Monday, May 14, 2007

Coz' I Spit Hot Fiire When I Blog...

EDIT: I guess I'll try to put some words to these tracks too...

So I was thinking, this is kinda of a fun thing to do while not working at work... So in a minute i'mma give this blog adress to some of yall.. Since I write about hip hop, I'll spell it like if I speak hip hop - naw mean?

Anyhoo - this is a couple of tracks I've been bumpin latley.. This is the way I feel shit..

Livin Lavish '07

1. 8Ball & MJG - Relax And Take Notes ft. Biggie Smalls & Project Pat
Down south/Memphis legends came back with another album a couple of weeks back.. It's was there second on Bad Boy South - I'm sorry to say it's a real fuckin sandwich record... Two songs are hot, this one and the one with Triple 6 and 112... Since they with Bad Boy they could get Diddy to let'em use Biggie singin hooks, suprisingly it turns out kinda dope.. Another reason I put this track here is Project Pat, one of my down south favourites... Don't know who produced it, wouldn't be that hard to google I guess, but I'm too lazy...

2. Sean Kingston - Colors ft. The Game & Rick Ross
This kid is only 17 and he's gonna be bigger than Akon.. Once people has gotten tired of listening to the half dollars coming album this is what you gonna here on the radio.. Mostly put it up here to give you a preview, track i kinda hot but I'd probaly got tired of his voice after like three tracks.. Dumb fuckers who listen to radio won't.. I predict by next summer your grandma is gonna now this kids name.. His and any kid that tries to make reaggae-rap like this. This is a perfect song for Rick Ross to be on, you'll here his voice a couple of times this summer I'll tell ye.. I'm pretty sure it's produced by israeli JM Rothem (who allegedly dated hairless Britney Spears for a while, there's some gossip for ya)..

3. Mistah F.A.B. - Sideshow (Remix) ft. Too $hort & Keak Da Sneak
The yellow bus rider (you can see him on the pic above) is the hottest spitter on the west coast right now.. Known for doing hyphy, altough this track isn't hyphy. Legends Too Short and Keak Da Sneak kills shows that the old guys still got it. Brand new track from brand new album. Cop it. Fiire. Don't know producer, prolly Sean T or som other bay local..

4. Vakill - Worst Fears Confirmed
Vakill reps Chi-town. One of the hardest dudes from there, way scarier then guys like Common, Kanye or Lupe. This track is from last years album with the same name as this track. He's somehow connected to the Molemen crew, don't know anything more about him..

5. Mistah F.A.B. - Jamonie Robinson
No hyphy on this track either. All family no friends. Emotional about some passed away homie.

6. Marco Polo - Nostalgia ft. Masta Ace
Legendary Masta Ace working with wonderkid and newcomer Marco Polo. Dope shit, they make it sound like it was '93. Masta Ace just keeps getting better, to bad he won't make any more albums..

7. Mac Dre - Stoopid Doo Doo Dumb
I don't know if i've written someting about Mac Dre already, anyhoo I might aswell mention something. He's a Valejo (near Oakland, CA) native who has been rapping on waz since the late 80'ties. He was the biggest star out of Valejo and released a bunch of classic tunes before getting sent to jail for a couple of years for conspiracy for bank robbery. That's some heavy shit. He continued rapping in jail and recorderd a couple of albums by rapping via the prison phone to the studio, some gutter shit which made him really popular. He also made up his own dance and stardet the hyphy movement. He got killed in Kansas 2004(maybe 2005). This song is a typical Mac Dre tune. Crazy get dumb party funky shit.

8. Mazaradi Fox - Grap Your Gunz ft. Uncle Murder & Maino
I think Mazaradi Fox is somehow connected to G-Unit. Not sure tough. Uncle Murder is the most hardbody rapper to walk the streets of Brooklyn. Maino is known for punching a robber in the face when the robber had a gun in Maino's face, he knocked the robber out. Spitting to bring New York back. There's a kinda lame singer singing the hooks but spit is really hardcore.

9. Royce Da 5'9 - As Live As It Gets
Royce is back after a bit of time in the pin. This is the best track from his new mixtape. He can still spit.

10. Young Cellski - Livin In The Bay (original)
I love the whistle beat to this song. One of my favourtite beats of allt time. So underrated. I don't even know who did this beat. Don't know enough about Bay area rap to guess. Cellski kills it. He pretty much tells the story of a young black man living in the bay. This is really a perfect song to me, great beat, great voice, great rap and superb text and story.

11. Common - The Game
You think one of these years there's gonna be a new cat running this rap shit. Maybe there is, not in my world tough. He does it again. This might be the best song from 2007 so far. Primo at his best, great samples. Common really kills it. Listen to the third verse.

12. Kurupt & J Wells - Get It ft. Goodie Mob & Roscoe
God damn so many rappers you thougt spent there days sippin moijtos in Miami/Laguna beach by now on the same track killing it. You got that sentence? They kill this shit in 2007. Great to here Kurupts voice on a song this dope. J Wells is the future. Best track of the album. This is one of the most banging bangers of this year. Too bad the whole album isn't as dope.

13. Joell Ortiz - Hip Hop (Remix) ft. Jadakiss & Saigon
Piano playing. "Yo do me a favoure, accidently step on your white sunglasses". "Ohww man this is hip hop". Haha it's unbelieveable to here some New York accents spitting these dope verser in 2007. Verses in order of dopeness: Jadakiss, Saigon, Joell. What ya'll think?

14. Rappin 4 Tay - Livin In The 415 ft. Sann Quinn, Big Rich, Messy Marv & Seff Tha Gaffla
Bay area legends in the house. The only one of these cats yet to make a classic album is Big Rich. 4'tay used to outshine Tupac on wax back in the day. Now he's back with a new album, which is - eh no classic but still great bay area non hyphy rap. Seff Tha Gaffla has the best verse, kinda suprising.

15. Sann Quinn - Don't Cross Me
From Filmore, CA. I actually own a dvd of this guy. I accidently orderd it meaning to order one of his cd's (I'm really fucking abcent minded and make these mistakes all the time). His well known and appricieated in the bay area but as many other rappers from that region he never reached national fame. Too bad cause he really has got talent. He's been rapping on wax since he was 14 so his been in the game a minute now.. The future of the bay.


that's enugh for a minute.. i prolly continue this edit later.

that's enugh for this post.. peace


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