Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer came early!


So a short one. This is what I've been playing, the little collection of legend Husalah few songs dropped since his release from federal prison.. I haven't seen any other collection of these tracks around, not that I've spent to much time on the internets latley, but still.

Juicemane's Post Jail HUSALAH

1. You Neva Know
2. You Know Me
3. Choppas Out
4. Young Dru (Ft Husalah) - So Hot (Remix)
5. Go Silly On Ya Bitch (Ft. Pretty Black R.I.P.)
6. E-40 (Ft Husalah & Clyde Carson) - Lightweight Jammin
7. The Pack (Ft Husalah) - Slappin
8. Messy Marv & Berner (Ft Husalah & Goldtoes) - Doin Time
9. The Dragons (Ft Husalah) - Ride With Me
10. Pray For You

And of course, as a bonus, what I'm really playing, the record I always go back to each summer, mob music at it best. Do yourself a favor and check this 2006 mixtape out, it's the perfect start for anyone who might have been missing out on what The Mob Figaz has been doing the last ten years or so.

I myself didn't hear this tape when it was real current, more like a year or so later. Lets just say that didn't matter at all. Generally speaking, I'd say it's not to often music presented in the mixtape format would ever be worthwhile checking unless it's brand new or atleast somewhat current. Without digging deeper into that topic, I feel I must say this record is timeless, or as timeless a mixtape could ever be. It's as close to a classic any mixtape could ever be, for me.

Demolition Men - Animal Planet Starring The Jacka & The Husalah (2006)

1. Animal Planet-Intro
2. Husalah-zestwayss (A Lotta Fun)
3. The Jacka-Girls Say Remix
4. Husalah & Pretty Black-Do What We Do
5. Rydah J Klyde & Mistah Fab-Self Made Nigga
6. J Stalin-Just A Playa
7. Husalah & Tony Cash- I Need To Know
8. The Jacka & Husalah-Freestyle
9. The Jacka & Husalah-Blind World Remix
10. Husalah & Pretty Black-Rack Out
11. Husalay & Pretty Black-One On ONe
12. Husalah-I Gotta Have
13. Husalah-In'shallah
14. Husalah-Skit
15. J Stalin Ft. The Jacka-The Party Jumpin
16. The Jacka-Bay Go Crazy
17. Husalah-If A Man
18. Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin & Bavgate-Fizzin In A Zone
19. The Jacka-Freestyle
20. Husalah-Rock Out
21. Husalah & The Jacka-You Look Nasty
22. Husalah-Thug U R Not
23. The Jacka & FedX-Visionz
24. FedX, Pretty Black, Lee Majors & Yanna-Major For Real
25. The Jacka & Husalah-Same Shit Everyday
26. The Jacka & Amp Pachino-Never Equal
27. The Jacka-Gunshots
28. Lil Ric, Ap 9, FedX-Come Hard
29. Husalah-Skit
30. Husalah-Why Im A Gangsta
31. The Jacka & Cellski-Lately
32. Pretty Black-Gettin Money
33. The Jacka & Husalah-General Of The Ward
34. Animal Planet-Outro

Throwback video to the throwback record:


JB said...

Fett, behövdes. Har av någon anledning sovit på snubben. Murder on my mind låter lovande.

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Husalah's album "hustlin since the 80's" är en modern klassiker.. Kolla upp den skivan om du gillar det.