Thursday, May 10, 2007

bullshit post..

EDIT: I'm makin this shit here a thizz bit more serious now.. I'll put some words to these tracks for those who don't know... I'll just write this of my memory so it's a kinda half ass post anyway, but still better then just the tracklist..

just need somewhere to keep this link... not actually meant for anyone to read.. anyhoo, might aswell type the playlist of it's context...


1. Pharaoe Monch - Desire
The Legendary Pharaoe came back late last year with this track. It's the first single for his up and coming album called Desire.. Albums said to drop this summer, his first LP in - what 8 years or so... Disire is produced by The Alchemist. He spits this shit like no other..

2. Louis Logic - Logic And Reason ft. R-Son
Louis is a light skinned-alcohlic-pervert and he don't mind tellin us about it.. Witch is fine by me, dude is funny as hell.. This is from one of his street albums from 2001 or something, before he actully got any shine.. The producer is as always JJ Brown.. I never heard of R-Son before..

3. Tame One - No Hook
Tame One dropped a mixtape full of laid back freestyles earlier this year and this is the best from track from that disc.. He dosen't actually say much, he just kinda vibes with it.. He's a former member of purist hip hop group The Artifacts. One of the last allround hip hop rappers.. This guy used to break dance, he still does graffiti and he's a beast on the mic... He prolly produced this himself..

4. K-Rino - Amnesia
Hip hop purists usally gets scared when southern cats like K-Rino stop dancing and get lyrical. They should. This dude is a H-town legend, been putting out records since '85 or something and he keeps getting better every year.. This is from his brand new album.. He's often mentioned by like this "I don't usally like southern rap but i like K-Rino", or something... Don't know the producer..

5. Pumpkinhead - Trifactor ft. Wordsworth & Supastition
Brooklyn in the house.. Pumpkinhead is member of the Brooklyn Academy, a bunch of none gangsta hardcore rappers from Brooklyn. Witch kinda sums up he's style.. Pure hip hop. Super-talented Marco Polo from canada produced this track.. From 2005. Every verse is dope, in this order: Words, Pump, Supa... Words is one of my favourites no doubt..

6. Hell Razah - Project Jazz ft Talib Kweli & MF Doom
Wu-tang weedcarrier Hell Razah dropped a dope album early 2007. This is the best track. Don't know shit about him. He might be in Suns of Man.. I think Doom produced this..

7. Grap Luva - Trackrunners ft. J-Live & some other dude
Pete Rock brother Grap Luva is a lyricsist with no recognizion.. Too bad.. He's one of my favourite rappers over jazz-beats.. I have no idea who produced this or when it's from.. He was in INI with his brother..

8. Juggaknots - Liar Liar ft. Wordsworth
Juggaknots from Brooklyn dropped a new album late 2006. Heads had been wating for this since the last and only previous release, classic Clear Blue Skies.. Don't know anything about the track or the group.. Words kills it.

9. Intelligent Hoodlum - Death Row
Queens native Intelligent Hoodlum a.k.a. Tragedy Khadafi was probaly the most hyped and talked about rapper and predicted saviour of hip hop and such back in 86, kinda like dude Joell Ortiz in 2006.. This is from his '93 release Saga of A Hoodlum.. Marley Marl and K-Def got credit for this track, but rumor is K-Def did it himself.. This track discuss a forgotten topic. How will you deal with your mayne fucking your girl when you're locked up at Death Row. Text is crazy, I mean this is some depressed shit. Dude is really fucked:
My lawyer took my endz and the bitch got the benz - My last days in the world, I think about how my man is probaly fuccin my girl - another bitch ass nigga, I should have turned the gun on him - and pulled the trigga - but instead I'm going crazy'cause while I'm in jail - he'll be raising my baby


he'll be raising my baby - and get arrested - on death row and I'm the next contester
and now I'm feelin kinda sadly'cause while I'm dead she be callin him daddy

Grimy shit..

10. J-Live - Brooklyn Public Pt. 1
He's from Brooklyn, as might have guessed of the song title.. Can't say I know hella much about him. He has mad skills tough, he might know Mad Skillz. Have no idea who produced it, all I know is that I love these "I love everywhere but Brooklyn the most" type of songs.. Headphone music.

11. OH NO - Know Better ft. Wordsworth
OH NO is Madlibs younger brother.. I'm pretty sure he's smoke almost as much budah as Madlib too.. He's a producer that rhymes more then a rapper that produce, I think.. Dude dropped a dope album last year - I coped it, it's called something stange like Exoudus Rythms to Smoke... He's obiously one of those super talented guys who just happends to know every other super talented guy in the industry. I actually put this track on here cause almighty Wordsworth is on it.. And I mean his all over it.. Can't fuck with his flow..

12. Ali Vegas - Look In The Mirror
Don't now much about him. From Queens I think. Got this track of a mixtape he dropped early this year.. I might be older tough.. Don't know the producer.. This cat got crazy flow, kinda sounds like Shyheim at times.. As laid back and rappin like he's bout to get locked up 25 to life.. Depressed. He's smart this kid, he should blow up any minute, I mean he got skills and more thoughtfull topics then, say Papoose or Tru Life.. No charisma tough (but ugly).

13. Asamov - Standing Room Only ft. J-Live, Wordsworth & Cassidy
Don't know shit about this. They're either New Yorkers or New York dick riders.. Make's you wanna dance.. I checked it out cause Words and J-Live is on it.. Words got the best verse..

14. Jigmastas - Beyond
I checked there album out cause they have this song of a EP called Lyrical Fluxuration or something.. That's song is right up there on my top 25 list of illest songs eveeeer.. By the way tough, I'm still drunk writing this - so there might be some mistakes (besides it beeing all jibberish and no real info).. Nice laid back track.. I put it on here cause the second verse blows me away... Got no producer info.

15. Jeru The Damaja - Seinfeld
Premo maid this shit.. It's one of his best beats I think.. Jeru is talked about and got pleny of blog love, I never really checked him out.. Someone recomended this track and I liked it. I really should check into more of the old classic shit..

16. Killer Mike - That's Life
ATL Mike came up as a weedcarrier to Outkast... I never really liked any of his albums.. He can spit no doubt but I wasn't really feeling it.. But then he's latest album dropped last year and I felt forced to check it out cause it was so talked about... Didn't really feel that shit either.. But then I listend again and two of the tracks are dope as hell, and this guy is smart as fuck.. Oprah and that lady that went to jail and then wrote some books about food and housekeepnig gets ethered.. Openly political.. I would like him more if he got spirutal and crazy like Pastor Troy or Bushwick Bill...

17. INI - Fakin Jax
Stop fakin Jax bitches.. Forgotten classic.. I love INI, don't hate but I feel this shit more then the Pete Rock & CL Smooth classics.. Oh yeah, INI is Pete Rock, his brother Grap Luva, Rob G (or Ron B maybe) and Marco Polo (not producer Marco Polo)..

I might continue this later.. I have to get danked right now..

Continued.. Didn't turn out as informative as I meant to.. Just some random words.. I should really write more about what each track is about and less about the artists.. Anyhoo, I'm of to eat an burrito..


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