Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boss Bytch Music

Above pictures are only some of the first photos you'll find image googling "boss bitch"

There's various reasons why this blog is dead as fuck. Mostly it's because I'm writing about Bay rap over at Bayonnaise now and can't be bothered with more than one blog project. Also it's in Swedish, which as it turns out I have more fun writing so that's what I'm doing. I'm not gonna put this blog down though since I still get hella hits from google searches and every now and than someone seems to appreciate the finds. And I might wanna write about shit every now and than that isn't Bay Area rap. If I had more time I would dedicate one blog to the Slow Motion Sounds/Bama movement (which is proving more amazing everytime they drop something). I would dedicate a site to all the dope shit coming out of Baton Rouge right now (the scene is way bigger Lil Boosie/Trill Ent). I would deicate a site to the Dallas rap scene, which is fucking poppin right now with DCC as the leading element.

Anyways, lately I've been listening to hella female rappers. I guess there's different reasons to that, but mostly is because I never don't listen to whatever da fuck I feel like. I'm not gonna listen to a fucking Drake album because his popular, I don't listen to fucking elevator music because bloggers says it's spiritual. And these women rappers make banging music that is better than whatever most artists put out. I listen to great motherfucking rap music, period.

Some of them aren't quite polished as artists, but they show hella talent. And part of why I choose to put the artists on this compilation on there is because these are some the female rappers I'm most anxious about hearing more of in the future. I believe the common nominator that links these artists together is that they are female rappers that have yet to record and drop their best material. I believe their prime are ahead of them.

I hope I'm right.

These songs are not necessarily these artists biggest hits, or even best work. I haven't heard the majority of any of these artists discography so I couldn't tell. They're just songs I like.

Memphis Gangster P. Moses.

Juicemane's Boss Bytch Music Compilation

1. Lady - New Bitch (Florida)
2. Rasheeda - Boss Bitch Swagg (Atlanta, GA)
3. P. Moses - DISAINTWHUTUWANT (Ft Project Pat) (Memphis, TN)
4. XO - Club Hoppa (Longview, TX)
5. Miss B - Badd (Ft Rasheeda & Gangsta Boo) (Atlanta, GA)
6. Tam-Tam - U Bop N (Ft 6 Tre G) (Huntsville, AL)
7. DefinitonDJ ButchaBoie - Pretty N Da Face (feat. BlaqDior, XO & Snow White The Product) (Dallas, TX)
8. Lil Boosie & Lola Monroe - 5 Star Chick (Washington DC/Ethiopia)
9. Lil Ke-Ke Baby - Dream Girl (Florida)
10. CoCo Kiss - Camel Toe (Atlanta, GA)
11. Kreayshawn - Bumpin Bumpin (Oakland, CA)
12. Jessica Rabbit - Girl (Bay Area, CA)
13. The Bangz - Hard In The Paint (LA, CA)
14. Bella Donz - Bang It (LA, CA)
15. Pink Dollaz - I'm Tasty (LA, CA)
16. Asia Lynn - Played Like Gameboy (Ft C-Smoove of Cali Swag District) (LA, CA)
17. Asia Lynn - Take Me Out (Ft YT) (LA, CA)

I was gonna say something about each song, but I figuered I never been good at that. So instead I just wrote out where I think they're from. That's something. The compilation isn't at all mixed or whatever. There's mixtape DJ's hollering over some of these songs, I hate them too. The comp starts off with some southern rap, there's some bay rap in the middle, and finishes with some jerkin songs. It's banging, it's Boss Bitch Music, fuckin get with it.


Anonymous said...

this is XO thanks 4 showing big luv get at me on twitter @xomuzik

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

thanks for the comment
just keep making music and drop that queen of the booth mixtape already lol