just sounds good. Anytime.

This is new. And sounds good.
Wine is cold now, so I won't write anything more. Maybe after I drunk that bottle. Anyways, I'm in a rush off to eat some cancer.