Thursday, May 17, 2007

Burn it of the internet and bump it outside...

EDIT: another update. Last one. Don't forget this is for you Verbier peeps bumping my shit telling me to up it. You heard this and you know it's hot.. btw I rally don't what's wrong but on some posts it's impossible to get some space between the track descriptons so I have ot put these anoying * marks there, for easier reading..
yessir.. here we go again.. imma share what i've been bumpin in my headphones for a couple of months. ipod brooken means i had to use my ole iaudio = no albums just certified bangers..
Some of these tracks could rock the livin shit out of any party, but most are headphone music. Either way, it's pure dopeness. Don't sleep on Hugos own Headphone Gumbo...


1. Grap Luva - Words of Life
Grap Luva is a favourite of mine. I really like the sample on the trumpet or whatever that is, and Grap shows here he's a competent lyricist and can rap fast when i want's to. Dun no the producer.
2. Papoose - Preach To The Choir
Papoose was really hot last year. Hopefully he can drop his album already and not keep beeing pushed back by the evil empire of Jive records. Here he talks about he don't need no advise since he's so on top of his shit he's Choir. And everybody else is jelaus and angry and such. Critic towards critics maybe. Don't know producer. Kay Slay screams a little bit here and there, actually fits in quite well.
3. Mac Dre - Thizzle Mountain ft. Tizzle, Fats Thizdale & Mel
This tune really makes me move. Which isn't really an all good thing. I've been known to chock folks with my dancing skills. Booyah. Mac Dre does his thing and the other cats deliver too. I don't know anything about his rhyming partners on this track, altough I wouldn't mind hearing more of their work. Thizz wit it.
4. K-Rino - Fear No Evil ft. Hawk (R.I.P.), Lil Fleat & Point Blank
Southside connection kinda. Bringing Houston together. Hawk and K-Rino really keeps it down on this track. Hawk the original Houston style rapper and Rino as lyricists with a flow that can stand up against the best. They're repping Houston without mentioning Houston too much. Honestly, these dudes seems rough enough for me to fear their evil.
5. Papoose - Fruits of Labor ft. Rell
Great sample on this one. Or is that this unknown dude Rell singing? Don't know, it's bumping that's all I know. Pap once again feel he needs to remind us of his greatness.
6. Pete Rock - Revenge fr. Grap Luva
Old school crew back again. These cats started up in the industry dancing for Fat Boys or Kool Moe Dee or some other old school crew I don't know anything about.. Grap Luva is the disciple. Great spit and great track for those who like jazz rap. Too bad they only release records in Japan now days.
7. Brooklyn Academy - Gotcha Lookin ft. Will Tell, Block McCloud, Pumpkinhead & Mr. Metaphor
The whole academy on the same track. Typical posse song really. Banging but not really saying much. Maybe one of these guys is captain save hip hop. Too bad they mostyl get recogniztion in Europe. Pumpkinhead spits the best verse. Don't know producer, maybe Will Tell or Marco Polo.
8. 8Ball & MJG - Cruisin Dirty ft. 3 6 Mafia & Slim of 112
Yess. This track had me going crazy for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's banging. Second MJG starts it off with the gnarliest verse I've heard from the south in a miute. 112 is on it, that's got be 6 years since I heard anything from them. Fourth, Crunchy Black has a verese that screams swagger. I always liked him on the 3 6 mafia albums, and then he suddenly left the group last year. But he's on this track somehow and he's not mentiond as a feature! Or am I wrong? Maybe I just don't know the difference between all those 3-6 voices. Somehow Juicy J always seems to get away with just rhyming on YEAH and still make enjoyable verses. I think Juicy J and Dj Paul is behind the boards on this one.
9. Mac Dre - Genie of The Lamp
Mac Dre's gon pop while ya'll slop, nah mean? He can brag about his style better then anyone else, I mean he really does it his way.. I don't understand shit about the second verse other than that Mac Dre is the Genie of The lamp, and he brags about it.. Brilliant.
10. Prodigy - Return of The Mac
Prodigy is back. Sounds like '96. Alchemist supplies the beat and Prodigy really delivers. I'm on my New York shit. This is the kind of track I was really in to when I stardet listening to hip hop back in the days.
11. Tame One - No Hook
I posted this track before. This is what I wrote about it:
Tame One dropped a mixtape full of laid back freestyles earlier this year and this is the best from track from that disc.. He dosen't actually say much, he just kinda vibes with it.. He's a former member of purist hip hop group The Artifacts. One of the last allround hip hop rappers.. This guy used to break dance, he still does graffiti and he's a beast on the mic... He prolly produced this himself..
12. Z-Ro - Playa ft. Hawk (R.I.P.) & Big Don
Z-Ro is a Houston favourite of mine. He's with Screwed Up Click and been dropping albums since 1998 without really breaking thru outside the Texas scene... He's usally really depressed and mostly talks about all kinds of shit he been thru in his life. He's in and out of jail, I'm pretty sure he's locked up right now.. On this track he pretty much talks about what a cool player he is and how great Houston, Texas are. So you better respect theire hustle. Hawk and Big Don agrees. Banger. Maybe J.Prince produced it, I really don't know but I do know that dude been producing a bunch of tracks for Z-Ro.
13. Little Bruce - He's A Biter ft. Crest Creepaz
Little Bruce been around for a while now. He started up beefing with Mac Dre sometime 1992 or sometime near that year. I don't know what he's been up to since. This is from a mixtape he dropped last year. This track is fast and full of swagger, which I really like. I don't know Crest Creepaz at all. The guy spitting the last verse kinda sounds like Lil Wayne, actually he sounds really really alike. They talk about typical hyphy shit like ghostriding and stuff like that, doesn't really mather to me, the swagger does it for me.
14. Pumpkinhead - I Just Wanna Rhyme
This might be the best Marco Polo beat I've heard so far. This and Nostalgia with Masta Ace. Pumpkinhead really holds it down, powerfull and lots of passion. The topic, real hip hop up and stop fakin jax. Brooklyn shit.
that's it for know. might continue later.

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